Pistons Score 121 To Take Down The Bucks

by | Mar 25, 2007 | 27 comments

The Pistons had an easy time with The Milwaukee Bucks, despite fact that The Pistons were without the services of Rasheed Wallace and Richard Hamilton. The Bucks led the Pistons at the end of the first quarter, but The Pistons pulled away in the second on 80% shooting. Jason Maxiell, who started in place of the suspended Rasheed Wallace, had a career high game with 19 points, 15 rebounds and 4 blocked shots.

Key Points:

  • Maxiell was a rebound away from a double-double at the half.
  • Richard Hamilton was out with the flu.
  • Chris Webber, who was also battling the flu, left the bench during the first half and got sick in the locker room.
  • Maxiell was all over the place the whole game.
  • Lindsey Hunter was back from his 10 game suspension.
  • Jason, in his best showing yet, had career highs in points, boards and blocks.
  • Maxiell had at least 3 put-back thunder dunks.
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Photo by Gary Dineen/NBAE via Getty Images
  • The Pistons ended the game shooting 57% from the floor.
  • Though the game was tape delayed, it was fun to watch.
  • Delfino had another solid game off the bench scoring 11 points, 4 assists, 3 rebounds, a steal and a thunder dunk that delighted the crowd.
  • Hunter had 5 points and 5 assists in his return.
  • Flip Murray continues to make us forget about his early season woes. He put up 16 points with 1 blocked shot, 5 assists, 3 rebounds a steal and a convincing dunk.
  • Tayshaun not only put up 28 points, was perfect from the line, had 3 steals and 4 rebounds but he Reggie Millered David Noel so bad that it sent him to the floor. Add that block to the T-Prince highlight reel. You can see the Block here.
  • Tayshaun Prince owned this game.
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Photo by Gary Dineen/NBAE via Getty Images
  • The Pistons owned the boards. They out-rebounded the Bucks 46-33.
  • Super Dupe had an impressive block in his 3 minutes on the floor.
  • The bench is truly coming together, this team is deep.
  • Lindsey’s return prompted the Pistons to send Will Blalock to the D league with teammate Amir Johnson, who had 19 boards and 20 points in their last outing. Blalock added 7 points and 7 assists in the same game for the SkyForce.
  • The Bucks were without Bogut, Simmons, Villanueva, and Gadzuric.
  • The Bucks, Ersan Ilyasova looks like Josh Hartnett.
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  • The Pistons held Michael Redd to 14 points on 5-for-12 shooting.
  • Chauncey seems to be at about 90%.
  • I love it when George Blaha says…”Nothing but sweet, sweet string music!”
  • McDyess did it again, 20 points, 9 rebounds, 2 steals and a blocked shot.
  • Dice is the Pistons player of the week.
  • 6th Man Candidate.
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Photo NBAE via Getty Images
  • Check out Jason Maxiell’s Post game interview with George Blaha and Greg Kelser.
Video Courtesy of myTV20 Detroit.


  1. Anonymous

    Be sure to get us that Tay block If possible.

    Game wasnt show on NBA GamePlan!!

  2. Anonymous

    I love George he is great..

    Anyway I said it right form the start that Max was our next ben if given the chance. Ben even said in an interview when he left that we had max and he will do well fo rus and well he has. When Jason has been given the chance to play and gets minutes he is a beast. I really think that if given the chance to play during the playoffs he will be what we need. He is a starter and will soon be a starter for us. He is also starting to get notice so I hope we hold on to him for a long time.

    As well Tay had a great game. He is a great player and I really feel he has been our MVP this year. Some may not think so but I really do. I know this is just a preview of the playoffs for us becuase Tayshaun always steps it up.

    Great win for us with 2 of our starters out and with webber being under the weather.

  3. Anonymous

    This was a hard to to miss, I wish that all games would be on TV for people who do not live in the area or who live in canada and can;t get the pass cause only rogers offers it and it is not in all areas. Well at least we have you NAt who keeps us updated all the time. Thanks

  4. Anonymous

    I just watched the block at NBA.com and all I can say is Holy S**t. sorry for that but I think that is the sweetest block I have seen yet form Tayshaun he brought hin right down to the ground and made him do a flip. Tayshaun also had the dunk of the night. You said it right he owned his game tonight. Anyone who did not see this game go to NBA.com to see the block.

  5. Amanda

    I wish this game was on national TV, not just because I’d actually get to watch it that way, but because I love to hear the commentators reactions to Maxiell’s energy. I usually hate watching games on ABC or TNT or ESPN or whatever because half the time the guys calling it start talking about something unrelated to the game or they get their facts mixed up and it gets annoying. But I absolutely love how shocked they are when Max jumps 10 feet in the air for a rebound or block or monster dunk. I wish I could of watched this game, insteading the Play-By-Play but since I couldn’t, thanks for posting Maxiell’s interview and Tayshaun’s b-e-a-utiful dunk, Natalie. Here’s to another great game verse ‘Melo, A.I. and Co. and to a whole roster. CHEERS!

  6. James

    To be honest I never really thought of McD as a Sixth Man candidate but now I totally agree with you. Great to see Maxiell finally get some decent minutes and a chance to prove himself.

    Now.. I know we won and I shouldn’t really be complaining but it’s time the pistons gain a 1st-quarter lead!! Come playoff-time we’ll need to play solid right from the start in order to win important games..

  7. Anonymous

    did any one catch what sounded like a girl got on the PA system, during the 4th, and screamed DETROIT BASKETBALL? It sounded like it was, and the crowd reaction sure sounded like she did. I could’ve sworn I heard that

  8. Anonymous

    i agree w/ the above anon, i def heard a girl scream the mason call! πŸ˜€ one of the brightest parts of the broadcast, other than the tay block.

    did anyone else catch the postgame interview, when (coach) flip said the comment about how people feel bad cause we keep maxey chained up in the corner and then we unleash him on the other team ? haha

  9. jokah

    Did anyone else catch the SportsCenter highlights of this game? They showed a clip of two girls holding a “Free Sheed” banner!

  10. downtowm

    Almost seems like the bench is playing better than the starters lately.

    It’s amazing the way different Pistons come through big depending on the team. Some nights, the other guys have C-Webb or Sheed all figured out, and then Carlos or Dale or whoever explode. And clearly this time Santa’s Little Helpers were breakfast for Max.

    Maybe we should be mixing up the starters more as a matter of routine.

  11. Dor

    Is there any chance to see Tay’s block? I wish I could see it…. πŸ™

    Thank you and good luck tonight!
    Deee-troit Baaaa-sket-ball

  12. Natalie

    Dor if you click on that link you can see the block.

    As for the girl screaming Deeeetroit Basketball, I heard it too and very loud I might add.

    I also saw the girls with the Free Sheed poster, they showed them on the myTV20 broadcast.

  13. dICE rULES





  14. adriano

    why can’t tay dominate like this more often?
    and i love dice, but man, it’s too late to take the 6th man award from leandro barbosa. kid’s fast. no worries, all we want is the larry

  15. Dor

    I can’t see any link Natalie πŸ™
    I guess I won’t see it πŸ™
    But I love Tay!!!!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ˜›

    Thanks anyway

  16. Lindsay

    OMg GREAT GAME by the Pistons!!! Jason Maxiell is def. one of my faveorite players! Hey I was wondering, can you put the Music Video they had at halftime on here? I had to leave my house right at halftime and did’nt see it! Thanks!

  17. Anonymous

    Yeah, its to late for dyess to get 6th man, if it wasnt for those slow starts hed always be a candidate, but great gam for the pistons, i love the way the bench is shaping up for the playoffs,

  18. Anonymous

    I’m so excited for the playoffs, i think the last couple seasons our bench just hasnt been strong enough, and this is like the forst season in a while that our bench is playing great going into the playoffs, i think we are ging to have a really good playoff run this season….. thinking title

  19. Detroit_City

    Every time i watch JMax, i always say all he needs is a fro and we have Ben Wallace 2.0, with shooting capabilities upgraded!

  20. Anonymous

    man its such a relief everyone can finally see how great j maxx is !! ive been saying all along that what we need is to give him more tiem because of all of the energy he brings..and its true.. he brings in soo much energy and everyone feeds off of it..and hes an all around talented.. hes evolving into such a great player !!

    i hope flip is going to fnally start giving him those minutes he deserves.. and the ones he worked so hard for all last summer and pr season !!


  21. Anonymous

    aww im glad we have jason maxiell

    hes a great player who is NOT cocky which is sooooo hard to find in guys these days :/

    this game was ALLLLLL bench

    we’re ready for the playoffs :]

  22. Anonymous

    I get League Pass because I am out of state and they don’t show the delayed games, so I missed a great one. I did get to see some of the plays on NBA.com, since the pistions had 3 of the top 10 from last night.

  23. dave

    this game confirmed what many of us have been saying all along:
    jason maxiell needs to get more minutes!
    i know, sheed and webber and mcdyess are all all-star caliber players who can dominate at times, but the key is Maxiell has shown that he can dominate the entire time he is on the court.
    all three big guys ahead of him on the depth chart and old, have a history of injuries, and need to be ready come playoffs.
    the next 10-15 games are the PERFECT time to get Mad Max some significant first half minutes and get him ready to jump into the starting lineup as soon as next year.

    there’s really no way to dispute this. when maxiell is on the court, he dunks, rebounds, and blocks shots all over the place. he really can’t be stopped. look at the highlights- the dunks are absolutely amazing. this guy can elevate far beyond what sheed, webber, or dyess can, and he can finish with the ball. he makes his free throws. he can make jumpers. he has good hands. he makes quick, smart decisions and commits to them. he attacks the rim with and without the ball, and got 9 OFFENSIVE rebounds in this game. every time this guy gets on the court the other team is about to get destroyed. hands down.

    yeah, i know we played against the injury-depleted bucks and they flat-out suck, but Flip needs to give Maxiell more minutes. what a perfect opportunity to prepare webber and sheed for the playoffs, and get Maxiell ready for some playoffs as well.
    who knows, we might need him to guard Shaq or Big Ben.

  24. gee gee

    go detroit this was a much needed win for my babies and i am happy they had a blowout yesterday.

    and i am so happy that j max got to shine his flashlight for longer than 3 or less mins. it really shows through that he is dedicated and a team player and that he is passionate about this game.

    to me he is a mix between sheed and ben. from sheed the emotion for the game and ben the power dunks etc. and like somebody else said the shooting was the upgrade. lol

    if flip can see what we see in him i hope they use him more often but not tire him out before play offs. just get him ready by extending his minutes for whats ahead.

    he would really appreciate it so much if he could participate and help win a championship for the team. i mean it would be mind blowing because the boy has potential.

    and flip….. murray that is… has showed us that the boy can play he just needed time to adjust. compared to webber who you think was in a guise all the time. he just came in and molded with the team well.

    but the final piece i am missing is nazi, i really want them to give him a chance. he really deserves it. and i like him so, hopefully they give him some mins so he can get ready for the playoffs as well because he will be well needed…

    okay im done lol…
    actually not does anybody know if there is a clip of the girl screaming deetroit basketball, i missed that part drats !!!

    okay now I AM done lol

  25. SolShine7

    That guy looks like a messed up version of Josh Harnett. But at least he can play ball.


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