Darko is Carefree

by | Apr 22, 2007 | 19 comments

Detroit fans showed no mercy towards Darko in his return to The Palace. There is some animosity toward Darko around these parts, but I don’t think anyone wants to clock him with a Louisville Slugger.

That doesn’t seem to be the case in his hometown though. When asked what he thought about the boo’s he received in Detroit he had this to say, “I don’t really care,” he insisted. “Back home fans used to throw baseball bats at me. They used to try to kill me back home, that’s why I don’t even care.”

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What in the hell did Darko do back home? Rasheed did call him a “Serbian Gangster,” so who knows.


  1. Anonymous

    I wonder that too when I first read it on NBA.com. Did he use to play baseball and sucked or is that just what they do to players? Well I don;t know maaybe he was a gangster it still a really funny comment to tell the world I know I wouldn;t wnat to be a player in his hometown

  2. Amanda

    That’s a little scary…

  3. Amanda

    Not to digress from the Darko thread but I see the Mavs lost by 12 to the Warriors. I don’t know if anyone was expecting them to take the first game, but I was a little shocked when I saw that score. And Denver over SA? Crazy stuff happening in world of basketball today…

  4. Anonymous

    ^^hah i know.. i really hope GS can pull through i love rooting for the underdogs!

    and alsooo ive been saying from the beginning that i hope the finals is between detroit and denver.. so i REALLY hope denver can keep it up !!!

    i feel kinda bad for darko tho haha.. seems like hes not liked very well wherever he goes …baseball bats haahh

  5. Anonymous

    The picture is so funny!

  6. Anonymous

    I am guessing that there is something lost in translation….like MAYBE he ment “baseballs” as opposed to baseball bats?

  7. downtown

    Joey Crawford taken out!! ABOUT TIME!!

  8. Anonymous

    I just laughed when I read that. What is he trying to say?

  9. stopmikelupica

    You guys haven’t seen too many games in the former Yugo, huh? Or that part of the world, in general. In Greece they use to routinely throw Greek coins at basketball players during games, and those old skool Greek coins (not the Euro they gots now) use to be like rocks, yo. In Greece, everyone has ‘Sheed patch on their head, scars from those coins….

  10. Anonymous

    The 6th Seed beating the 3rd Seed on both conferences, who would have guessed?

    I was listening to Mike & Mike this morning on ESPN and they commented how the Refs took the Miami Heat out of their game, hence the lost to the Bulls.

    Excuse me, how about when the calls are against the Heat’s opponents? That’s how they won their championship last year, no?

  11. jess

    that picture is hallarious Nat!

  12. Chris

    I remember Darko’s childhood discussed during that year’s draft . . . his homeland is pretty terrible for description during that era.

    However, I don’t think Detroit fans should give up on the boos. I think I add a few more for Grant Hill, too.

    Whatever Arroyo says is irrelevant. We gave up on him, not the other way around.

  13. Ali

    i told my fellow mavs fan that they were gona lose to GS in the series… “wishful thinking” but seriously I think they have a really good chance

  14. Feruw

    This whole story is asinine. I have been a Detroit fan for 20 years, and I am shocked how stupid of a fan base we are.

    Only in Detroit could Grant Hill toy with the franchise, jerk them around with promises of re-signing and then serve up a gigantic plate of ‘go fuck yourself’ to us, and then have us cheer him when he returns.

    Yet Darko who played to the best of his ability and continued to improve all the way until when he was traded, is soundly boo’d by Piston fans. If you want to boo someone, boo Dumars, the most painfully average GM in Detroit.

    Pull your head out of your ass Detroit and start booing people who stabbed us in the back and cheer the people who were traded after not getting their chance to succeed here.

  15. Anonymous

    feruw… whats stuck up your ass??

  16. Carlos Detrroyo

    I think that most people don’t realize that Serbia (and that whole region) was essentially engaged in a civil war for a decade or so, so I wouldn’t doubt that Darko got pelted with baseball bats.

    Serbians, Croats… if I know my history, they hate each other.

  17. Feruw

    anonymous, i’m just hate how our fans boo someone who doesn’t merit booing.

    It makes, what i feel is the most loyal fan base in the NBA, look completely ignorant.

  18. Anonymous

    i thought that was very well said feruw

  19. farlane

    Dumars as average? Can’t see that, unless by “average” you mean “way above average”.

    I agree that there is no reason to boo Darko .. or Ben Wallace.

    Hilarious picture Nat. I love it!


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