Pistons Stay Hot In Phoenix To Burn The Suns 105-83

by | Mar 16, 2007 | 21 comments

The Pistons took their four game winning streak into Phoenix and added to it Friday night. Detroit played the game their way and put an end to The Suns six game winning streak beating The Suns handily 105-83.

Key Points:

  • Flip Me
  • Rasheed singing GNR “Welcome to the Jungle” at tipoff….classic.
  • Who would have thought C-Webb would out-highlight Amare. He had a ReDunkulous reverse dunk that made me fall off my chair.
  • Chauncey went down in the second quarter with a groin pull and never returned. Let’s hope it’s not serious.
  • This was clearly one of the best road wins I have seen in a while.
  • I actually watched this one twice and I might even go for a third. This one was jam packed with highlights.
  • Blaha and Kelser were having a blast.
  • Did I mention….I’m Flipped?
  • Flip Murray played his best game as a Piston. I didn’t think he had this kind of game in him. He made great decisions and played serious D in his career night as a Piston. 25 points, 6 steals, 2 rebounds and 4 assists.
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  • The Pistons held the Suns more than 20 points under their average.
  • Seriously, Flip Murray was everywhere.
  • Detroit is now 21-and-6 with Mr. Webber in the starting lineup.
  • Rasheed was called for another nonsense tech that was given to him after an emotion filled three he hit. Should be rescinded… It just goes to show you how hard they are on Sheed, I don’t see other player get their calls rescinded.
  • The Pistons went 5-and-0 on their western road trip. It was the first time a Pistons team did that since 1992.
  • This one will be called a statement game.
  • Mike D’antoni always seems to be screaming at something. I am surprised he doesn’t get T’d up more.
  • Did I mention that it was a Sheedtastic night. Ra scored 20, four of which were 3’s, 3 blocked shots, 3 assists, 4 rebounds and 2 steals. Fantastic night all around for Sheed.
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  • Rip’s shots weren’t going down but he played great D. He was 3-for-12 for 6 points.
  • Is it me or is Chauncey missing more free trows this season?
  • Delfino played so well again Tayshaun didn’t have to log heavy minutes.
  • Pistons fans in the building.
  • When the Pistons took control of the game in the second quarter they never seemed to look back.
  • I have never seen so many traveling calls, I lost count at eight.
  • The Pistons bench scored 49 points.
  • Phoenix shot well in a losing effort, 50% from the floor.
  • Detroit shot 54% from the floor.
  • Delfino continues his solid play, 13 points on 5-for-6 shooting with 7 rebounds a steal and a hell of a circus shot.
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  • Dice is as solid as ever, 9 points and 5 rebounds in just 14 minutes.
  • Sheed was screaming And 1 so loud the whole arena could hear him. He was even doing it when he wasn’t shooting.
  • Flip Murray was the Player of the Game and Chauncey was out. I felt like I was watching the game in a Parallel Universe.
  • The Piston bench was excited…they were standing and cheering when Detroit was putting the game away in the fourth.
  • The Pistons dominated the paint. It was a wonderful sight.
  • Chris Webber is doing things nobody thought he could.
  • They did what they needed to do and executed perfectly. Let’s hope this continues.


  1. Anonymous

    WOW, some game.
    Unbelievable, Flip Murray was the player of the game. Hope he understands that is what guard/point guard does and help fill the void in case Chauncey is out. And Dallas right around the corner.

    As to Miami, any else thinking that they are getting way too many calls? I felt sorry for Artest tonight, something is really stinky in Stern’s zebraland.

  2. Anonymous

    Everyone wanted flip to be traded but I think joe knew he would help us in the end. He has been playing very well in these games he is a big reason he have won some of these games.

    I did not get to see the second half of this game I wish I did. I really wish google offered the games this yr as they did last yr.

    I hope chanuney is going to be ok for sunday.

    Great game I hope it is these too teams in the finals, I love to watch the pistons control the tempo against the suns.

  3. Anonymous

    when chauncey got injured, i said so loud, SHIT! That’s just too bad, because he started to end his shooting slump, and it would be fun to see him against nash. Im so amazed on how the game turned out..imagine what it would be like with chauncey=]

  4. Anonymous

    mannn if there was ever a game to be on tv i wouldve wanted it to be this oneeeeee !!!!!!!!… soo many people were telling me no way pistons are gonna beat the suns theyve got steve nash..theyre wayyy too good.. haha i told them they were ALL wrong!!

    but i must say flip murray surprised me i did NOT know he had ANYTHING like that in him.. too bad he doesnt play like that every night

    but i reallyyyyyyyyyyyyy hope chaunceys okay by sundayyyyyyyy !!!


  5. Anonymous

    man what a game! the Beast of the East really showed up in Phoenix! The Pistons went crazy last night! I loved it! Let’s just pray that Chauncey (my favorite) is okay for Sunday! Flip Murray did a great job for him, I do think that Chauncey was getting ready to have a great night. Love that Sheed! He was a blast to watch last night! Go Pistons!

  6. Anonymous

    Kudos to Flip. I love to see a guy have a big night like that when he’s used to hardly playing at all. Having said that, though..I hope that if he does get the start against the Mavs, he doesn’t come out so overconfident that he’s just throwing up wild shots left and right.

  7. sammi

    great win! it takes a lot to beat probably the best team in the nba and the pistons did it without a problem. this season is getting VERY interesting! i hope chauncey’s ok and they better review that sheed moment cuz it did NOT deserve a tech.

    deeeetroit basketball

  8. Sue

    Now that was an amazing game!
    The best game ever for these boys. Even better than anything last year! The prefect game…
    Wahoooooo…yipeee GO pistons!
    I love their game!!!!!!!!!


  9. Anonymous

    I’m speechless, WOW!

  10. spankyouverymuch

    Wish I could have seen the game but when clicking on your link for highlights Natalie I just wanted to let you know (in case you did not see it) that Rasheed had the steal of the night.

    Great game, great team. Go pistons

  11. KdoT

    By far the BEST game I have seen them play… Starters did good, subs came in and did great… When Sheed was doin the air drums to GNR, total classic!

  12. jessica

    i hope CB’s injury is not that bad! 🙁


    if u come to think about it, we kinda didnt have CB in this game either and we won at their house.. last time we didnt have him at all the whole game and it was at our house and they beat us.. so deffinitly a GREAT GAME!!!!!

  13. Anonymous

    As pistons fans we all better hope they dont start playing shutdown defense like this too much more or napoleon (stern) is going to implement even more rule changes. But with that said sweet f@#kin game!

  14. Big_Ben

    Flip Murray is a God!!! lol j/k.
    Caught the game on the replay at like 2 in the morning. What a great game!!!

  15. Anonymous

    i’ve been reading a lot of reports that rasheed earned a suspension again but i could have sworn it was every other tech and then a one game suspension would be issued. are they mistaken or am i? haha.

  16. Anonymous

    ommmmggggg whatta gameee !!

    i gotta admit..

    i did NOT think flip had ANYTHING like that in him at alll

    i had to watch live stats :[… but i was soo surprised every other play was flip and it was usually BENEFICIAL play too !!

    well i was sooo happy .. i still am.. ihope chaunceys groin is better and sheed doesnt have to sit out tomorrow !!



  17. Anonymous

    This game was amazing. One that gave me butterflies watching it. Go Pistons! Get well soon chauncey!

  18. Nate

    That was one of the most amazing games I’ve seen so far this season. Who would of thought we would have gone into Phoenix in March and DOMINATE the Suns, led by Flip and Carlos? We could not miss. CWebb played fantastic as well.

    Though Phoenix has a superb offense, their defense sure is weak. It’s as if they dread that part of the game. We were having our way in the paint, even though Amare was the tallest and most athletic guy out there.

    5-0 west coast road trip. Go Pistons.


  19. Zeke Freeke

    Find yourself (a Pistons fanatic) in Portland, Or & no Det-Phx network broadcast? No problem. Thank the almighty Flying Spaghetti Monster for providing us lowly humans with the game on INHD. Cued up the TiVo, zipped through the commercials for a sweet 1080i broadcast STOMPING.

    And it was beautiful. I just hope the Stonies have some energy left for Dallas tomorrow.

    Nevertheless, a caution: Flip made a lot of shots last night, and people should give him the space to miss plenty in the future. The guy can play and will have off nights like any other Piston. This team may be loaded, but we’re in trouble if we don’t have a guy like Flip to turn to once in a while. Honestly, we may skate to the finals, but we’re not winning shit with Hunter and Dupree/Blalock as our only backup guards. I actually cringe these days when Hunter has the ball in his hands. He tries to get too cute too often, takes too many shots, and is increasingly ineffective at feeding his teammates on the break and setting up solid plays in the halfcourt. At this point in his career, Hunter should be used sparingly as a defensive stalwart, but I’d rather see Tayshawn, Rip, or Delfino running the point when he’s in the game. When Hunter got suspended, I was psyched, as I knew we’d have to work Flip into the rotation. The worst case scenario would have been Saunders realizing, down 0-2 in the finals, that we needed a more reliable backup guard and trying to bring in an ice-age cold Flip Murray. Now, barring major injury, we’ll be deep at every position; we’ve got a shot, baby.

    In an ideal world, Saunders would have a primary bench rotation of McDyess, Delfino, and Murray, using Hunter (on the ball defense), Maxiell (energy and at-the-rim defense), Nazr (a little defense and a ten foot jumper), and Davis (6 fouls against Shaq and the other fatties) situationally.

    See y’all Sunday on ABC-HD. Go Stonies.

  20. Amanda

    Anybody got an update on the Chauncey situation?

  21. Anonymous


    Do you notice on the pictures in this one, that flip and delfino both appear to be tucking in thier shirts into thier black undershorts, alla, Rasheed Wallace style? Or is that just me?



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