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by | Apr 7, 2007 | 36 comments

I am usually not one to make a big deal out of things, well unless Sheed makes a miracle 60 footer, but The Pistons asked me to do a Guest Blog on This is something I am beyond excited about.

It’s an honor when the team you are so passionate about recognizes your work and asks you to do something for them. I don’t get excited that often, but I am on cloud nine right now. Not only can you see the post right here but right now it’s on rotation on the front page of

Pinch me, I must be dreaming! It’s simply………

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  1. Anonymous

    Congrats Nat. Thats awesome. 🙂 You do such a great job here. It’s cool to see you on the Pistons page. Keep up the great work. I’ve been following this site for the last year.


  2. Anonymous

    WOW, great news! Congrats!
    Any reaction from Sheed?

  3. Anonymous

    But if they are going to feature you on their website, they should have had a professional photographed you. That picture has bad lighting and you looked “squished” and uncomfortable.

    Keep up the good work, hooked on visiting your site.
    Yes, I’m a Need4Sheed addict.

  4. Christy Hammond

    Congratulations!! Keep up the great work!

  5. Jamie Mottram

    Bravo, Natalie! This couldn’t happen to a nicer person/blogger! Now I’m gonna have to pull for Detroit once Washington gets bounced!

  6. pistons tiil the daii ii diie


  7. Anonymous

    Congrats Nat!!!! Im soo happy for you!!

    does anyone know where to find that Chauncey Billups commercial at (with his daughters)??????

  8. Evan

    lol. ever since I posted about the WNBA chauncey commercial people have been going nuts trying to find it. Just watch some NBA basketball on the boob tube and you will see it. (By the way, chaunce and his daughters are on the front page of the site.)

    CONGRATS NAT. I knew you would be recognized by the Pistons organization sooner or later. (hell, ESPN noticed looong ago)

  9. dave

    this site is WAY better than
    they should be honored to even be mentioned on this site

  10. Anonymous

    Congratulations, Nat- you deserve it!

  11. Anonymous

    Great blog! It’s just what we’ve come to expect!

  12. Evan


    I just wanted to share with you what someone posted on ESPN’s site about Detroit.

    “biskittard (4/8/2007 at 3:10 AM)

    The pistons will be lucky to make it to the finals let alone win a championship. If they do make it….I have whoever plays them in 4 games and pistons fans throwing things like the white trash they are. Seriously go back to your trailers. I think Detroit is the epitome of white trash.”

    Probably a Bulls fan, lol.

  13. Anonymous

    good job, natalie…i actually posted a forum topic about this before you did….i’m like, OMG Natalie from this site wrote it! Good job!


  14. kdot

    That is awesome!! Keep it up Nat!

  15. Natalie

    Thanks everyone!

  16. amy

    That’s awesome!

  17. TheGreatDane

    Wow… amazing, you deserve it Nat! Very nice article too! You do a great job, and everyone is obviously picking up on it too, keep it coming!!!

  18. Gilliss

    Great job Nat! I love the positive attitude.
    Will they fix a typo for you though? The Pistons have been to the conference finals in *all* of the last 4 years, not just 3 of 4. Yeah, they got swept that first year, but at least they were there!

  19. Ngozika

    Congrats Natalie. The Pistons online community is proud of you.

  20. Anonymous

    oh that’s you….I loved that article. CONGRATS NAT! and hopefully you can do more for the Pistons in years to come. 🙂

  21. Nate

    Very cool! Congrats Natalie. Great article by the way.


  22. Anonymous


    Hey did you see sheed somewhat dnace durng the 4th in todays games I wouldn’t help but start laughing. Great game to be at today

  23. Evan

    Bulls got stomped by the Raps tonight. This makes me happy. I’d like to have seen the look on scott skiles face.

  24. Anonymous

    ya me too Stiles thinks hes the best but he not.. Hey Nat I seen a piston cartoon on the TV when I was getta drink guring half time any idea how i can see it again? I do not live in Mich.and I don’t get detroit stations but would love to see the whole thing so any clue how to get it on the net?

  25. Amanda

    Cleveland, Chicago, and Miami all lost tonight. heehee….

  26. Anonymous

    1) Nice to finally get some recognition for you
    2) Flip Flop King Wade is back, and they got beaten by the little kittens, LOL…anyone still think he got seriously hurt, I think he faked it to get some rest before the playoffs. One of the kittycats bumped him and he bounced right back up, right, he’s really hurt. Little troll
    3) LeBron choked today, otherwise Pistons would not have come away with the win. Too much of a Jekyl and Hyde game today.

  27. Keith V.

    Grats Natalie. Well deserved recognition. You ARE our official Pistons blogger, so I couldn’t think of anyome more fitting for them to reach out to.

  28. Evan

    Anonymous @ 9:37. I think you might be talking about the “interplanetory pistons.” It’s a cartoon show with the pistons players as the characters. It’s only on local detroit television, but you’re not missing much anyways. Maybe if you have kids, other than that it’s like a bad episode of scooby doo with the globetrotters. Nat should make her own cartoon show :0)

  29. Jack Cobra

    Congratulations Natalie! Very cool!!

  30. Anonymous

    Great job Natalie, and congratulations! You deserve every bit of recognition that you receive for all of the hard work that you put in. We’re all proud of you! I hope you realize just how much you’re appreciated by Pistons fans everywhere…


  31. yuko

    Congrats Natalie! I love your post on as well as what I’ve always seen on this website!!

    BTW did you stop selling the cool T-shirts and stuff? I can’t find your online store…

  32. Natalie

    Thanks again everyone, it’s Pistons fans like you that make what I do so much fun.

  33. Natalie

    Working out the whole T-Shirt thing.

  34. Chris Kula

    Great post, Natalie. Congrats on being recognized for all your hard work!

  35. Anonymous

    The Pistons have been to the ECF 4 years in a row…not 3 of the last 4.


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