No Need4Sheed tonight.

by | Mar 11, 2007 | 17 comments

The Pistons blew out the sinking Clippers 98-80 Sunday afternoon. Although the game was played at 3:00, it wasn’t aired anywhere in Michigan until 7:00 for some odd reason. If anyone knows why this happened let me know because it’s one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard of. I mean it was nice knowing that we already won when i started watching the game, but it just took all the fun out of it. Plus i had my stupid brother calling me all the time telling me sweet things that happened in the game because he was reading the play-by-play.

Key Points:

  • Rip was on fire today going 10 for 12, enough said.
  • I feel like Mcdyess read my post from the Denver game, coming up big in this game with 17 points, 6 rebounds, two blocked shots and a steal along with going 5-5 from the free throw line.
  • The Pistons beat up on them in the paint 48 to 28.
  • I don’t know why Maxiell doesn’t dunk those alley-oops he gets rather then just laying them in.
  • Chris Webber is looking like our most solid all around player right now.
  • Not having Sheed today didn’t even look like a problem.
  • Rip nailed his first 8 shots.
  • It took the Clippers 6 and a half minutes to score their first point of the 3rd quarter.
  • Chauncey is steadily getting his stroke back, that 3 to end the half reminded me a little of the shot against the Nets in the ’04 playoffs to tie the game at the end of regulation.
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  • Maxiell did pretty good stepping in for Sheed adding 9 points, and 4 blocked shots.
  • It’s looking like the Mavs are going to win their 17th straight, i hope they keep it up just so we can end their streak next Sunday.
  • The Pistons are the first team in the Eastern Conference to reach 20 road wins.
  • Clipps’ coach Mike Dunleavy got ejected for getting two two techs early in the 3rd quarter.
  • Whoever said Chris Webber can’t dunk anymore should punch themselves in the face right about now.
  • The Clippers got it to within 10 late in the game but the Pistons just light ’em up with a 10-0 run.
  • You knew Rip was feeling it when he threw up that prayer with no time left on the shot clock and hit nothing but net.
  • Chauncey has had 12 or more assists in two out of the last three games.
  • Chris Webbers’ baby hook shots are so pretty.
  • I wish Delfino could be more consistent.
  • I can’t wait for Lindsey to come back, I’m not too fond of Flip Murray and I’m sure most Detroiters agree with me.
  • Natalie should be taking back the site within the next day or two.

Yours Truly,

Joey D.


  1. Matt W.

    When ABC gets a national game, they have an arrangement with the league that no other NBA game can be broadcast on any other channel, even if it’s just a local game.

    It’s a lame rule, but it’s a concession the league makes so they can charge ABC more for the right to show the game.

  2. Anonymous

    I wonder why the game was not on KLTV because they always air clippers games. I was looking forward to watching this one on TC since I do not get to watch many games cause I live out west.

    Anyway to the person aboce it is cool that there are a lot of pistons fans out west in LA. You would think that there wouldn’t be with the teams out there, however Tayshaun is from compton so I can see there being a few fans out there.

    Well good win for the pistons since the cavs and bulls also won tonight, as well the magic are not looking so well so it might we might get a good draft pick after all.

  3. Nate

    Good start to the road trip. The true test is coming up now, when we play the stronger teams. Go Pistons.


  4. Junior

    good post! good job these past few days. I liked the “Whoever said Chris Webber can’t dunk anymore should punch themselves in the face right about now”
    That was a good one.

  5. Anonymous

    Good Job Joe D.
    Just like Natalie would have posted. No Sheed and No Natalie….but the game goes on.

    As to the game, now if they can do that against the Elite of the west like Dallas, Phoenix and San Antonio. Then we will see if they have a chance in the playoffs

  6. KdoT

    I thought it was cause of the NCAA championship games that went on that day… But MY 48/58 here in Toledo could of showed that game… Its nothin but informercials anyways… And the audio was a step behind or something for the first half.. You would see the play happen after you heard it… But I was lookin at the live box score when the game was going on…

  7. Anonymous

    this layout suxxxxxxxxx…we want the old layout

  8. Joe

    what do you mean by old layout?

  9. Anonymous

    i know what do u mean by old layout?? the layout is just a blue background and im pretty sure its always been that way…i personally like it tho lol

  10. Det4Lyfe

    Doing a good job Joey keep it up.

  11. SAMMI

    hey joey— i was at the game. not a super exciting one, but a much needed win!

    so here is some general info:

    there were quite a few pistons fans at the game. me and my sister and brother were wearing our jerseys. tons of people would scream DEETROIT BASKETBALL at random time during the game, it was really funny. the clippers fans were pretty lively until the second half. chauncey nailed a 3 pointer right at the buzzer at the end of the second quarter and the clips never fully recovered from that! rip was crazy the first quarter! even the clipper fans were like, keep the ball away from 32! good driving lay ups from cory maggette, and tim thomas hit back to back threes in the 4th which gave some life to the clips but that didnt last very long. there was a foul on cory maggette by tayshaun during the game and it was not called. that totally pissed of mike dunleavy and he got back to back techs and was kicked out of the game. mcdyess played great yesterday too. good defense by detroit in the second half. no dunks from maxiell, which was kind of a bummer, but in the 4th there was a MONSTER one by webber. it was seriously a great dunk. he hung on to the rim afterwards. ew and all the clipper fans left in the beginning on the 4th! its like, come on the games not over yet! be a fan! oh well…the whole time during the game all you heard was DEEEETROIT BASKETBALL hahaha it was so great. at random times too, not just when we got possesion. it was a fun game. hopefully i helped a little since the game wasnt on tv.

  12. Anonymous

    it was on tv, but at 7pm.
    where did you sit sammi?

  13. sammi

    we were sitting on the side of the team benches, but we were like 15 rows above the clippers bench

  14. missinbenluvinwebb

    I knew about the abc rule…but come on…i can’t even watch via league pass online…NOPE.

    and to top it off NBA TV didn’t even really show highlights.

  15. Anonymous


  16. pistons tiil the daii ii diie

    Joe.. youve been great!!! but i cant wait til Nat comes bak =)

  17. Anonymous


    P.S. C-Webb has had 93 points and 44 rebounds in the last five games


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