Chauncey Billups Helps The Pistons Beat The Nets

by | Mar 31, 2007 | 9 comments

Chauncey Billups lived up to his name nickname Friday night in Auburn Hills. Mr. Big Shot put up 32 points and 14 assists to help the Pistons beat the New Jersey Nets 105-100.

Key Points:

  • Rip Hamilton sill absent with the flu.
  • Chris Webber started the game but played just 22 minutes in his first game back from the flu bug.
  • The Pistons shot well from long range, they were 12 0f 24.
  • Most of those three’s seemed to come just when the Pistons needed them, especially the ones Lindsey Hunter hit in the second half.
  • Sheed was fantastic again, 22 points, 3 steals and six rebounds.
  • Chauncey was in control the whole game, he always seems to take his game to another level when he’s playing another elite point guard.
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Photo by D. Lippitt/Einstein/NBAE via Getty Images
  • Everyone seems to be down on Delfino for that foul Thursday night. Give the guy a break he’s turned it up for this team as soon as he got solid minutes. Yes it was a bad foul, but I like what he brings.
  • The Pistons took this one down to the wire again.
  • Did I mention that Rasheed was 8-for-10 from the floor?
  • The Pistons shot 49% from the floor, The Nets shot 50%.
  • Antonio McDyess not only has been playing up a storm lately, he was PERFECT Friday night. Dyess was 7-for-7 from the floor for 18 points, 6 rebounds, 2 steals a blocked shot and an assist.
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Photo by D. Lippitt/Einstein/NBAE via Getty Images
  • I love it when McDyess does well, he’s a class act.
  • Chauncey was 14-for-14 from the line.
  • Mikki Moore loves to play his former team.
  • Lindsey was so hot in the fourth quarter, Saunders couldn’t take him out.
  • Maxiell played just 8 minutes.
  • Flip Murray didn’t do much either.
  • Tayshaun Prince has stepped up his game in Rip Hamilton’s absence. Tay had 15 points and a career high 9 assists.
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Photo by D. Lippitt/Einstein/NBAE via Getty Images

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  1. Anonymous


  2. Natalie


  3. Anonymous

    geezzz why arent they playing any of the reallyy good games on tv??

    ive already missed sheeds 60 foot 3 in the last second to go into OT anddd chaunceys big night !!

    welllll i hope tomorrows game will be one to watch :]

  4. Anonymous

    just wanted to give you thumbs up!for this site, I always love to read your key points segment, even though Chauncey is my favorite on the team, Rasheed is a character and he cracks me up just about every game, gotta love him! So keep up the good work, you always have good pics of Chauncey, so that is a plus! so thanks Natalie for all your hard work!!!

  5. Anonymous

    is it true delfino and Flip saunders are both sick now? Maybe that is what’s up with Delfino.

    So far on the team these people have gotten sick
    Chris Webber
    Rip Hamilton
    Dale Davis
    Flip Murray
    Flip Saunders
    Carlos Delfino
    At least we’re getting it out of the way before the playoffs!

  6. Amanda

    Who’s ripping on ‘Fino? I’ll beat every one of you up! lol I love that guy, despite his last second mistake verse the Bulls. I hope he gets better soon and is back to his usual self. I read Rip had a mild concussion that was probably caused by the hard hits he took in the Dallas game 2 weeks ago. That’s crazy! I hope he’s going to get to play at least a little in the Heat game since we didn’t have ‘Sheed for the last meeting. Here’s to crushing Miami tomorrow! CHEERS!

  7. dave

    great game. great comeback. great shooting, great ball movement. this team really depends on chauncey.

    it’s going to be nice going into the playoffs with homecourt all the way til the finals.

    speaking of playoffs, here is my theory: the flu is FAKE. no one on the pistons has the flu. it’s all a hoax. hear me out… remember last season, the fantastic regular season and then the starting 5 were exhausted come playoffs … mixed with flip saunders doing a bad job and ben wallace’s frustration and dwayne wade cheap foul calls among other things … but still, we lost in the 06 playoffs and a large part of the problem was the starters were physically exhausted from the season.

    well, rather than pull a shaq and sit out the first 30 games or a peyton manning and sit out the last game or two, the pistons are utilizing an utterly brilliant strategy here. no injuries need be faked. no one has to limp on crutches wearing street clothes. they don’t even have to come to the games. they simply ‘have the flu’ and get to stay home.

    it makes sense. webber is an old guy with history of injury, and is only valuable to the pistons if he can run, move and elevate. hamilton is the fastest and most active guy on the team, maybe in the NBA, considering how many minutes he plays, how much he runs, he needs some pre-playoff rest as well. resting hamilton and webber for as many games as we can keep a comfortable lead on the cavs. it’s brilliant. especially how they pretend the “flu” is also affecting guys like dale davis and delfino.

    you can bet when the playoffs come around, the flu is history.

  8. Anonymous

    I really do not think the pistons are the type of players who will fake teh flu. I also do not think Rip would sit out 4 games just because.

  9. Anonymous

    ^^ i agree… the pistons are the type of team that want to win because they deserve it .. not because they tricked some people along the way to get the easy way out

    thats just not their style… they play fair not cheap.. i cant standdd teams that play like that anyways

    anddd i dont think rip or cwebb WANTED to sit out.. trust me when i pulled a muscle in my thigh and knew i was gonig to have to sit out of 4 of my games i was soooooo mad.. nobody wants to miss doing something they love or feel like youre not helping your team out i hate that feeling!


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