You Said It: Pistons – Bulls

by | Apr 5, 2007 | 9 comments

Pistons lose to the Bulls at the Palace, you said it!

Key Points:

  • The Pistons couldn’t seem to hit their shots even when they were open looks.
  • I am not sure why the Pistons can’t seem to get a game right this season its either they come out strong in the being and are slow in the end or they come out slow in the first and have to play catch up all game.
  • They need to start winning some games at home to make it far this year in the playoffs, it used to be hard for a team to come into The Palace and leave with a win but it is not that way this year. Teams have stopped fearing The Palace and The Pistons for that matter.
  • Crawford makes things personal instead of just the game. Jessi
  • A big factor that hurt us in this game can be summed up in two words: Foul Trouble.
  • Rip had three offensive fouls called on him. He sat the majority of the first half, played a bit in the third, then he got into that tussle with TT as soon as he came out in the fourth.
  • The Bulls are clearly more of an offensive threat without Ben Wallace, but then again, that shouldn’t surprise us. Richie
  • Detroit shot 41% from the field but it seemed more like 30%. We missed several layups and floaters late in the game, when we were trying to dig ourselves out of the hole.
  • Sheed was 4-5 from behind the arc.
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Photo by Allen Einstein/NBAE via Getty Images
  • Rip scored only 3 points, taking just 4 shots in a little over 17 minutes of playing time.Rip was ejected and received techs #14 and 15.
  • Detroit was out rebounded 32-48.
  • Kirk Hinrich was seemingly unguardable.
  • The Bulls doubled the Pistons point total in the 3rd, outscoring Detroit 32-16. Amanda
  • No Big Ben, No Baby Bull Ben Gordon, No Nocioni.
  • Our defense was as weak as the Suns defense.
  • A D-League team could played better than Detroit.
  • Prince was like a ghost today.
  • Flip Murray went crazy throwing everything to the basket.
  • If this is the way we’re going to play in the playoffs, the Bulls might be a HUGE obstacle for us. Sheed_Russe
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Photo by Allen Einstein/NBAE via Getty Images
  • Refs are ruining NBA Basketball! Officiation is becoming the determining factor in too many games. These refs need to stop trying to be part ofa the game and just call the fouls when they are appropriate! Evan
  • There were a couple of instances were it was obvious that Sheed was a bit upset with his teammates for not getting him the ball when he was calling for it. There were also a few defensive breakdowns where a Bulls player beat Sheed to the basket on a backdoor cut due to a lack of communication by the Pistons. This seemed to irk Sheed as well.
  • Rip seems to making enemies with the officials this season. The fact that the Pistons players tend to argue calls (and no-calls) a lot was pointed out during the regular season last year, and that trend has continued throughout this season….it’s made them a much less likable team. Eric
  • Crawford yet again thinks he’s the main attraction.
  • Rip gets more fouls than points. When did that happen last?
  • Bulls had high energy defense for 48 minutes… ya know.. the kind the Pistons usually do in the 4th when they’re saving a game. Downtown
  • Scott Skiles is so ANNOYING. He was giggling like a girl the whole game. Anonymous
  • I’ve stood behind the Pistons through lots of stuff, but they need to get it through their heads that all their crying about the calls during a game isn’t doing them any good. Deal with it, and move on. Anonymous
  • The Pistons are still the best team in the East WHEN THEY WANT TO BE. This laziness of late is really disheartening. Anonymous
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Photo by Allen Einstein/NBAE via Getty Images

Great job everyone! I have a bit more to add.
  • Hamilton, who was also ejected in a Bulls game last season, now has 15 technical fouls. One more will earn him a one-game suspension.
  • As Thomas left through the tunnel, a 24-year-old male from Southfield allegedly threw a lip balm container and hit Thomas in the face. Police arrested the fan, whose name was not released, for violating a local ordinance against throwing objects in the arena.
  • The Pistons magic number is still four, but the Bulls are now only a half-game back from second-place Cleveland in the race for the top seed in the East. Via The Detroit Free Press
  • The Bulls took three out of four from the Pistons this season, the first time since 1997-98.


  1. Anonymous

    “Detroit shot 41% from the field but it seemed more like 30%. We missed several layups and floaters late in the game, when we were trying to dig ourselves out of the hole.”

    It’s kind of hard to dig out of a hole…whoever posted that. I think you usually try to climb out of one.

  2. Serenia

    My Key Points

    1. The Pistons need to run the offense through webber. It seems to free a lot of people up for easy buckets.

    2. They seemed more concerned about the refs then the game being played.

    3. They played uninspired basketabll…because “big ben” wasn’t there. Which is just another excuse to be lazy.

    4. Please let the playoffs start soon…so the pistons can start playing inspired basketball.

    5. Enjoy the win Chicago (regular season, pistons still in 1st place), because the 2nd round is as far as you’ll go.

  3. Amanda

    lol Oops. Sorry, I posted that remark about the Pistons trying to dig themselves out of the hole. It was like 2 in morning…

    I just read that Arenas is going to be out 2-3 months! I’m not a huge fan of the Wizards but that really sucks. First Butler, not Arenas…

  4. sammi

    i really dont understand whats going on lately. it seems like the are losing to all the good teams, which is not good at all. i dont know how we are in first still. whatever, as long as they heat it up when playoffs start, then im happy. i dont think anyone else has a chance of catching us and taking the number one slot. our hardest competition for the rest of the season is cleveland on sunday soooo yeah.

    and as for tyrus thomas incident, i think that rip should have known better and did not need to go after him after the nudge. tyrus is soooo young he doesnt know very much. but still tyrus thomas is a VERY good player for his age especially. and i think he is ADORABLE. lol.

    but if you mess with the D, you get hurt. thats what the boy needs to learn.

  5. Anonymous

    Who is deciding to play every game with isos? Is it Flip or are the players just doing it themselves? We win by passing

    We are exactly the same team as the beginning of the season. No one passing the ball because no one’s thinking they’re going to get the ball back I do not like Chris Webber. He’s playing gradually more selfishly, taking bad shots and not passing, so is Flip Murray all of a sudden, and don’t even get me start on Tayshaun, he can make more plays then he does, everyone seems to be looking at their statistics now) I don’t care whether people think Chris Webber’s good offensively, he does not play defense. And to anyone who says it’s the knee surgery I have three things to say to that
    1. Reverse dunk against Suns (he has enough mobility to do that, but not jump and put his hand up on d? don’t buy it.)
    2 Look at Antonio McDyess after his surgeries
    3. Arnie Kander (i really like Arnie, he does a great job)
    Also I don’t think Chris is what we need to win, we need someone in the 1st and 3rd quarters who can start quickly, not keep us in deficits and do nothing to help us get out of them I know they still have some more geling to do and maybe they’ll be able to do it by the playoffs (As long as Sheed and Rip keep from being suspended and injuries heal up.

    I’m sure Ben not being there was a let down, I know it was for me, and that contributed a little to their lack of effort.

    That Antonio injury was bad, cause it happened at shoot around.


  6. Anonymous

    Now let me explain
    Here are the standings so far
    1. Detroit 2. Cleveland 3. Toronto 4. Miami 5. Bulls 6. Wizards 7. Nets 8. Orlando
    The Bulls are very close to moving past Cleveland into the 2nd seed. The reason that’s good is that if they do pass Cleveland then Cleveland moves to 5th and they have to play Miami in the first round. Which means at least one will be eliminated. I like this because we can’t win if we play Miami, if we lose then Miami’s gonna be bragging how they beat us while DWade was hurt. And if we win there are going to be excuses that we only won cause DWade was hurt. Bad either way. Let Cleveland catch the crap of beating Miami, or get eliminated by Miami, both ways are good.
    I hope Orlando’s 8th I want to see Grant Hill, Darko , and Carlos Arroyo

    Good luck Pistons let’s get these last wins

  7. Anonymous

    10:16 your a fucking dumbass. WE beat the miami cheat in 2005 in there own court in game 7, what makes you think we “cannot” beat them? Your so fucking stupid, check yourself before you wreck yourself fool!

  8. Anonymous

    To 11:26 I believe we can beat the Heat, I was just saying that it was a lose lose situation if we play the Heat, even if we beat the Heat everyone’s just going to say it was cause DWade wasn’t 100% (and yes I do believe they can beat the Heat with Dwade 100% too). But if they play Cleveland and lose then the Cavs get to deal with those critisms instead of us for once, and if Miami beats Cleveland no big deal. In this series at the very least if we (and notice I said if) don’t win this year then at least Cleveland and Miami can chase each other. Allowing the Pistons to sneak in like they really want to do, under the radar.

  9. Anonymous

    tyrus thomas has NO EXCUSE coming into the palace and talking smack the way he did to rip. a rookie bringing the heat on a world champion?!!! bad move baby


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