Pistons Hold On To Beat The Sonics 101-97

by | Mar 14, 2007 | 20 comments

Detroit, led by Chris Webber’s 24 points topped The Sonics 101-97 Tuesday night in Seattle. The Pistons did their best to pull away from the Sonics late in the fourth quarter but Ray Allen wouldn’t let the game go, making long range threes look as easy as layups.

Key Points:

  • All the Pistons starters were in double figures.
  • Most all of Tayshaun’s 18 points came at crucial times in the game.
  • Quiet night for Rip, just 10 points.
  • The Pistons were out rebounded 30-38.
  • Although Delfino scored just 4 points his 14 minutes on the floor couldn’t have been more productive. I am pretty sure he got just about every rebound and loose ball when he was out there.
  • Seriously, Chris Webber has shown the world that he’s not the old man everyone made him out to be. He led the team with 24 points on 10-for-13 shooting with 8 rebounds, 6 assists and 2 steals. He’s been this teams MVP since he put on a Pistons uniform.
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  • Who would have thought that Chris Wilcox would get the best of The Pistons.
  • Seattle played great.
  • Ray Allen made some three’s down the stretch that has no business going in.
  • Flip Murray did a great job filling in for Hunter. 8 points in 15 minutes with one assist. He even played late in the fourth until he threw up a brick and was immediately pulled for Rip.
  • Maxiell a short 7 minutes.
  • I don’t know what it is about Seattle’s Earl Watson. I think it’s the shape of his head or something, but he looks like a walking Bobblehead.
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  • After the game Seattle’s coach complained about his team not getting foul calls. When I looked at the box score it was 18-15, that’s only 3 more fouls called against Seattle than Detroit.
  • The Pistons D looked great.
  • Yet another game that the Pistons were in control of, but went down to the wire. Detroit was up 12 in the fourth.
  • The Pistons shot 51% from the floor.
  • Tons of Pistons fans in the crowd.
  • Chauncey didn’t have a great night percentage wise. He shot 4-for-10 for 14 points but the late game three that pulled the Pistons away for good is why they call him Mr. Big Shot.
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  • Chris Webber loves the glass.
  • C-Webb has had 93 points and 44 rebounds in the last five games.
  • The Pistons have now won 3 in a row on the road.
  • McDyess is solid.
  • Tayshaun played 40 minutes.
  • It was nice to watch the Pistons hit their shots from the buzzer.
  • The Pistons play Portland tonight and Chauncey Billups still remembers that the Trail Blazers took one from the Pistons earlier this season.
  • Take notice of Rasheed’s defense. It has been keeping us in games more often than not. Sheed scored 15, blocked 3 shots, pulled down 4 boards and had 3 steals.
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I am back, not 100% yet but doing my best. Thanks for all the well wishes, but most of all thanks to Joey D, who did a fantastic job in my absence.

I told you that you would be in good hands while I was gone.


  1. Anonymous

    The pistons road record looks so impressire compared the rest of the east, and nother win tonight vs the blazers, you know sheed will have a lilttle extra for them in portland

  2. jessica

    It was a good game!! got kinda tight & scary at the end, but we pulled through!!

    NAT!! I’m so glad to know your back.. Joe was great.. but the site just seemed weird (not in a bad way) knowing you werent the one posting the stories! Hope you got everything you wanted done & that everything is okay!!

  3. Anonymous

    Natalie’s back and Sheed’s back.
    Now if he can keep his temper in check until after the Dallas game……

    Good job, Joey

  4. Jon in Seattle

    I was at the game last night cheering the Pistons on. Piston fans were everywhere — Seattle is like Detroit-West, esp. when the Sonics are down and the arena is empty. The guy sitting two rows behind me had a poster with the Need4Sheed “Sheedtastic” graphic and website address. A great moment came in the first quarter when a promotion played on the big screen for free Starbucks coffee for an entire row (Ray Allen taped the promotion). The lights dimmed… the winning row was announced, and when the spotlight pointed out the winners, six or seven Piston fans stood up proudly pointing at their jerseys — hahaha 🙂 Thanks Ray!

    Good to see Sheed and the guys on the court again — CWebb was a great addition. Though not as solid on the defensive end as Big Ben (but who is?), he can score points when we need them. Sonics really had trouble stopping him down low. Ray Allen always scares me in the 4th quarter because he’s such a good, pure shooter and can score from anywhere. Glad that the Pistons doubled him up and made him work extra hard for his last few shots.

  5. Anonymous

    i wasn’t sure if this one was natalie or joey d, until i saw the earl watson picture. than i knew.

    good to have you back natalie.

  6. Anonymous

    “It don’t matter to me,” Wallace said of the fine he’ll draw. “They think suspending me one game, I’m losing all this money and this and that. Money ain’t nothing to me for the simple fact I wasn’t born with it. Just as fast as you get money, you can lose money. Money’s not going to change my character, money’s not going to change the person I am.”

    If you can find this interview on TV and post it, that would be great! mmmmmmk, hahahahaha

  7. garold

    Rasheed, C-Webb, and Tayshaun have all been playing great.

    Is it my imagination, or is Webber going through the same kind of leg rejuvenation as Dice? He looked real quick a few times on the fast break! The more energy he displays, the Pistons just seem more motivated.

  8. Feruw

    Glad to hear you’re doing better, Nat.

    I’m pretty bummed the Mavs streak got ended the other night. I really wanted to see Detroit break it this weekend.

  9. Anonymous

    hey nat, why were you gone?

  10. Anonymous

    the last 3 games agaubst seattle have been close!

    natalie where were you

  11. JD

    It’s nice to see you back and almost healthy Nat. Hilarious picture of Earl Watson! Love it!

  12. Sam

    I’ll be at the game tonight in Portland. Can’t wait to show up wearing all pistons gear and a sheed jersey.

  13. Amy

    Glad you are back, Natalie!! 🙂
    Thanks for holdin’ down the fort though, Joey D.

  14. Anonymous

    HEY NAT!, WHERE WERE YOU?!?!?!!?!?!?!


  15. Anonymous

    Glad to see you are back.. I knew once I seem the oictures and the ball that it was you. You keft us in good hands thank you for that.

    The game was great to see. I found myself cheering for tay to ge the ball cause he kept us in this game as did everyone else. I was happy to see this one on tv. I thik the pistions are looking great for the playoffs. the way it sits now cavs and heat will play each other to take one of them out hahah can’t wait.

  16. Anonymous

    Hey Natalie, did you get the C-Webb stat about the 93 points and 44 rebounds in the last five games from the comments after the Clippers game???

    Cause if you did, I left that comment and it would be cool if you used it.

  17. Natalie

    I used it…look at the bullets. Good stat thanks.

    I am back now…. Who cares why I was gone.

  18. Anonymous

    We were already told that she was gone for personal reasons have so respect she does so much for us with this site and doesn’t even need to. It does nto matter why she was gone shes back now and if she needed to take a month or more off that is her right.

    Anyway it was a great game last night and a great trip we are having. I really have to say that Tay is playing very well and Flip did a great job stepping in for hunter. For a guy who was given up on has really stepped in when we needed him. I would like to see a little of Nazr now. I thik we have given up in him for no reason. Ya he did not give us what we wanted from a starter but he is a good player.

    By the way does anyone know why sheed weres the bandage on his ring finger? Is it that he wears his ring and has to cover it up?

    Well glad you are back and hope everything is well.

  19. Websters for Dummies

    anon*y*mous – 1: not named or identified {an~author}{they wish to remain~} 2: of unknown authorship or origin {an~tip} 3: lacking individuality, distiction, or recognizability {the~faces in the crowd are basically nimrods – a.) one without concept of personal – b.) those compelled to explain for others, further soliciting commentary}(i.e. jackass under cloaking seeking strokes; windbag grasping for straws ~ non-basketball talk promoter)

  20. Anonymous

    How about you Nate, why you gone for a awhile, are you all right? Thanks for all your hard work for Pistons fans.


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