Detroit Loses Both Games In Texas: Pistons 89 Spurs 90

by | Mar 24, 2007 | 16 comments

The Pistons lost their second straight game in Texas Friday night to the Spurs. The Pistons, led by Rasheed Wallace’s 21 points, once again played catchup most of the game but couldn’t pull the game out late in the fourth quarter.

Key Points:

  • If you watched the Houston game, you would have thought you were watching a re-broadcast. The first quarter was almost identical.
  • The Pistons couldn’t hit a shot to open the game.
  • Chris Webber has been nonexistent the last few games. Maybe he’s still a bit under the weather.
  • Chauncey was just 3-10 for 13 points.
  • Rip Hamilton is still getting beat up in the lane and not getting foul calls.
  • The Pistons might as well start marketing this….
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  • At least they didn’t wait until the fourth quarter to mount their comeback. They actually led the game by 2 at the half thanks to Sheed and his anger.
  • Tayshaun was a rebound away from a double-double.
  • They really needed to win this one.
  • Dice has easily been the player of the week.
  • Flip Murray has found out how to play with this team. Just when we need him.
  • If Delfino could just be more consistent with his shot he would be unstoppable.
  • Speaking of Delfino, I have noticed he needs to set his feet in order to make his shots. He doesn’t do well when he is off balance.
  • Rasheed got called for another Tech, which means he will sit out Sundays game against Milwaukee. I honestly have no idea what he said, and I don’t think he did either.
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AP Photo/Eric Gay
  • Rasheed must have screamed “Ball Don’t Lie” about 10 times. Depending on the Referee, that is Tech worthy.
  • Dice has really stepped up his D, he had another great defensive stop late in the fourth to keep the Pistons in the game.
  • It’s too bad that Sheed gets suspended for techs because when he gets angry his game is unstoppable.
  • McDyess put up a double-double, 18 points and 11 rebounds with 3 blocked shots in 36 minutes.
  • The Pistons were out rebounded 40-49.
  • The Spurs went to the line 11 more times than Detroit.
  • The Pistons scored 16 points in the first quarter and 14 points in the third quarter, which means they played catchup most of the game.
  • The Pistons were 2-13 from three point range. That is a horrendous 15%!
  • I am surprised Detroit stopped going to Sheed in the third, when he clearly was upset and had a hot hand.
  • Rip missed 2 key free trows with a minute left in the game that could have made a difference.
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AP Photo/Eric Gay
  • The Pistons lead the Eastern Conference by only a game and a half.
  • Lets hope the Pistons get back on track Sunday.
  • Remember the game starts at 3:30 p.m. but won’t be broadcast until 7 p.m.
  • The Bucks will be without Villanueva and Bogut.


  1. KdoT

    Isnt Rip up there with technicals?? How many more before he gets to sit out???

  2. Anonymous

    FRIGGING HELL RIP!!! If youde of hit one then we would have at least seen overtime, but as an 80+% shooter i would have liked to have seen you hit both, therefore winning the game, i can’t believe he missed both, im just lost for words, as soon as that happened i got so annoyed OMFG i cant believe he didnt hit one of them, Mcdyss and Chauncey hit the clutch free throws but Rip i expected results

  3. Anonymous

    we better win tomorrow.

  4. Dor

    Rip is horrible the last couple of weeks – I’m very suprised because he was our most consistant player and I really do believe he can keep on with that – but he isn’t and it’s bad, we need him – one of the most efficent and fear-less guys in the league.

    I love the Pistons, thay better step-up again, like they did on the last road trip, it was great and since than they were very good! but now it’s gone, and it’s bad! real bad!

  5. Anonymous

    if flip(saunders) put chauncey and webber in before the 3 minute mark, this game woul’ve gone to the pistons

  6. Anonymous

    Chauncey needs to step up his game, and score more than 13 ppg. When he plays well the team plays well, and he isn’ stepping up. Its about time that the Pistons start playing some playoff type basketball. Or at leats have that mindset! Go Pistons!

  7. Amanda

    My heart skipped 10 beats with each of Rip’s missed free throws. I just could not believe it. I feel bad for him, only going to the line once and missing both attempts. He has reason to be as upset as he is with the officiating. He’s been bumped, hacked, whacked and pushed and isn’t getting any reward for it. I think we definitely woulda won the game had ‘Sheed not been in foul trouble in the 3rd quarter. If he coulda stayed in and used that fire from the 2nd, we probably coulda built a nice lead. But like all the Pistons players have been quoted to say: “It is what it is.” Here’s to a great game verse the Bucks despite not having ‘Sheed in the lineup. CHEERS!
    Oh, and to answer whoever posted the question about how many techs before Rip serves a one-game supsension, it’s 3 more. He’s in 3rd place for most techs at 13. Amare Stoudemire is number 2 with 14, just to show you how close we are to having the No. 1 and No. 2 on the same team! As a team, we have accumulated a league-leading 64 techs! Compare that with the number 2 team, Charlotte, who has 49 and the number 30 team, Philly, who has just 13 and it really puts things in perspective! Either the anti-Detroit fans are right and we complain too much or we truly are targeted. I prefer the latter explanation myself.

  8. Anonymous

    Sure Rip doesn’t get the calls, but even when he does he is missing free throws ESPECIALLY in the fourth quarter. So he should just stop complaining because he isn’t proving to get it done anyways. i still love him though

  9. Anonymous

    i actually think that Saunders made the right choice keeping Chris out. he was having a terrible game, and Dyess was tearing it up. Chauncey’s play has been disappointing of late. he needs to takes more shots and lead this team to some W’s.

  10. Anonymous

    What CB needs to do is take less threes and drive the lane… and maybe take the shot instead of passing the ball.

  11. Anonymous

    i think what we need to do is stop relying so much on the main players and get jason maxiell into the game.. he has soo much energy and when he gets going he gets the other pistons going and he gets hard to stop

    and even amir johnson.. we keep hearing how hes doing it big in the d league.. i think its time we brought him back and let him do his thing on the court for us

    i just reallyyyyyyyyyyy dont want to wear out our main guys before we REALLY need them .. and its not like the other players are horrible.. we have a GREAT team.. why not use it for our benefit and for an assured future for the finals.. if u know what i mean ;]

  12. sammi

    guess what, im ACTUALLY WORRIED! on thursday morning i was jolly and happy. and now, not so much. STEP IT UP PISSSSS-TONSSSSSSS.

    i am so sick of the cavaliers sitting on our ass. soooo annoying. win a game detroit. please.

    everytime they lose it ruins my day and i start having a really bad attitude. so imagine what a happy person i was last year. now im pretty much a be-otch.

    i still love them more than anything tho. my life revolves around the pistons and the nba. i must sound like a total psycho.

    oh well, you know what they say about detroit fans, dedicated as hell!

    the days where sheed doesnt play tay really seems to shine which is good. so maybe sheed missing sundays game wont be too bad. esp without villanueva and bogut.

    pull it together detroit.

  13. Anonymous

    to people talking about rip missing the free throws, remember a couple things he’s hurt, and also in this game and in Dallas he didnt even get to the foul line until the 4th.

    Was anyone else pissed that Dale Davis hardly played in the 2nd half of the Houston game after helping the Pistons come back in the first half, then played 0 minutes in this game. That is booty. Also I agree we need more of Maxiell’s energy, so much for developing the bench WHY ARE WE ONLY PLAYING THREE BIG GUYS CONSISTENTLY?

    I think one problem is Flip is not making them earn their minutes ,especially with these last couple games why is Flip waiting till the 2nd quarter to play the bench when the starters are not clicking together The bench are always the one bringing us back nowadays it seems.

    It’s like we’re watching the first half of the season again, no one’s passing, and no one is setting anyone up, the ball has stopped moving.

    I hope they do better these next few games once Lindsay comes back

  14. Anonymous

    Flip should have had Davis or even Nazr in this game since webber was having an off night. He did not go to his bench enough. ONe thing I do not understand about flip is that one game he uses his bench and the next he doesn’t. Its the games that he does not us his bench enough where lose or if we win its somtimes by a little. I mean we want to win and if the starters are not getting it done then go tot your bench. I thought the thing Joe wanted out of this year was for sanders to work on his bench well if there were a time to see what they could do it was these last two games since we could see one of them in the end. Anyway the last two games were idsappointing because if we had of just came out a lttle stronger in the first quater then we would have won. The pistons have been playing ketchup too many games this year, Nat your pistons bottle tells it all.

  15. Anonymous

    i think the nba is a shit league with a shit product. almost every game is kept close by the officials and then at the end they decide who should win and call it to that teams advantage. It takes a extremely high level of play to overcome these factors, such as the pistons of 2004.

    miami was given a championship because it is a huge market which is just now with wade+championship will now be a ticket seller for the long term.

    i wonder why the lottery order is not shown live on tv and rather in the back room? hmmmmm, maybe b/c its fixed. CLE gets hoemtown Lebron with a new owner the same season and stadiuM??? MJ gets the first pick after moving to WASH???

    the league just fines those who speak out against the officiating by fining, rather than giving evidence to counter the claims.

    the whole damn league is fixed, and nobody is going to be able to change it except for fans. by not watching. too bad there are no alternatives for pistons fans or any pro-ball fan to turn to.

  16. Junior

    100% truth^^^^^^^


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