Webber and Hamilton out again.

by | Mar 29, 2007 | 15 comments

Chris Webber and Rip Hamilton are still sick with the flu and will not be playing tonight in Chicago. Flip Murray and Jason Maxiell will be starting in their places.


  1. Anonymous

    that sux!

  2. Anonymous

    awwwww mannnn !!

    first game on in a LONGGG time and i dont even get to see them !!!

    this flu is getting annoying..but i hope it doesnt spread to the other pistons !

  3. Anonymous

    omg what are they doing? kissing eachother?! haha. they must be very sick!!! they make millions…they should be able to play a basketball game!

  4. Anonymous

    yea, but they need to rest.. wut does millions have to do with anything? if your sick, your sick, millions cant change that in a matter of hours or days.

  5. Anonymous

    Hey better they get well during the regular season because come playoff time if will be a different story.

  6. Mike D.


  7. Dom

    shit we can do it…..I hope they put both of them in detox away from the other players…..And howd rip get sick he’s gotta have a crazy immune system….next topic booing Ben come on guys lets be a lil better than that and incourage him to shoot:) but booing isn’t cool.

  8. Anonymous


    chaunceys gonna step up again like he did on monday

  9. Anonymous

    I bet they’re not THAT sick, just like Chauncey was not THAT hurt when he took a little break. I think this is another test for the bench to get them ready for the playoffs. Besides, we have a couple of games to burn before Cleveland catches us in the standings. At one time I would be freaking out about something like this. I’m really getting to trust the bench though. We have at least 5 coming off of it who can play with the big boys now. Heck, sometimes I think we have a better chance with them in.

  10. Anonymous

    they must have been roommates on the trip to texas since that is when this flu started. It having them stay home is the best because they will get rest and keep it away from the other guys. I know I had the flu and it went through my work place twice wasnot fun at all.

  11. Anonymous

    terrible loss. if only delfino didnt foul while [he] was shooting a three.. and i really thought prince could make that shot at the end.. come on now, i thought i knew him better than that!

  12. Anonymous

    don;t blame this on tay this is the second time where carlos has made a foul where there was no need. I said it during the time out that all they have to do is go out there and get the stop and not to foul and well look carlos does it. And well tays shot at the end he tried nd you can tell he was upset with himself for the miss. He played this game and played well there were other players who did not show up for the game tonight. I think Flip was still under the weather and well Maxell didn;t do much either. DO NOT TAKE THIS ONE OUT ON TAY EVEN KNOW EVERYONE WILL BECAUSE HE MISSED A SHOT AT THE END. He was the leading scorer of the game on both teams.

  13. Dom

    yeah wow I’m gonna say it this time and when when ever nat post up that full blog….that the moral of this story is get carlos out of the freakin building in clutch sittuations. sure he could be a good clutch player him self But I just don’t trust him….I mean my god that was so incredibly dumb even though it looked like …whats his name had the shot.

    p.s tay maybe wasn’t the best option but yeah don’t blame it on him. “I thought I knew tay better than that” stfu. shouldn’t have been tays shot in the first place

  14. Anonymous

    Ya don;t blame it on Tay he is the one who tied this game to what lloked like it would have sent it to over time. All they needed to do was go out get the stop not foul but again for the second time this seaon carlos makes a stupid foul. I know that we were down two guys tonight but carlos is not a closer he makes mistakes taht cost us the game. I can;t even beleive that you “I thought I knew tay better than that” even came acrossed your mind tayshaun if any player keep us in this game. Durin the second quater he scored I like 3 or 4 baskets in a row. He had 13 points at the half if he had not of take on again the load of scoring we would have never even had a change to tie it at the end and then lose it. Ya it wasa last shot to tie it again but it was not an open shot and I don’t think it was intended for him in the first place he just got opened when no one else did. I think you should go back and watchi his one again and thik twice abnout waht you wrote because tay is the reason we have won a few games this season. Anyway sorry for all that but it makes me made carlos again fouls when he should not have and again it is all someone else to blame. I was at the game against ind. and I watch his one and both times I said to myself why is he in this game when it is so close he can;t close out a game. Wow you jsut made me mad.

  15. Anonymous

    first of all “DOM”.. u stfu.. i wasnt blaming it on tay (who’s my favorite player), i just thought he coulda made it.. yea i know, all shots dont go in but it just looked like he was goona own the ball at that point!!

    so dont sit here and disrespect and judge when u dont know exactly what i meant about my comment.

    and for anonymous above.. same thing, u interpreted my message the wrong way too!


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