Pistons Turn It Up In The Second Half To Beat The Pacers

by | Apr 3, 2007 | 20 comments

The Pistons took down The Pacers 100 – 85 Tuesday night in Indiana. By the looks of the score you wouldn’t believe that Detroit started the game in their “sluggish” mode. The Pacers controlled the first half and led by as much as 14. The Pistons actually overcame two separate 14 point deficits in the first half to cut The Pacers lead to only three points (46-43) at halftime.

The second half was altogether a different story. The Pistons, led by Tayshaun Prince, turned up the defense and took control. Detroit took the lead in the middle of the third quarter and never looked back.

Key Points:

  • If the bench keeps playing like this The Pistons will be unstoppable in the Playoffs.
  • The Pistons started off horribly in the first half, had it not been for the bench lifting the team this game might have gotten out of hand (not in a good way).
  • Have you noticed that Delfino can make amazing shots but he never seems to convert easy layups.
  • The Pistons are now 4 wins away from clinching the 1st seed in the Eastern Conference Playoffs.
  • Chauncey had a quiet game, he was 4-for-8 for 11 points in just 27 minutes.
  • The Pistons locker room wasn’t a great place to be at halftime.
  • Tayshaun led the Pistons with 24 points, two of them came when he Posterized Jermaine O’Neal.
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Photo by Ron Hoskins/NBAE via Getty Images
  • Lindsey Hunter continues to harass everyone defensively. He actually “Reggie Millered” one of the Pacers, but the block was called goaltending. It looked pretty good to me though.
  • Chris Webber put up a double-double, 10 points and 10 rebounds.
  • The Pistons started off the game sloppy and were racking up turnovers, but they cut down the mistakes and finished the game with only 8 turnovers.
  • Maxiell, who has been turning heads around the league, had two impressive blocked shots.
  • The Pistons led by as much as 23.
  • Rip put up 19 and had a nice steal on Tinsley that resulted in this breakaway dunk.
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Photo by Ron Hoskins/NBAE via Getty Images
  • Nazr was 1-for-4 in seven minutes on the floor.
  • The Pistons defense got them back in the game but it was nonexistent in the first quarter.
  • The Pistons shot 45% from the floor while Indiana shot 52%.
  • Detroit needs to play hard for 48 minutes not just the last 24.
  • Chauncey had been looking a bit sluggish defensively lately.
  • Unfortunately Rasheed hyperextended the pointer finger on his left (non-shooting) hand in the first half. He played just a few minutes after the injury but still scored 10 points and 5 rebounds.
  • Arnie Kander looks like he had Rasheed’s injury under control, he will be a game time decision for Wednesday’s game against The Bulls.
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Photo by Ron Hoskins/NBAE via Getty Images
  • Sheed is emotional on court and off.
  • All 5 Pistons starters were in double figures.
  • Amir Johnson is the performer of the week in the D league.
  • It’s hard to believe that there are only 8 regular season games left.
  • Pistons – Bulls at the Palace tonight, look for the Pistons to try to get revenge after last week’s loss in Chicago.


  1. James

    I’m really liking Flip giving the bench players some more time on the court.. Good to prepare them for the playoffs..

    I think once we clinch that 1st seed we should decrease the starters minutes and try to keep them in the best shape possible.


  2. Anonymous

    If we can pull out a 15 point win without playing the first half basically then when playof time comes, i expect the whole came to be played and a 30 point win.

    OMG Sheed is so funny, shouting with all that equipment on him. Almost as funny as when he was riding that bike on the sidlines to keep his lef loose or watever, that was a funny game

  3. Anonymous

    I love when the Pistons come to town! I must admit, I was torn. I wanted the Pistons to win because I am a fan, but if the Pacers won that one and a few more, I might have been able to see my Pistons a few more times this year in the 1-8 matchup. (It’s rough being a Piston fan in Indianapolis). Anywho, this was an entertaining game–my favorite moments included Richard and Chauncey “fighting” over who would take the technical shot. The win was impressive, but this team cannot take me on the emotional rollercoaster through the playoffs, I don’t know that I will make it. We should just dominate, like we are capable of doing (as evidenced by last nights third and fourth quarters). And Tayshaun–Yessir! Lindsey–Oh yeah! It’s like they come to Conseco to taunt the special needs children (Pacers). I love it.


  4. Anonymous

    Regarding Natalie’s comment about Hunter harassing people defensively, what is it specifically that he does that makes other players have such a hard time against him. I’ve watched several times when he guards someone and without touching the ball or even making a swipe at it, he makes the other player lose their dribble. One of the announcers for the miami detroit game on Sunday said it was due in part to him having his arms outstretched and low and that he sort of boxes the other player in to a smaller dribbling zone, therefore creating uncomfortabilty and difficulty for the other player. Does that make sense or do people have other theories or observations? I’d be interested to hear your opinions.

  5. Junior

    I am glad things got loud in that locker room. Its time to start taking shit a bit more serious. I ‘ll be dammed if I am gonna watch another collapse like I did last year. Who knows how much longer we are gonna be the Beasts in the East. Crunch time fellas. This is why you play. Bring that trophy back home.

  6. Sue

    DO you ever wonder..if they slack like that just to learn how to work the crunch time?

  7. Amanda

    I wish I would have been able to watch this game if not to see the Pistons dominate the 2nd half, then to see Rip and Chauncey “duke it out” and Sheed screaming from the sidelines with all that stuff on him. Those boys…

  8. kdot

    Is there video of Rip and Mr Big Shot arguing over who takes the technical free throw?

  9. Anonymous

    That was a great 24 minute game(2nd half.) I’m worried that in the starting unit we don’t have an energy player. That’s what Ben Wallace brought, energy. Does anyone notice how when Maxiell is in for Rasheed, or especially Chris Webber, in the starting lineup we don’t have as big of deficits. I thought Chris Webber was supposed to bring hunger to win?

    Also in regard to Delfino making amazing shots but missing easy layups I totally agree, and I think the reason is that when it’s a great shot in a great game he focuses more, whereas in games like this where it’s kind of boring he kind of loses focus. This is a shame because I think the pistons need him as an energy player. Lindsey Hunter is the only player who consistantly brings energy. I honestly think he thought the Miami game was the end of his job, and didn’t come out to play. I want to see him become more of a playmaker for other players.

    No matter what the call was that Lindsey block was clean.

    Chauncey and Rip fighting over the tech was definately the highlight of the game, just as long as they both are laughing about it.

  10. Anonymous

    hey natalie where’s the dale davis icon?

  11. Amanda

    can’t find a video of the Rip/Chauncey thing anywhere..

  12. Natalie

    There is no videos

    and no Davis Icon.

  13. Anonymous

    ^^did you tape the game? Because i know where they showed them fightoing…it was right at the end of the 1st quarter like with 8 sec left.

  14. Anonymous

    Watch the highlights from the game on NBA.com to see the “fight”. Hi-larious.

  15. Anonymous

    Oops, I meant watch the highlights on ESPN.com.

  16. Anonymous

    i never thought id say this but not only do i not want our starters to get tired come playoff time..but i DEF dont want the bench to either !!! haha.. they are KEY to our recent victoriessss !!

    but mannnnnnnnnnn am i getting excited for playofffsssss !!!

    haha everytime playoff tiem comes i LITERALLY pray the WHOLE day of any game day the pistons have… im pretty much an emotional wreck and everyone makes fun of me for it ..buttttt i dont careeee :]


  17. Anonymous

    why wasnt c webb playing with his headband on??

    jason maxiell=next years defensive player of the year :]

  18. Amanda

    thanks to whoever posted at 5:13! I would have never of thought to look at ESPN.com for hightlights. I’m glad you posted it so I could see the Chauncey/Rip “battle”! Good times…

    P.S. No Ben Wallace tonight for the Bulls… that kinda sucks.

  19. Anonymous

    thanks for the post where to see the highlights taht was funny, chauncey didn’t look too happy good thing rip got it in however

  20. Anonymous

    noo chauncey was laughing rip looked pretty serious though haha


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