Hamilton Helps Pistons Take Down Heat

by | Apr 1, 2007 | 19 comments

Richard Hamilton sparked The Pistons in his first game back after missing four games with a concussion. The Pistons started off sluggish but they went on runs throughout the game to keep them in the thick of things. Detroit mounted a late fourth quarter surge and turned up the defense to seal the 94-88 victory over Miami.

Key Points:

  • Richard Hamilton led the Pistons with 19 points, 17 of them came in the second half.
  • Surprisingly Rasheed logged the most minutes for The Pistons with 36.
  • When Rip started covering Jason Williams he shut him down, Williams had been blowing right by Chauncey into the lane for easy layups.
  • Dale Davis did a great job on D in his six minutes on the floor. I think he does a great job on Shaq, I am surprised Flip doesn’t utilize him more.
  • Tayshaun had quiet game, probably due to Rip’s return.
  • It was nice to see Rip back and healthy.
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Photo by Allen Einstein/NBAE via Getty Images
  • Did everyone see when Posey pushed Delfino on the sideline? If it weren’t for Flip and The Palace Crowd I don’t think they would have called the T on him.
  • The Pistons bench was great once again, they outscored Miami’s bench 34-11.
  • The starters didn’t have to log many minutes.
  • Detroit seems to have that spark back. You know the one where they do whatever it takes to pull the game out.
  • The Pistons only had one assist in the first quarter.
  • Let me tell you the crowd was LOUD in the fourth quarter. I gave myself a headache from screaming and whistling so much.
  • Sheed’s D was great. Mr. Wallace scored 14 with 2 blocks, 2 assists and 6 boards.
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Photo by Allen Einstein/NBAE via Getty Images
  • It seems that the Pistons have stopped running the offense through C-Webb. Maybe it’s because he hasn’t played that much since the flu.
  • McDyess is solid.
  • Haslem actually took 21 shots for the Heat, more than anyone on the team.
  • How about the fourth quarter when Sheed hit a three and then then Delfino stole the ball on the next play and went in for the dunk. I haven’t heard the Palace that loud since the Playoffs.
  • Delfino played great, 12 points, 2 assists and a steal in just 14 minutes.
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Photo by Allen Einstein/NBAE via Getty Images
  • The Pistons trap helped stop The Heat.
  • The Pistons are now 3 and a half games ahead of Cleveland in the Central.
  • Bill Davidson won’t be elected to the Hall of Fame this year. It’s just a matter of time.
  • Six more wins and The Pistons clinch the #1 Seed in the East.
  • It was Blogfest, Detroit Bad Boys and the rest of the crew had a great time. More on that later.


  1. pistons tiil the daii ii diie

    i had to work.. i missed the game 🙁

    is there a video on the posey/delfino push??

  2. Natalie

    no video sorry

  3. Anonymous

    When are they going to start calling Shaq on the off arm. In a game called as close as this, I would have thought the great beast would have got a couple offensive fouls. Whenever he makes a spin to the basket he clears out the defender.

    Delfino has been playing great lately!

  4. Kdot

    Much praises to Rip as he is back healthy and playing…

  5. Anonymous

    omg what a game for the pistons !!!

    i was sooo mad when dice fouled out though.. he was doing sooo well he was on fireeee !!! i dont blame him one bit for that tech he got for slamming the scorers desk i felt the same way

    alsooo yea i saw him push delfino and im glad delfino didnt fight back towards him or else something wouldve erupted and he wouldnt have made that steal that helped us win !!!

    but i was about to blow my top off .. i really thought they werent going to call anything on him !! thankkk godd flip went crazy about it tho!

    but i cant believe there are only 9 more games til the playoffs.. this regular season went by sooo fast…

    we got this tho ;]

  6. Kevin

    I read that Wade is going to try to test out the shoulder sometime today. If he comes back from this supposedly horrific injury before the end of the season, I’d say that he was faking it. Maybe he has the pain threshold that Vince used to show when he was in Toronto. I thought he broke his leg or something many a time only to find out that he simply fell the wrong way.

  7. Amanda

    ‘Fino is a beast! I love that guy! Shame on whoever was ragging on him for his foul against Hinrich. And shame on Posey for pushing him just ’cause ‘Fino outplayed him. I didn’t think the refs were going to call anything on Posey, either. I jumped out of my seat and was just bitching at the TV. I get a little excited sometimes… Anyway, this was a great win against a great rival and I can’t wait to watch the rest of the few games that are left and see the players getting back in sync and revved up for the playoffs. Here’s to a W verse the Pacers! CHEERS!

  8. Anonymous

    Delfino was so great I couldn’t stop smiling, that steal and dunk was awesome, and I noticed although he doesn’t consistently knock down shots, he is still pretty clutch when the pistons need him.
    Probably one of the best games from Delfino, other than a couple missed shots I didn’t see him make any mistakes. And if I saw correctly the reason Posey pushed Delfino was after the backcourt violation and Delfino tried to get the ball from Posey, and Posey didn’t want to give it to him so Delfino went for it and Posey shoved him, at least it wasn’t like that shoulder tackle he did on Hinrich in a game(I think it’s on YOUTube)
    No worries though Dale Davis avenged Delfino with that MASSIVE block on Posey later on. And I agree with you natalie, they don’t use Dale as much as they should. WE WANT THE GOON SQUAD BACK

    Good to have Rip back, It was nice of Pat Riley to commend RIP’s D (unlike Phil Jackson) Rip is really an underrated defender.

  9. Anonymous

    yea natalie i totally agree with hwo loud the palace was after the delfion dunk and sheed 3, i havent seen it that loud all season

  10. Anonymous

    I was reading somewhere that the Palace was so loud, that the players didnt hear the whistle when they called the foul on Dale Davis blocking James Posey. It was a great game, I was so excited that I got to go. Did anyone notice that during the game Mason just didnt seem like Mason? He seemed so boring, which was kind of why the game was kind of blah all throughout until the 4th quarter when there was something to cheer about… Great game! Im really happy with our bench and I am just glad Flip Murray is playing well. That coast to coast was a turning point for the game I feel. GO PISTONS!!! Best part of the game was after that surge we had with Delfino and Sheed and started chanting Beat the Heat! I almost lost my voice, it was great.

    (I thought it was funny when noone knew who Alan Jackson was when they showed him on the Jumbo Tron and than the crowd went wild for Kid Rock, I kind of felt bad for Alan)

  11. Anonymous

    can someone tell me why our bench is the shit?

  12. Amanda

    Alan Jackson was there? lol Why?

    I don’t think anyone can explain why our bench is the shit! To coin a phrase used by so many of our players: “It is what it is!”

    I didn’t really notice that Mason was his usual enthusiastic self. I hope he’s not feeling under the weather. We want that flu bug gone!

  13. Anonymous

    haha i agree with anonymous at 4:56.. they were talkinga bout our bench yesterday like they were a regular team of their own.. they were like .. now you def have to be careful when you have lindsey dice and their group on the court .. theyre like a backup pistons team on their own.. haha and i LOVE how they had 34 points was it?? as opposed to the heats bench THREE POINTS !! hahah love ittttt !!!

  14. Anonymous

    omg it was an amazing game. one heck of a game! anyways i really liked the job dale did on shaq but i wanted to see nazi play some shaq! now im kept wondering how the match would be !

  15. Anonymous

    Alan Jackson lives in South Flordia (Jupiter)…he is a big Heat fan..he and Jimmy Buffet are boys and go to a lot of the games.


  16. Anonymous

    I missed the first quater of the game because I was helping a friend moved. I made him promise me that if I helped he would put the game on. The was 6 of us helping themove took us only 30 minutes to unload cause we had 6 trucks and then we all sat around watching the game. I was the only basketball fan in the bunch but by the end of the game I think there were a few more. When that push happened everyone started yelling what was that I was like there better be a tech call but it didn’t seem as if there would be butin the end it was. I have now turned 4 poeple on to basketball all becuase of the game we watched biy was I happy.

  17. Keith V.

    Great game. Cleveland’s loss to Boston was good news too. That gives us a little room to breathe, and hopefully keep that top seed. I am also so glad Phoenix beat Dallas AGAIN. If they can do it, Detroit is more than capable too if it all comes down to that.

  18. Anonymous

    How do you make pictures like that where just the single player is in color?

  19. Natalie



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