I smell a sweep, Pistons take game 3.

by | Apr 26, 2007 | 33 comments

For the 7th straight time this season the Pistons have beaten the number eight seeded Magic. The final score was 93-77.Now the Magic are in a deep deep hole down 3-0 in this first round series. Like the two games before this was a well balanced attack by the Pistons with all five starters in double figures. This time the Pistons never let them back into the game, they got themselves a good lead and managed to hang onto it until the clock hit triple zero’s.

Key Points:

  • Chauncey lead us from the beginning, he finished with 21 points 6 rebounds an
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    d 3 assists and went 2-3 from behind the arc.
  • Dwight got a couple monster dunks, other then that he was silent with 11 points but 12 rebounds.
  • There were 5 tech’s thrown out tonight, 4 going on guys in the Piston blue.
  • The Pistons went 8-13 from 3-point territory.
  • On the other hand the Magic hit only three 3-pointers, while only taking 8 of them.
  • McDyess had a monster block on Carlos Arroyo late in the game.
  • From the end of the 3rd and beginning of the 4th we hit 5 straight 3’s, three coming from Tayshaun who had 23 points, and Rasheed had two.
  • McDyess may not be hitting all of his shots, but he’s still doing everything else collecting 11 rebounds 2 assists and 2 blocked shots.
  • Grant Hill was just off tonight going 2-12 with only 8 points.
  • Jameer Nelson was the Magic’s high scorer with 27 points going 10-19 from the field and the Magic’s only three 3-pointers.
  • The Pistons out-rebounded the Magic by 8, 47-39.
  • Every time the ball left Chauncey’s had i thought it was going in.
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  • That’s all for tonight, tune in Saturday at 3:00 to see if the Pistons can complete this sweep, I’ll have my broom at my side waiting.

Yours Truly,

Joey D.


  1. Anonymous

    I bet the bandwagon jumper that said this is hiding now. I know he is reading this comment and is feeling like a dumbass now. I told youz Florida sucks!

    Pistons – Magic Round 1 Game 2
    Anonymous said…
    alright all ya detroit fans. ur boys are up two love, but just wait to the come to the amway jungle. we gonna show you how we play ball here in o-town.. yeall hear me?? we ball here in orlando… and the next time u see ur pistons, the series is gonna be tied up.

    10:25 PM

  2. Anonymous


  3. jess

    Nat’s gone again Joe?

    i liked your summary but i knew that wasnt Nat’s picture LOL

  4. Amanda

    Oh, man. People shouldn’t make guarantees unless their name is Rasheed.

    I’ve been leaving comments on an Orlando Magic centered forum and their fans can be pretty funny. Somebody said something about how it must be fun for us to look down on other teams and make fun of ’em since we’re up on top but that we better watch out ’cause in a few years the positions will be switched. Oh, their comical ones, those Magic fans.

    4 Pistons techs. Man that was fun! Anybody know what ‘Dyess’s was for? I can’t believe Rip got that tech! He was the one who got shoved! But I love how the Pistons kept their cool and didn’t let it bother them. They stayed poised. It’s a beautiful thing!

    I hope the Magic comes out fighting in Game 4 so we can see the Pistons play like that again. Definitely the most exciting game so far this series. Wow did that arena get quiet!

  5. Amanda

    And I hope ‘Sheed isn’t too mad at Coach Flip for taking him out in the first quarter though it was kind of fun to see him yelling at Saunders to not take him out. And I loved how after every tech the Pistons got, the players just kind laughed as if they thought it was funny. Gotta love those guys!

  6. Anonymous

    Anyone notice on the MTV show,
    “Adventures In HollyHood” Paul is wearing a Pistons hat? Man, if the Pistons win the Championship, it’s not going to be a bandwagon, it’s going to be a freakin cruiseship around the world!

  7. Amanda

    I found one of Nelson’s post-game quotes to be quite funny:

    “They hit shots during the course of the game that normal teams don’t hit.”

    Apparently the Pistons aren’t normal.

    lol. Sorry. I just had to share that.

  8. Anonymous

    in the ESPN.com recap of the game, coach flip called tay the ‘silent assassin.’ gotta love it

  9. Amanda

    I think he’s confusing abnormality with uh…talent.

  10. Gilliss

    Blood in the water.

    That’s the phrase that popped into my head when I saw the way the Pistons were handling the Magic in the 4th quarter. I even saw Webber show his teeth with a snarling grin after sneaking in for a dunk or some other sweet move. People talk about the Pistons not being hungry; tonight they were ravenous, like a school of sharks.

    Let’s get the sweep!

  11. Anonymous

    Well I notice NAt did not write this one I hope everythign is well. I am sure she just needed some time to her self with all the request she is getting not that playoffs are on.

    This was a great game. Tayshaun really played well and so did all the players. I love how it can be anyone of the starters to be the leading scorer any night that is waht makes them suck a good team.

    We are going to get some rest going into playing the bulls. I hope the heat can take a few so the bulls don;t get the rest. I know the pistons can beat them but it will take a lot.

  12. Anonymous

    Joey D. You need to cross off the #14 at the top. Thanks bro.


    It makes me nervous when it isnt crossed off.

  13. Matt

    Another thing you have to love was Rasheed screaming from the baseline while waiting to check in in the second quarter. That and every time he swatted a shot saying ” I told you to get that s*@t outta here!”

  14. Anonymous

    who does everyone want to play in 2nd round..

    the bulls to make wallace regret leaving the D


    a rematch with the heat from last year???

    ahh its a tough decision i cant even decideee!!

  15. Anonymous

    ^^that wallace plan sounds pretty good to me.. im one of the fans still mad that he soldOUT on us!

    but no worries now..we’ve got C WEBBBB :]

  16. Anonymous

    Now it’s time for the Pistons to make all the adjustements & to get really focused of not getting easy from opponents…
    They have to step up cause i’m telling you, this year’s Bulls team is no joke…
    My prediction is that if the Pistons beat them they go straight to the 2007 Finals…

  17. patrick

    big Pistons fan here. I totally support the team, BUT should we start serving crackers on cheese on the court cause our squad WHINES way too much…I know they relish their tole as the underdog that everyone hates on, but take it easy.

    Did you catch Zumaya’s comments after his terrible stint the other night…Rip should.


    Now go sweep Orlando, cause the next round is when we have to play a real squad.

  18. Anonymous

    ehh.. i kinda want the heat in the second round..but above all ..i want the finals to be nuggets & PiSTONS !!

  19. Anonymous

    is it just me.. or did it seem like from the beginning of the game the pistons got just as much cheers as the magic did every time they made a basket???

    lol.. we have loyal piston fans EVERYWHEREE i love it :]

  20. Anonymous

    u thought every shot leaving chaunceys hands were going in, how about him going 50% from the line

  21. Anonymous

    thats DJ Paul on that MTV hollyhood show and he always wears hats with a P on them so im sure we’ll see him reppin more pistons shit

  22. Dom

    hey wtf….I can not find that dale davis block anywhere….they didn’t even replay it….I mean he freakin murderd hill…..no replays not nothin…..so if anyone could find a link to it I would be more the happy not unless it was the mc dyess arroyo block which I don’t rember…but i’d still like to see a clip or somethin…..Pistons got this on lock:)

  23. Anonymous

    i hope they turn up their game for the oncoming teams !!!

  24. Chris

    The end of the half . . Game 3 . . . was fantastic. Milicic asleep with his back turned, inbound pass begging to be yoinked because Jameer Nelson was smothered, and nobody thought to look at Magic bench, which according to ESPN, wanted a time-out. Billups shot was lights-out. Word to Orlando faithful . . . Darko’s a legend in his own mind. Anything over 5 mil is x amount too much. Buyer beware.

  25. Anonymous

    it wasnt dale davis who blocked it….it was mcdyess

  26. Amanda

    I don’t get it, Patrick. Why should Rip read that?

  27. Anonymous

    Patrick, are you insinuating that Rip should apologize to the ref? I do think that sometimes he should shut up, but he gets beat up pretty bad, so his frustration is understandable.

  28. Amanda

    Rip didn’t even do anything, did he? I just thought Howard shoved Rip and then they both kind of stared each other down and held their ground until the other players came and seperated them. If Rip deserved a tech, so did Howard. Of course, they weren’t going to call one on him ’cause he already had one and they weren’t going to eject the “stuperstar.”

    I could be wrong though. I may have missed something. TNT doesn’t do a great job of explaining things and replaying the plays and events that you actually want to see.

  29. Amanda

    I read this at the Orlando Sentinel website:

    “During the pyrotechnic pregame introduction of the Magic players, the Pistons danced in a circle and then stood, stone-faced, and stared down the crowd.”

    I don’t remember ever getting to see the Pistons do this during a Playoff game in another city. Has anybody seen them do this? They “stared down the crowd”… I LOVE IT! I now have another goal in life: Go to another city for a Pistons Playoff game just so I can see them do this.

  30. Anonymous

    o ya bulls beat the heat again its 3-0. who recalls what shaq said when they won. o we going repeat . o ya time for shaq daddy to eat those words

  31. Amanda

    I’d like Shaq to eat his words, too but at the same time, I want the Heat to win a couple games to extend the series are far as possible. The Bulls are a tough, young team and them using up a lot of energy can only help Detroit. I’ve never been one to root for the Heat. I mean, NEVER. But I hope they win the next game and Game 5 so the series goes into next week.

    Here’s to breaking out the dust-covered brooms and going all custodian on the Magic! CHEERS!

  32. Anonymous

    I too hope they can win the next game so the bulls don’t get too much rest. I love the piston and know they can beat the bulls if they put there minds to it but we don;t want another game seven in round 2.

  33. Anonymous

    My coach always says “Play like sharks in bloody water” and i think that’s what the pistons are doing. hope they keep it up!!
    It’s all ours this year!!


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