Rasheed is officially out for the Clipps game.

by | Mar 10, 2007 | 14 comments

As of 5:32 this afternoon Sheed was officially suspended for Sundays game against the Clippers. Detroit Pistons forward Rasheed Wallace has received an automatic one game suspension without pay after receiving his 16th technical of the 2006-07 season, it was announced today by Stu Jackson, NBA Executive Vice President Basketball Operations.

A player or coach receives an automatic one-game suspension after receiving his 16th technical foul. Every other technical foul beyond 16 (18, 20, 22, ect.) will also result in a one-game suspension without pay. —NBA.com.

I’ve gotta say I’m really relived that Sheeds suspension came on one of the three games against below .500 teams on this road trip. I just hope that he doesn’t get two techs in the next 3 games, or that means another suspension for either the Suns or Mavericks game. I’m gonna start praying tonight cause if that happens, my TV is going to be broken from me throwing my remote control at it.

Yours Truly,

Joey D.


  1. Anonymous

    I agree I am happy as are most pistons fan that sheeds out for a team under 500, however do count out those team either. Was the tech really for yelling hte ball don;t lie?

    Anyway got to love sheed for not letting this get to him, I as well as most fans thought this day would have come to us sooner. I am not sure how he stayed away form this for so long with the new stupid rule. As well he is the first player to be effected by this rule so now you well me was it meant for him or not. Yes it was

  2. Anonymous

    NBA is stupid, Stu Jackson and David Stern are as moronic as the 2 dingbats sitting in the White House. League is now full of ME first thugs and Floppers like Wade and Ginobilli. This is why the USA team suck against the world.

    It’s OK for a nut like Artest to beat a woman who is not even his wife to say sorry and come back and play. But it’s a mortal sin for an emotional team player like Sheed to even “roll his eyes the wrong way”

  3. Anonymous

    “It don’t matter to me,” Wallace said of the fine he’ll draw. “They think suspending me one game, I’m losing all this money and this and that. Money ain’t nothing to me for the simple fact I wasn’t born with it. Just as fast as you get money, you can lose money. Money’s not going to change my character, money’s not going to change the person I am.”

    This is why people love Sheed!

  4. Anonymous

    he joey d

    just curious.. who exactly are you? do you have a blog of your own also? what is it? and im not trying to be sarcastic, just curious!

  5. Anonymous

    for real f@#k david stern! even more for his like you said 11:27 creation of offensive driven flopping bitches and the idea that people dont want to see a defensive game. that 2004 playoff run was the best playoffs in the last 10 years at least from the confrence finals on. and he killed that shit. and if anything who doesnt want to see more passionate loud players, sheed is about the only i ever really get to hear watching games on tv.

  6. Anonymous

    Is the game today being broadcast on TV?

  7. Yessssir!

    Does anyone know where someone outside of Michigan can watch this game? I don’t see it listed on League Pass…

  8. Anonymous

    nopeee the next game on tv isnt until we play dallas

    :[ toooooo longggg

  9. Anonymous

    they are going to have it taped at 7 on mytv20.

  10. Anonymous

    Sheed Deserves the suspension….pistons don’t need sheed!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Anonymous

    ^^^ YOUR A FAG!

  12. Joe

    No i don’t have a blog of my own i’m just a friend of Natalie’s, and she asked me to take over the site for a couple of days so i said alright.

    joey d

  13. Anonymous

    and thank you for that joey, nat needs a break and I hope this matter is not a bad one. We on this site look up to her for what she gives us adn I am happy she has a friend like you who will step in to help her. this just shows what a good person she is to have someone set in for her when she is going to be away. Nat take all the time you need, you ahve a good person to step in while you are a way. We are all hoping everything is goiing well for you. Again thank you for all you do for us.

  14. the big ben

    4:12 you could not be more wrong, sheed is the backbone of the pistons. the reason they have a recent championship and if you dont know that then you have a mentally retarded basketball IQ. He is losing it to age but he is the best overall player in the nba.


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