One Step Closer: Pistons 91 – Knicks 83

by | Apr 10, 2007 | 16 comments

With the Pistons win last night in New York they are now one win, or a Chicago loss away from clinching the top seed in the Eastern Conference. The Pistons, led by Chauncey Billups, didn’t have an easy task in the win. New York challenged Detroit, but the Pistons were just to much as they pulled away late in the fourth quarter.

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Key Points:

  • The Pistons looked like they were in control but 8-for-24 shooting in the 3rd quarter didn’t help.
  • This one was scrappy.
  • The Knicks led by 10 late in the 3rd quarter but Mr. Big shot slashed the lead in half with a clutch three and then a 2 at the buzzer.
  • Plenty of technical fouls tonight. C-Webb, D-Davis and 2 for Steve Francis.
  • Nate Robinson was huge for the Knicks with 24 but he looks so small when he’s guarding Chauncey.
  • Sheed was back in the starting lineup.
  • Chauncey led the team with 22 points and 6 assists, he once again showed why the call him Mr.Big Shot.
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Photo by Ned Dishman/NBAE via Getty Images
  • Sheed got so high on his put back slam late in the fourth that he showed everyone how high he jumped. It was Sheedtastic!
  • Eddy Curry is huge. Has he always been that way?
  • The Pistons close this one out the way they used to.
  • Six straight 50 win season. That’s huge!
  • Tayshaun had some huge Dunks.
  • McDyess added a couple himself.
  • The Pistons did a great job on Curry.
  • Detroit took good care of the basketball, just 8 turnovers.
  • Flip Murry has been having a trouble scoring, it’s probably because of his diminished minutes.
  • The starter got some rest tonight.
  • Delfino had a HUGE dunk! He took it right to Curry and Frye and pretty much posterized them.
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Photo by Ned Dishman/NBAE via Getty Images
  • The Pistons D was a huge factor in the win.
  • I couldn’t remember the last three that Rip has hit until the one late in the fourth.
  • “We’re very good at last couple minutes of the game,” Hamilton said. “We’re always confident. We like our chances last 3-4 minutes of the game. We just don’t want to be in those situations all the time. We want to try to get to a bigger lead, and once we have a lead, keep it.”
  • McDyess put up a double-double again, 11 points and 13 boards.
  • The bench got off their feet quite a few time when the Pistons made outstanding plays.
  • Rip scored 19, with 6 boards and a blocked shot.
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Photo by Ned Dishman/NBAE via Getty Images

Need4Sheed reader and life long Pistons Ruben Trammell, from Bed Stuy, Brooklyn, NY was at the game and had a few things of interest to tell us.

  • All the of starting 5, led by Sheed, walked over and made sure to give Isiah Thomas a pound and a hug. That’s respect. I don’t like the Knicks, never will, but that’s Isiah Thomas and Mark Aguirre coaching my hometown team, so I gotta root for them to do well.
  • Plenty of Pistons fans in the house.
  • Sheed must be the big brother to everyone in the League. I’ve now seen him live twice and during pre-game, warm-ups, dead balls, at the scorer’s tables, time outs, and after the half, all he does is talk to, but more like PLAY with the other teams players. At the Nets game it was Vince (UNC), Uncle Cliffy, Kidd, Josh Boone, Marcus Williams, Wright and Moore. Tonight it was Francis, Curry, Cato, James, Lee, Nate Robinson, Isiah, Spike Lee, and Patrick Ewing. You miss most of this on TV, all players got love for Sheed.

Another longtime Pistons fan and Need4Sheed reader Vin Richitelli from Connecticut was at The Garden and showed some Pistons pride in the Big Apple. Vin was also responsible for the picture of the scoreboard at the top of the post. Thanks Vin!

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  1. matt

    Sheed’s putback slam was late in the 4th, which is what made it sooo much more impressive! Love the site and your doing a great job! Surprised to see a mistake by you on a sheed fact!

  2. Anonymous

    Couldnt see the game.. y did Dale D and C-Webb get techs??

  3. Natalie

    Thanks for pointing out the Typo for me, that’s what I get for going so fast. Shame on me for making a Sheed mistake.

    As for the techs it was complaining because they were guarding Curry and he was being physical, when the were physical in return they were getting fouls.

  4. Anonymous

    Nat i have one question, howcome every pistons game i go to, it always looks like rasheed wallace tunes out flip saunders?

    – Vin

  5. Dor

    I’m so glad to see Mr. Big Shot starting to perform late in the game! I missed that very much and I’m happy he’s back just before the playoffs.

    Webber is stiil not himself and I hope he’ll be better soon – we’ll need him at the playoffs – hopefully he’ll be back before. he showed everybody what he (still) worths!

    FG & 3PT percentage are to low – I hope guys weill be more consistent and effective at the postseason, we need Tay and Sheed to score – unfrusterated Hamilton and Big Shot Billups! And the bench… it’s great this year and I hope Saunders will know how to make them ready for the playoffs and knows how to use them too.


  6. Anonymous

    To Vin:
    Sheed always leaves the timeout huddles early, just something he has always done. He’s not tuning out Flip. When Flip wants him to do something (mostly go down on the block), he does it 100% (and does it spectacularly, if I might add).

    Nat, I never noticed before how much you like the adjective “huge”! 🙂

  7. dislyxec

    When did Delfino start wearing his shorts like SHEED? (at least that’s what it looks like in that picture)

  8. Anonymous


    do you know if sheed hit his 100th three last night?? he was trying to get it during the cavs game so he could have 100 blocks & threes for this season!

  9. Anonymous

    Tayshaun dunk excellent , so was Delfino’s.
    I didn’t think Tay was gonna make it, but he did.
    Anyone else notice after the Delfino dunk he went over to Sheed asking something looking like he was looking for approval and Sheed was like “I LIKE THAT, I LIKE THAT” guess Sheed was rippin on ‘Los during practice or something.

    I think we need to run just a little bit more.

    Flip Murray with the Dunk-o-meter on sheed’s dunk was funny. Also the dunk was awesome.

    I bet the NBA execs and Napolean are pissed cause it looks like their poster boys LeBron and DWade are gonna face each other IN THE FIRST ROUND! How funny is that! We’ll get the winner of that one and I think if we get a little more consistent for the playoff series we can go all the way with little problem. Good luck guys let’s start turning it up. So far I’m liking the standings hope Orlando is eighth, I’m sure that’s a good enough city for Chauncey.

    I also noticed Delfino wearing his shorts like Sheed, that’s also funny.

    Rip = clutch
    Chauncey at the end of the third was awesome.

    I feel bad when we play injury riddled teams and beat them, although they did put up a good fight, the get respect for that

  10. Anonymous

    I wish Rip would calm down thow, hes flopping and getting annoyed more than ever, hes a funny guy thow
    Is it me or is chauncey missing free throws more this season, i swear he misses techs all the time, or is it just me?

  11. Natalie

    I do say HUGE a lot don’t I.

    Vin as for the Sheed thing it was answered perfectly by anonymous, it’s nothing new.

    Delfino is wearing his shorts pretty high like Sheed.

  12. Anonymous

    Great job on the site im a rip fan i have a request that u could make a post about the top 10 players u hate not former(bill Walton) cuz u hate him. just top 10 players u hate it would just be cool i know id leave my top 10 hated players too-Austin AIM-TLSAce12

  13. 36Sheed36

    No no no, he means the black undershorts with the jersey tucked into the black shorts. I noticed it a few games back. Looked like Flip did it also, int he game against the Suns. I commented on it a couple days later, but noone responded!! I love it! Go Stones!!!!


  14. Anonymous

    does anyone know if sheed hit his 100th three of the season last night??

  15. Anonymous

    Sheed did not hit #100.

    He was 0-fer-3 and 0-fer his last 7 attempts in 2 games. I’m sure he’ll get one tonite.

  16. Anonymous

    ^thank you :]


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