Rasheed Knows Need4Sheed

by | Apr 10, 2007 | 29 comments

One of the many perks of being a Pistons season ticket holder it that each year they hold Crew Partys. At the Crew Party you get a the opportunity to:

  • Walk on court and take a shot if you like.
  • Take your picture with the Championship Trophys.
  • Take a tour of The Pistons locker room.
  • Take pictures of the retired players banners and the Championship banners.
  • Get free food and drinks.
  • Roam around the Palace.
  • Get the players autographs.

As soon as we walked into The Palace we headed down to the court. My nephew Mike D. took a couple shots at the basket and I just stood at the top of the key. We then proceeded to the banners, which were lowered to take some pictures.

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Then we waited for the the players to arrive and start signing autographs. Mike and I decided that we were hitting Sheed first, so we waited in line to see Mr. Wallace. Sheed had a couple of small kids in his suite. When we walked up there one of them announced “she’s got a ball don’t lie shirt on” to which I replied, I have one for Sheed too. He then said, “no you don’t, you’re not going to give that to him, you are going to have him sign it!” I laughed and assured him I was giving it to Sheed. He then looked and saw that I had my Sheed AF1 in my hand, then he shouted “ohhhhhh look she has the shoes!” I am not sure who’s kids they were but they sure were cute and had me cracking up.

When we finally got up there I told Sheed that I was Natalie from Need4Sheed, he smiled and said “oh yeah Need4Sheed.” I explained to him that I never got to give him the t-shirt in person last time I saw him in New York, so I wanted to give him another. He took the t-shirt smiled again and carefully signed my Sheed Air Force 1’s. SHEEDtastic!

We then hit the other players to get their autographs too. The only two we missed were Rip and C-Webb because time simply ran out. All the players were very nice, but I did get to talk to Jason Maxiell and tell him about the site and that I have been hyping him up forever.

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All in all it was a pretty cool, The Pistons organization really do go all out for their fans. Mission accomplished, I talked to Sheed and gave him a Ball Don’t Lie t-shirt with his cartoon face on it and I got my beloved AF1’s signed. What a day it was.

Lang Whitaker from Slam Magazine saw Sheed Monday night in NYC and was right about to ask Rasheed about Need4Sheed but he walked away. I wonder what Sheed would say if he was asked? Maybe one day we will find out.


  1. Anonymous

    Awesome Natalie!,I would love to meet Rasheed some day,The only Pistons I met were Mike James and Memet Okur at Rasheeds first game,of course Mike and Memet airnt on the team no more lol,


  2. Anonymous

    But I got to shoot a freethrow a couple games after that was awesome,


  3. Amy

    Natalie, that is so fun!! I’m jealous 🙂

    But I’m still waiting to hear the Blaha shirt story… when is that one coming?

  4. Anonymous

    Your so lucky Nat, u muffin i’m so jelous. I aint met any of the pistons. I swear i saw Tay once but i didn’t have the courage to ask, i mean it must of been himi, how many people do you see at 6″9 with his funny smile

  5. Anonymous

    NICE Nat! I’m Sure You Had Alot Of Funnnnnnn …

    – Vin

  6. Anonymous

    what did chauncey say? &&did you ask him anything?

  7. Anonymous

    ^^yeaaa did you talk to chauncey??

    ahhh im soooo jealous of youuuu.. i want your jobbb hah.. just completely revolved around the pistonssss.. thattt is a dream job !!

    too bad you didnt get to meet rip tho.. he is too fineee.. i actually had a dream last night that i met him at my high school on my way to tennis practice then we were on a plane together to italy.. it was randommm ..butt i wouldnt be to sad if that did happen lol

  8. Natalie

    Amy – I promise the Blaha story is coming soon.

    I didn’t talk to anyone but Sheed and Maxiell, each one of them were busy signing autographs there wasn’t much time to chat.

  9. Anonymous

    Hey Nat do you know how Rip played ball before his LASIK? I read that he wore goggles early in his career but i aint never seen it, cause he had LASIK in the summer of 2004 after winning the nba championship

  10. Anonymous

    Tayshaun Prince lives in the Twin Lakes golf course subdivision in Rochester, Michigan. He has a 2005 or 2006 Dodge Ram pickup truck extended cab 4×4 with the HEMI!

  11. Anonymous

    I forgot to add that it is red^^ and I know this because I landscape for him.

  12. Anonymous



  13. Anonymous


  14. Anonymous

    whose bobblehead is that behind chaunceys?

  15. Afromaniac

    Natalie? Do you or any season ticket holders ever get the chance to meet Joe Dumars? I am dying to frame my Joey D jersey but I really would want his autograph on it first.

  16. Anonymous

    WOW, nice!
    Acknowledgement from the Sheed himself, Nice!

    But you should also that they know about your site on some of the Sports Gambling sites too..
    They bitch about the referees there too….LOL

  17. Anonymous

    you didnt get a pic of sheed??

  18. Natalie

    -Nazr Mohammad Bobblehead is behind Chauncey.

    -No you don’t get to meet Mr. Dumars.

    -No picture of Sheed because those kids I was talking about were distracting Mike D. because he had an authentic ball, so he didn’t have time to take a picture.

  19. Anonymous

    thats is a great position to be in, man, when I go to the games, I get excited just seeing Chauncey out there shooting around before the game starts, I think that I would make a complete idiot out of myself, if I got close enough to him, but I did get a good picture of him waving at me at a game last year, I keep that picture with me at all times, I’m so jealous! I wanna get everbody’s autograph too!!!

  20. Anonymous

    Tha tis so cool. I am happy that the players know about your site. I am sure it is a big hit and they ahve all seen it. Its cool you got you shoes signed and that you got to give sheed the shirt. This site is the best adn really does desever to get reconition. You do this for free and it is the best site out there.

  21. Anonymous

    i was just watchin detroit orlando bill walton had nuthing good to say about us the other commentator said”They should give the ball to rasheed he’s got an advantage in the post against ariza”the bill said”No he just wants to jack up threes” when i heard that i hated him even more the whole both the commentators just insulted the pistons and praised the magic-AIM@TLSAce12

  22. Anonymous

    Wouldn’t it be funny to see Sheed wear the T-shirt before a game?

    As to the most useless Father-Son team in the NBA right now:
    Walton – Walton
    Dunleavy – Dunleavy

  23. Amanda

    Damn! Tayshaun looks GOOOOOD in that picture!

    I would literally shit myself if I ever met one of the players. No joke.

    I’ve only been to 1 Piston game my whole life and every time a new player came out of the locker room to do the shoot around, I jumped out of my seat and like yelled “It’s Lindsey freakin!’ Hunter” or “It’s Chauncey freakin’ Billups!” I was all kinds of excited…I took like 3 rolls of pictures before the game even started!

    So yeah, if I ever knew ahead of time that I’d get to meet any of them, I’d be sure to take an extra change of underwear or wear some Depends or something.

  24. Anonymous

    ^^haha just what i was thinking..tayshaun looks veryyyyy good.. i like his style :]

  25. Anonymous

    Wow i had no idea the writer was female.

    Good, now i wont feel ashamed of making my 5 day old niece a fan!

  26. Anonymous

    wait i just commented and found something else out, r u chaldean?

  27. Scott

    Hey Nat…I didn’t get a chance to say hi at the crew party when I walked past you (I was in a hurry to join Jeff at the top of the stairs in the Chauncey line). I was able to get Rip and Chauncey to sign my jerseys and JMax, Chauncey, Rip and Dyess to sign my ball…it was a fun time. Too bad we’re giving up our tickets next season.

  28. Natalie

    Sorry I missed you Scott, but it looks like you had a good time anyway.

  29. Natalie

    Wow i had no idea the writer was female.

    Good, now i wont feel ashamed of making my 5 day old niece a fan!

    wait i just commented and found something else out, r u chaldean?



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