The Pistons Youngsters Drop One In Toronto

by | Apr 14, 2007 | 26 comments

The Raptors beat The Pistons 87-84 Friday night in Toronto. Flip Saunders went with the bench in the second half and gave them this one to win or lose. Toronto went on a fourth quarter tear and the Pistons bench just couldn’t pull it out.

Key Points:

  • Rip was on fire, he led the Pistons with 24 points in 26 minutes on 10-for 15 shooting.
  • Chauncey didn’t even dress for this one. He is taking it easy after he got kneed Wednesday night against Orlando.
  • This one was really fun to watch, it’s nice to see the youngsters play.
  • The game was meaningless.
  • Maxiell had an impressive dunk, which is no surprise.
  • Sometimes I forget that Nazr Mohammed is a part of the team.
  • Toronto’s Anthony Parker was killer from downtown, he hit 5 three pointers.
  • I finally placed first in a Airplay game.
  • The starters got a nice rest, they were cheering from the sidelines.
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Photo by Ron Turenne/NBAE via Getty Images
  • Ryan from was at the game last night. Not only was he happy his Raps won, but he also attend the postgame chat with Herbie Khun who is the arena voice of the Raptors
  • Amir Johnson played 18 minutes in this one. Though he didn’t tear it up like he was doing in the D league he scored 2 3 with 4 rebounds and a blocked shot.
  • Most don’t care to watch these games that don’t really matter but I like to see how seldom used players like Amir and Dupree play.
  • The Pistons were unstoppable in the first half. At one point they were shooting 65% from the floor.
  • Delfino was solid, 21 minutes, 11 points, 4 rebounds and 3 assists.
  • Nice to see Super Dupe get some time, he’s usually good for a highlight or two.
  • Maxiell and Johnson denied Chris Bosh a jam. They credited Maxiell with the stuff.
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Photo by Ron Turenne/NBAE via Getty Images
  • We need to think of a solid nickname for McDyess, he’s been so clutch it’s ridiculous.
  • Think of the what a win would have done for the youngsters confidence.
  • WDFN Chauncey Billups radio interview. Via MLive
  • Amir is going to get plenty of minutes.
  • I am excited to see how the bench plays against the Sixers tomorrow.


  1. Anonymous

    i loved chauncey’s interview!! HE’S STAYING FURSHUREEEE.

    &&&&was that after the game vs. the raptors or before?

  2. Anonymous

    haahhhh !! we played our bench against torontos regs and we STILL almost beat them! wooohh pistons are just too hoottttt :]

    im really glad amirs back..and im sooo glad j max amir super dupe and even nazr are getting more playing time! plussss you never know when we’re gonna need them in the playoffs.. at least now theyll be ready for it !

    btw natalie.. how about Antonio the Clutch McDY_NASTY for a nickname like dynasty and he does those nasty clutchesssss [in a good wayyy] haha

    orrr how about Antonio McClutch or the CLUTCH KINGGG haha sorry just brainstorming


  3. mollymolls

    i call Mcdyess Dicey. it always has just come out and its simple like dyess is.

  4. Anonymous

    ^^me too well i call him dice.. its has to be a clutch nickname tho.. i guess just when he has a greattt clutch nite lol

  5. Anonymous

    Did some one turn back the hour glass? I mean it was this time last yr when the piston were at the air canada center it was aprill 14 a friday adn the pistons lost as well. Same thing as this one flip left his bench in the 2nd half as a win or lose and well it played out the game way they lost. I remember so well because I was at that game it was my first ever NBA game. After watching them on TV for so long I finally got to go to a game and they lost it. This game was a little closer so I guess the bench is playing a little better but I was really hoping for a win this yr but oh well. I did not get to attend this game this time and well I am happy instead I sat at home wishing for a win. I know this was not an inportant game but if they had of won our bench would have felt so great. How ever giving the raptors a win give then false hope against the pistons if they make it far in the playoffs

  6. Anonymous

    I really do not like how flip hasgiven up on nazr, I think it was wrong he did not get to play in this game. Everyone for gets that he was there for us until we found webber, if we did not have webber it would be nazr who would be the one we would look to. Ya we do better with webber but nazr was still there for the wins. He still plays well when he is put in the game.

  7. Anonymous

    ^^yea i agree.. when big ben left and we got nazr everyone was like OHH NAZR !! yeaa nazr we love you.. now its like hes not even on the team.. he might as well not dress at all… and hes pretty good when we need him.. i especially lovedddd his LONGGGG passes.. i thought that was great and unique .. you dont see that done very often

  8. Anonymous

    Thanks Natalie for that Interview,that one made me sleep,I got a question where is that place where they sell Razr Pistons covers?,


  9. Anonymous

    I was really excited to see Super Dupe and Amir Johnson, but Delfino actually bugged me this game. And that’s saying something cause he is one of my favorite pistons. It seemed in the 4th that he was trying to shoot every time he had the ball, instead of trying to get Super Dupe and Amir Johnson some touches who hardly get to play, whereas Delfino is playing every game. I’be saying for weeks that Delfino needs to be a playmaker. He needs to find a balance between scoring and making passes. I think he was trying to replicate the Knicks game a few nights ago. But anyway this was a good learning experience for the guys and I can’t wait to see more of the young guys these nest few games

  10. Amanda

    Thanks so much for posting that interview. I LOVED IT!

    I really enjoyed watching the bench play the other night in Toronto. If only Ford hadn’t stolen that Maxiell rebound… Oh, well. The bench played pretty good except for a few mental letdowns in the late going. I hope the Philly game ends a bit differently, which I think it will ’cause we’ll have the crowd on our side and I think the 76ers missed their chance at the Playoffs with the loss to Orlando earlier today so they aren’t really fighting for much. Plus we pretty much dominated them the last time they came to the Palace (96-75—ooh, pretty!).

    Here’s to a great game from the starters and bench tomorrow. CHEERS!

  11. Amanda

    P.S. Maybe we’ll see some Nazr action, too!

  12. Anonymous

    I hope we do see Nazr in action, I really think that he should get to play, its almost like a slap in the face to not play him. He never said he could fill bens shoes so why bench him for that. He said from the start he was not hear to fill bens shoes he will bring his own game which he did and I might say was ok.

  13. jessica

    Nat.. Amir had 3 points… it was a “count that baby and a foul” shot

  14. Shatia

    I feel so bad for Nazr. I thin he deserves time. Hes on of the hardest working piston on the team. Recently (a couple games ago, mabey 5) i heard Greg kelsar talking about how he was watching Nazr practice 1 our after practice ended and everyone left, he was the only one there practicing more. Greg said you would see how hard he was working was like he was 10 players working instead of one. I really admir that about nazr he still works really hard even though his couch is not giving him time.

  15. Amanda

    That makes me feel all sad inside… GIVE NAZR SOME FREAKIN’ MINUTES, FLIP!

  16. Anonymous



  17. Anonymous

    just THREEE more games of the season.. is it just me or did this reg season go by fasttttttttttt???

  18. Anonymous

    I think that is flip does not play Nazr in the next few games then pistons fans shoud start chanting his name during the last game at home to show him that we are happy with what he has brought to our team in the days after ben until chris came. One thing I hate about the NBA is that a player can be forgotten about just like that. Nazr could just give up but NO HE DOES NOT HE KEEPS WORKING HARD. I really hope that the piston fans show him some respect if I am at the game I will start calling his name, oh I hope I can make the last home game just to do that.

  19. Anonymous

    Nazr may not be activated for tonights game. He was feeling ill yesterday and did not come to practice.

  20. Anonymous

    here’s a great quote from the free press – joe d on chaunce:

    “I’ll say this about his season and free agency: in my eyesight, he had a great season and we will re-sign Chauncey Billups. I promise. We’ll sign Chauncey. Unless something’s wrong with his hands that he can’t sign, no, we’re committed to keeping him here.”

  21. Anonymous

    ^^i saw that in the newspaper…I PROMISE. unless somethihng’s wrong with his hands hahaha.


    Billups interview was funny when they tricked him.

  22. Anonymous

    thanks you yes everyone if you are the game chant NAZR give him some love show him that we do care what he brought to the team even if it seems like he team has given up on him.

  23. Anonymous

    heyy natalieee

    i bet if u made a post for everyone to chant for nazr at our last reg season home game (toronto on tuesday i think) at a certain point of the game..such as half way through the second quarter or something.. i bet you could get a lottt of people to contribute since so many people visit this site!!

    just a suggestion

  24. Anonymous

    I became a Pistons fan 5 years ago because I feel Mr. Davidson and Joe D. has made this team a sanctuary of Has Beens and Neglected players. Big Ben, Billups, Hamilton, Sheed, Prince, McDyess, Webber all overcame their past and rebuilt their careers here. Nobody has any ego and everybody tries to contribute to help the team win. Now that the bench is going to play the next few games, show them some love, will ya all? We will need Nazr’s fouls if they meet up with Miami again. Show this man some love and not bitching and trying to stay ready when the team needs him.

    By the way, anybody read Gilbert (I am a Penis) Arenas’ blog, this is the most self centered, self absorped player ever to blog.
    Caron Butler is 100X the man you are, you asshole.

  25. shatia

    Lets start now,


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