Jameer Nelson Wants The Pistons In The First Round

by | Apr 12, 2007 | 12 comments

Apparently four losses to The Pistons aren’t enough for Jameer Nelson, he wants to see them in the first round of the playoffs, it the Magic make it that is.

“I know we can beat them. I know we can. I think we can beat them in a series. We just got to figure them out.”

I think Jameer is going to have to take some summer school classes just to figure out how to guard Chauncey, let alone try to beat the Pistons in a Playoff series. Does Evelyn Wood have some new kind of NBA classes that I don’t know about?


  1. Anonymous

    HAHA if they have not figured out the pistons yet then I don’t think they will figure them out in a seven game series, hell they can;t even beat them once playing four game in a season how does he think they will in seven. I will given them one win only because the pistons have some trouble with the second game in the playoffs but thats it. I think Jameer will be thinking twice if they do play the pistons come the end of the series. I really want it to be the magic and the pistons only because of Grant Hill he is havig such a good year that it wouldn’t be right to not go to the playoffs.

    I was not able to go to the game on wednesday but did Grant get a warm welcoming in Detroit? I really hope so because he is the reason we got out ring if he had not have went to Joe to tell him he was leaving we would never have gotten Ben.

  2. Anonymous

    We have bad luck in game 3. haha.. He wishes.

    *by the way, the Heat have not gotten their rythem. They’ve lost 5 games recently. NO EXUSES THIS TIME…we’re gonna beat them=]

  3. Anonymous


  4. dave

    I appreciate his confidence in his team. He needs to have that and I’m sure it helps the Magic in the locker room; they’re a rising team and his attitude is good for them.
    However, he shouldn’t have said that nonsense to the media, because if ESPN decides to take that statement and run with it, they can make him and the Magic look like idiots for weeks.
    “We just got to figure them out”? How exactly do you ‘figure out’ how to play against a more talented team? Good luck ‘figuring out’ how to stop a team full of all-star talent with guys like Arroyo and Darko.
    Maybe Chauncey will use comment as motivation to set some kind of playoff series scoring record by scoring 200 points in 4 games.

  5. Anonymous

    lets not get too confident…

    but bringggg them onnnnnnn :]

  6. Anonymous

    He’s supposed to say that kind of stuff. But inside he’s terrified!!!! :]

  7. nick

    Well, Jameer must be on crack to think they can actually beat us. I can only see them winning one game in a series against us. However, I thought the Cavs series last year should have only been a 5 game series. Something got messed up whether or not it was just Sheed’s ankle problem or something else, the Cavs series should have only been a 5 game series, not 7.

  8. nick

    Let me add that’s a good attitude that Jameer has. You don’t want to think that you can’t beat someone.

  9. Anonymous

    wow. i don’t even know what to say to that. this is definitly time fer a sheed wow. wubo-u-o-wubo-u in caps! jameer nelson is really really really D-U-M-B. i mean i would even be shocked if the cavs or heat said that but the magic!? yeah well… good luck w/that jameer.

  10. Anonymous

    Haaaaahhhhhaaaaa, that’s funny,Chauncey have already put a beating on him, he really needs to take hie meds, the Piston would sweep the floor with them in a series, what the heck is wrong with him? He’s clearly not thinking right, sorry Jameer, you are out of your mind!!!

  11. Anonymous

    That’s funny…and I’m a Dallas fan.The Pistons have homecourt advantage.The Magic are not a good road team and you notice he said I THINK we could beat them in a series.He wasn’t so sure then the Pistons will be putting on there “A” game come playoffs

  12. Anonymous

    WOW, can you say loser…if he hasnt figure out the Pistons after 4 games..when will he??


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