Bulls Destroy The Pistons 106-88

by | Apr 4, 2007 | 24 comments

I didn’t get to catch this one live and considering the score it doesn’t look like I am going to watch the recording either. I am a bit under the weather with this flu thing that has been going around, so I am enlisting all of you to give me your bullet points in the comment section of this post.

Hopefully I will feel well enough tomorrow to put up recap of the game. So feel free to use the comments section to let me know what happened or vent, just be sure to leave your name.

The only thing I do know is the Pistons had a miserable second half and Rip got in a tussle with Tyrus Thomas and they both were ejected.

You can always go check out the other side of the story at Blog-A-Bull.


  1. Anonymous

    The pistons couldn’t seem to hit their shots even when they were open looks. Tayshaun who came off a great night last night was just 1-5 but was prefect from the line and well not sure what was up with rip he only had 3 points all game and then was ejected for two techs due to contact with thomas and then they couldn’t seem to give it a rest and had a few words which ended in the ejection. Even after they were ejected they still went at it and had to be escored off the court. I know rip was not getting the calls he wanted but this was uncalled for.

    I am not sure why the pistons can’t seem to get a game right this season its either they come out strong in the being and are slow in the end or they come out slow in the first and have to play catch up all game. The playoffs are coming and well if they keep playing the way they have been then they are going to have some trouble come playoff time and the way this years ranking goes they could see the heat or bulls in the second round which does not look very good for them since the bulls have beaten them 3 times this season and this last one was without Ben so you know they are a strong team with and with out him. The bulls almost took the heat out last year.

    One more point they need to start winning some games at home to make it far this year in the playoffs, it used to be hard for a team to come into the palace and leave with a win but it is nit that way this year, teams have stopped fearing the palace and the pistons for that matter. They need to ahve that drive back in them . I think with all this talk about CB leaving and with ben leaving last year the pistons have forgotten ow to be feared. I really thought they had the missing part with webber I guess we will see in the playoffs.

    Also does anyone know why Scott hates the pistons so much? He coached in the west before 02 when he came to the bulls. Is there a reason that he seems to hate the pistons more than any other team?

    Well Nat I hope you are feeling better the flu seems to be a bad one this year.


  2. Anonymous

    I add to my comment aboce the palace yet again get a bad name for the fan who decided to throw lip balm at Thomas, look at the tape it was rip who keep going at thomas even know it was thoams who started the who things throwing things at players is uncalled for, you could have hit him in the eye or something. Why do fans at the palace feel they need to start things. I have gone to many games at the palace and well it is the best place to go to watch a game who its fans like this one tonight that give us all a bad name.


  3. Anonymous

    sorry one more thing why go the officals how to make things worse? Crawford makes things personal instead of just the game. Why did he decided to push rip away as soon as he steped in he pushed him as if he was going to pile drive thomas. I really feel that the who things took to lang to get over had they have just waved the game on and got rip out it never would have lead to the ejection of the two players.

  4. Anonymous

    A big factor that hurt us in this game can be summed up in two words: Foul Trouble.
    Rip had three offensive fouls called on him. He sat the majority of the first half, played a bit in the third, then he got into that tussle with TT as soon as he came out in the fourth.
    Rasheed had a couple of bogus fouls on him (seems that whomever was switched onto Deng, or whomever Deng gaurded got whistled).
    Because of ‘Sheed and Rip’s foul toruble they sat a LOT and Flip S. seemed to decide this one was over as soon as the Pistons deficit got deeper than 10.
    I appreciate what Flip Murray has done for this team- his effort has been excellent, especially when he came out and played with a 103 temp to fill in for Rip. I really respect him for that. HOWEVER- I think Flip S. has given him far too many minutes. On the other hand, I don’t understand why Ammir J. and Super Dup haven’t been getting minutes. I’d love to see those guys play- especially when the team is up or down 15 points. Instead, we’ve been playing the same 7 guys. I think our bench is deeper than that, and this is the time to be using them.
    PS- The Bulls are clearly more of an offensive threat without Ben Wallace, but then again, that shouldn’t surprize us.

  5. Anonymous

    umm…im pretty sure amir and super dupe arent playing because they wont get any minutes during the playoffs. we need to establish our bench by giving those players as many minutes as possible, amir wont be on the playoff roster, he is getting experience and minutes in the d-league and he should be beneficial to us in the future but giving him minutes now is pointless, and im pretty sure super dupe sucks on offense…his jumper sucks, he can dunk but thats about all…hes just a ham slam with better defense but his j sucks

  6. Anonymous

    the last time super D was on the team he help out big had a game with 18 points. He was only traded to give the room for tayshaun to stay with out which was a good move. I do understand why he is not playing right now but I do think he needs to be given a change to show us what he can bring. The pistons give up on theor players fare too much. It doesn’t matter who their coach is they seems to give up on them. Look at tays first year with the pistons rick hardly played him but in the end it was tay who keep the pistons in the playoffs and well carlos was a lost cause when brown was the coach as well darko who we took in the first round if the draft a big mistake because the pistons do not play young players. This year as well as last there are too many players who are given up one to name a few, super D (never have gotten to see what he brings) nazr (webber comes in and well he is for gotten about but he still plays hard when he is on the floor) murray (until rip and Chanucey go out) even jason at times he is up and down when it comes to his minutes. Well to end this the pistons just do not like to play there young guys and I donlt think that will change any time soon..

    A note on the game it was one that I won’t want to have to think about. The way the pistons play speaks for it self,

  7. Amanda

    This game was an odd one to say the least.

    *Detroit shot 41% from the field but it seemed more like 30%. We missed several layups and floaters late in the game, when we were trying to dig ourselves out of the hole

    *’Sheed was 4-5 from behind the arc

    *Rip scored only 3 points, taking just 4 shots in a little over 17 minutes of playing time

    *Rip was ejected and received techs #14 and 15

    *Didn’t Rip kind of get into it with Hinrich in one of the games in Chicago…?

    *Coach Scott Skiles was like a 12-year-old fan at his first basketball game–high-fives, laughs, and smiles all around!

    *Detroit was outrebounded 32-48

    *Coach Flip Saunders commented after the game that McDyess sustained a sprained ankle in the pregame shoot around but played 14 minutes, scoring 5 points (he shot 2-10 from the field–very un’Dyess-like) and grabbing 3 boards

    *Tayshaun was 1-5 from the field, netting just 6 points but dished 7 assists

    *Kirk Hinrich was seemingly unguardable

    *Chicago basically played without either Ben, as Gordon was plagued by fouls and Wallace was out with sinusitis, yet the Bulls still clobbered us

    *The Bulls doubled the Pistons point total in the 3rd, outscoring Detroit 32-16

    *I’m not sure how much of Detroit’s shooting woes can really be credited to the Bulls’ scrappy defense–we missed a lot of easy baskets!

    *Wish we could blame some of the whooping on fatigue, unfortunately Tayshaun was the only player to play over 30 minutes in Tuesday’s game verse the Pacers

    *Despite having Ben Wallace out, I really expected the Pistons to be up for this game, being broadcasted on ESPN and against a potential playoff foe

    *Oh well, like Chauncey said: “You play like that, a team beats you like that at home, all you can do is get over it. You can’t let it linger and can’t let it affect you in your next outing.”

    *Here’s to a MUCH better game verse the Cavs on Sunday! CHEERS!

  8. sheed_russe

    My main points:
    1) Our defense was as weak as the Suns defense.
    2) Rasheed hit 4/5 3 pointers
    3) No Big Ben, No Baby Bull Ben Gordon, No Nocioni.
    4) Still, they blowout the Pistons.
    5) Hinrich was feeling like he was shooting on his backyard basketball court.
    6) Hamilton was frustrated in the second half.
    7) Hamilton and that guy Thomas were both ejected, I think it was more frustration by Hamilton than anything.
    8. In the second half our bench was scared throwing bricks to the basket, throwing air balls, no defense.
    9) A D-League team could played better than Detroit today.
    10) Prince was like a ghost today.
    11) The feet of our starters weight 200 pounds, they were not moving, they were just up and down the court.
    12) Flip Murray went crazy throwing everything to the basket.
    13) C-Webb was felt in the first quarter.
    14) He can still dunk.
    15) If this is the way we’re going to play in the playoffs, the Bulls might be a HUGE obstacle for us.
    16) I’m frustrated, my face right now looks like Flip Saunders’ face.

  9. Amanda

    P.S. Not I think we necessarily need any more fire power in our bench, I mean, I’m not going to take this loss as evidence that Detroit is headed down a dangerous road, but I would really love to see Dupree play a few minutes here and there. I mean, why not, right? Even if it’s garbage time minutes that he gets, and the rotation tends to shorten up come playoff time, I think he deserves some PT.

    #16 one your list is a good one, sheed_russe–Flip Saunders was NOT happy.

  10. Evan

    The pistons really let me down on this one. I don’t know how they think they are going to be contenders in the playoffs when they can’t beat a rookie-ridden Bulls team without Ben. It’s starting to look like they’re just out there to collect a check and at a certain point (which is way to early) just give up. If they keep playing like they have of late they’re going to get blown out by the 8th seed in the first round. Sometimes I think these guys take their fans for granted, and they’ve let us down too many times at the Palace this year. (So much for home court advantage, we’re better on the road anyways.) I think I’m not alone when I say these guys owe it to the fans, the cause of hundreds of Palace sellouts, to at least try to win when they can.

    P.S. To previous comments, This is Detroit, like it or not. And we’re scrappy. Remember the Bad Boys? If hamilton played back then that “fight” tonight would have been a slap on the wrist without a foul. And I have to say this next part (doesn’t necessarily apply to tonight):


  11. Anonymous

    bad loss.

    I think part of the reason we lost is the pistons came to the palace expecting ben to play. Once they got there, they found out. That basically demolished their excitement and energy out of the game. I’m sure that if Ben was playing, it would be a completely different outcome. &&i think the bulls are a better team without ben…they were unstoppable.
    &&dont get worried if we play them in the playoffs, because kirk hinrich wont be scoring 30 points every game.


  12. downtown

    Crawford yet again thinks he’s the main attraction.

    Rip gets more fouls than points. When did that happen last?

    Bulls had high energy defense for 48 minutes… ya know.. the kind the Pistons usually do in the 4th when they’re saving a game.

    Pistons could have used a timeout sooner towards the end of the 3rd… but they didn’t look like they had any answers in the 2nd half anyway.

    The difference in FG% in the 2nd half was rediculous. I think Pistons were in the 30s, Bulls around 60. Bulls defense was very energetic in the paint though.

  13. Eric

    This was a disappointing game. There were a few things that I noticed throughout the game that really bothered me:

    1.) The Pistons just didn’t seem to show the effort that they have in years past. Especially in rebounding. A major part of rebounding the basketball is how badly you want it, and the Bulls seemed to want it more. I attribute this to coaching.

    2.) There were a couple of instances were it was obvious that Sheed was a bit upset with his teammates for not getting him the ball when he was calling for it. There were also a few defensive breakdowns where a Bulls player beat Sheed to the basket on a backdoor cut due to a lack of communication by the Pistons. This seemed to irk Sheed as well.

    3.) At this point, I would have to say the Pistons probably shouldn’t be the favorite if they had to meet the Bulls in the playoffs. With less than 10 games left, the Pistons are still out of sync on both ends of the court. The Bulls had the same kind of success against the Pistons that Golden State (and the Pacers) had earlier this year. When I heard Flip Saunders admit that teams with Stephen Jackson and Al Harringon are bad matchups for the Pistons, it sure didn’t make me feel good about the prospect of meeting the Bulls in the playoffs. They have similar players to Golden State– players that can shoot well and get to the basket. The difference is that the Bulls can also harass you on the defensive end– a tribute to their coach Scott Skiles.

    4.) Rip seems to making enemies with the officials this season. The fact that the Pistons players tend to argue calls (and no-calls) a lot was pointed out during the regular season last year, and that trend has continued throughout this season. Before they won the championship in 2004, the Pistons were a team that won games by working hard, playing defense, rebounding the basketball, blocking shots, creating extra posessions. ANY player with the desire can do these types of things, and although it’s true that Ben Wallace embodied the spirit of hard work, he wasn’t solely responsible for this style of play. Both Carlisle and Larry Brown cemented it into their players heads that they were going to give that kind of effort or they weren’t going to play. Unfortunately, the Pistons team since winning the championship is one that acts as though they’re entitled to something. Rather than shutting up, hustling back, and forgetting about the call/no call, they’ve continued to complain to the referees and whoever else will listen. For one thing, it’s made them a much less likeable team. In addition, the refs have begun to punish the Pistons for this behavior since the rule changes were put into effect earlier this season.

    I guess I’m done for now. I’m quite frustrated after last night’s game, and I hope the Pistons can turn it back around against the Cavs. It’s disappointing to me that they played this way on national television– I live in Illinois, so I don’t get to watch the Pistons play as many games as I’d like to. It’s time to start gearing up for the playoffs, and I do believe that the Pistons can make the Finals once again this year if they can manage to put things together in these last few games. Fortunately, they should get a first round matchup that will allow them to do some tuning up before they see the Cavs/Bulls/Heat.

  14. Ahmed

    The pistons could not hit s shot. Rasheed played well. HE shot 4-5. Lindsey keeps jacken up 3’s and he one but he airballed 2. That f* ref ejected Rip for no reason. Rip has like 15 techs. Slow down Rip. WE cant affored you to miss a game.

  15. Anonymous

    I’m just happy Ben Wallace wasn’t able to play. It would make the lose double upsetting if he would have been part of out destruction.

  16. Anonymous

    This was a disappointing loss, but the Pistons can turn it around. They need to get more focused and bring more energy. I still think that the Pistons will come out of the East and have a good shot and winning it all. Let’s see how they respond on Sunday when they play the Cavs. this should be a statement game. Besides they owe it to the fans.

    P.S. Scott Skiles is soo ANNOYING. He was giggling like a girl the whole game.

  17. Anonymous

    I am starting to get the feeling this team is going to be a HUGE disappointment in the playoffs if they don’t get their heads out of their butts.

    I’m also sick of hearing that they can’t get “up” for a game. Hello, you don’t have home court wrapped up yet.. what more motivation do you need, especially against teams you could or probably will see in the playoffs.

    I’ve stood behind the Pistons through lots of stuff, but they need to get it through their heads that all their crying about the calls during a game isn’t doing them any good. Deal with it, and move on.

    All that being said, they’re still the best team in the East WHEN THEY WANT TO BE. This laziness of late is really disheartening.

  18. Anonymous

    the first half was a good game but after, it was 69 to 88 and i just went upstairs to sleep

  19. Anonymous

    the first half was a good game but after, it was 69 to 88 and i just went upstairs to sleep

  20. Anonymous

    Man that was a rough rough ride last night. I do think that was the worse that I have seen them play all season long. That was just waaaaaaaay out of character for them. Rip is becoming a little bad boy lately, what’s up with that?(lol) Let’s just hope that they are saving all that energy that they lacked for their run in the playoffs and then another championship! I got much love for these guys, especially Chuancey, so this could be a wake-up call for them to play their best all the time. Peace!

  21. Anonymous

    where was the defense tonight? no energy or agressiveness they need some motivation cuz playoffs are close they need to turn it up or we wont reach the finals

  22. Anonymous

    rasheed,tay,and dice dont pass much anymore.
    chauncey and rip dont get to shoot that much.
    i think we would’ve won the game if flip sauders let the starters minus rip and plus dyees

  23. Evan

    I think it’s funny that after watching NBA basketball for like 20 years, I never knew any of the refs names until the last couple years. What does this tell you?

  24. Anonymous

    hey mann thats wat i was talkin bout in that game!!!!!!!!!thats wat we needa see…DRAMA..FIGHTS…yea GOOOOOOOOO RIP..I LUV U.

    LADY P


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