Pistons start off road trip strong

by | Mar 9, 2007 | 29 comments

The Pistons defeated the Nuggets and started their road trip exactly how they wanted, with a W. The final score ended up being 95-82, which makes Denver 0-21 when they score less then 100 points. Rasheed and Rip both picked up technical fouls, that’s number 16 for Sheed so don’t expect to see him on the bench Sunday against the Clippers. Although they called up Will Blalock today, he was in street clothes for the game.

Key Points:

  • Marcus Camby couldn’t handle Chris Webber in the 2nd half.
  • It was a tie game at halftime, after that Denver just couldn’t score.
  • Even though Melo had 17 points he shot a grimy 28% from the field, with 7 turnovers
  • The Pistons were out-rebounded 43-44.
  • Chauncey shot a little better from the field but still can’t sink his 3’s if his life depended on it, he went 0-5. All i gotta say is keep shootin Chauncey.
  • Melo couldn’t get anything going in the 2nd half. In the 4th quarter he had two straight offensive fouls late in the game when they were only down 6.
  • Sheed had a double double again with 17 points, 10 rebounds, 5 assists, 4 steals and a blocked shot.
  • When Sheed got his tech late in the 2nd quarter he looked like he was about to tear someone’s head off, all i gotta say is the refs better watch their back around Sheed from now on.
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  • The Pistons went on a 21-8 run to start the 3rd quarter.
  • Flip Murray sighting in the 2nd half, he went 1-3 with 5 points and an assist.
  • This was one of Sheeds best all-around game i’ve seen in a while.
  • Chris had 20 points shooting 9-11 in the game with 9 rebounds and 3 assists.
  • Who would have thought in the beginning of the seasons that AI and C-Webb w
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    ould be playing against each other instead of side by side on the 76ers.
  • The Nuggets only shot 37% for the game.
  • The Nuggets got within 6 points at one point in the 4th quarter.
  • Tay was the only starter not in double figures, it’s ok though because he was playing some good D on Melo.
  • This was the loudest i’ve ever heard Sheed scream at himself during the game.
  • I think i heard more people cheering for the Pistons then they did for their hometown team.
  • People were definitely screaming “SHEED!!” whenever he touched the ball.
  • Mcdyess is going to have to step up Sunday in Sheeds absence.
  • I knew Melo and AI couldn’t share the ball.
  • Even though Sheed is out next game i expect a W considering all the injuries the Clippers have.

Yours Truly,

Joey D.


  1. Anonymous

    That T that Sheed got was bullshit

  2. Packer487

    Gotta say, I absolutely love it when we play Denver and Melo plays like hell. I still say we’re better off without that d-bag.

    I can’t believe how good Chris Webber has been….

  3. Anonymous

    i dunno who joey d is but great job on this post!! i thought it was natalie writing it all until i got to the bottom

    but im so proud of c webb hes been doing such a great job in all aspects of the game since hes been in detroit.. he was most definitely the right move!

    but i really wish we could see more nazr and amir instead of flip murray :[ and a WHOLEEE lot more of jason maxiell with all his energy !!!

    but what did rip get a tech for???

  4. Anonymous

    This is way SHEEED is the best:

    “It don’t matter to me,” Wallace said of the fine he’ll draw. “They think suspending me one game, I’m losing all this money and this and that. Money ain’t nothing to me for the simple fact I wasn’t born with it. Just as fast as you get money, you can lose money. Money’s not going to change my character, money’s not going to change the person I am.”

  5. Anonymous


    Wallace was still in a good enough mood to give teammate Chauncey Billups a hard time. Midway through the third quarter, Billups elected to coast in for a dunk in front of his hometown crowd rather than lay it in like he typically does. Billups’ dunk began a 13-2 run that gave the Pistons a 72-55 lead, but led to all sorts of harassment.

    “We killed him on that Greg Ostertag fingertip dunk,” Wallace said. “We’ve been trying to get him to dunk all year, so I guess he decided to come home to get his little fingertip dunk.”

    Billups defended his dunk.

    “I’ve been struggling so bad,” said Billups, who’s from Denver. “I had to do something that I haven’t done. I missed a million jumpers, I’m just like, ‘I’ll just try and dunk it.”‘
    Billups took offense at Wallace calling it an Ostertag dunk.
    “My hops? I can jump better him,” Billups said. “I’m 6-3, he’s 6-11, (and) barely dunking.”

  6. Mike D.

    Nice post, bro.

  7. Anonymous

    Nat dude u gotta class chaunceys dunk as a highlight, wen i see the bil man dunk i always get outa ma seat, it’s been a while since i seen that, so it was fun, go go chauncey, its a very safe dunk, i saw him try 2 throw down a 1 hander a while back but it rimmed out so its probably best he does his 2 handed fingertip safety dunk. I wonder if he can dunk well wen hes not on the camera, lyk do more dunks cause all i ever seen is a few 2 handers

  8. Anonymous

    (i meant key point of the game on ur list)

  9. Anonymous

    (or joey D should i be speakin 2 lol)

  10. Anonymous

    That wasn’t no fingertip dunk man, that was a throw down. Hey yall better calm down slating my dunks, i get enough from Sheed. I like the site here, Super Dupe was telling me about it, and i’m working on that 3 ball just been on a cold streak.

  11. Anonymous

    why did rip and sheed get techs?

  12. Mike D.

    Sheed got a tech for yelling “Ball Don’t Lie” too loud and I believe Rip got called for excessive complaining I guess. I can’t remember exactly what play he was so excited about.

  13. Anonymous

    Nice post, you havew stepped in for nat who does such a great job but you have done a good job for her, thank you. I am wishing Nat well and hope everything is going well for her.

    This was a good game. I am a little surprise it took sheed so long to get a game off what i mean is the way the refs are after him. Anywayt I think what he said about the money was such a key point since it is what the NBA is trying to do about this whole thing is hurt the pocket but what they don;t realize is that most of the NBA players did not come from money so it does not hurt them. Sheed comment about the money notchanging him is just another reason why he is such a good player the money does not go to his head. I wich more players where like that.

    Anyway a great game.. also I am watching NBA international for nba tv and they just showed highlights of Alex A, he made the top 10 players he was numner 7 or 8.

  14. sammi

    good win for detroit. ill be in LA tomorrow. we are going to the game. no doubt that we will be decked out in our pistons gear. hopefully the pistons can get a few more easy win the next few days before we have to face the big guys in the west.

  15. Anonymous

    im glad sheed got his 16th tech now so we only have to miss him during the clippers game instead of a bigger opponent like the suns or the mavs… but i do hope he gets a tech in the mavs game cause we all know how he plays when he gets techs ;]

  16. Anonymous

    I wonder if melo ever thinks I could have been a pistons if it was not for tayshaun, since he was he reason why they didn’t pick him in the draft?

  17. Anonymous

    hey joey d,

    do you know how long nat is gonna be gone for??

    and does anyone really believe that chauncey up there in that post??

    –“That wasn’t no fingertip dunk man, that was a throw down. Hey yall better calm down slating my dunks, i get enough from Sheed. I like the site here, Super Dupe was telling me about it, and i’m working on that 3 ball just been on a cold streak.”–

    idk? its possible. sounds like something he would say but its hard to believe!

    and who is that poster above?

  18. Anonymous

    haha noooooooo its defff not chauncey.. chaunceys on his way to LA or prob already there right now preparing for tomorrows game.. i dont think he or any nba baller has enough time during the season.. ESPECIALLY during road games.. to get on websites and leave comments unless they have a break like allstar weekend or something.. plus there are wayyyyyyyy too many people trying to act like theyre the real guy on the internet and myspace to trust just anyone who says they are

  19. Anonymous

    omgg i seen the funniest thing ever today at 7:00 on wb20.. there is a pistons cartoon!!! LMAO!! it is soo funny and its called “The Interplanetary Pistons”!!
    ~you gotta check it out but i dont even know if they show on a regular basis… but right after they showed clips of the 2004 season and the finals that led us to the championship and it was so touching and sad.. i will for another championship this year.. it would also help keep chauncey here for sure!!

  20. Anonymous

    i meant to say:

    i will KILL for another championship this year.. it would also help keep chauncey here for sure!!

  21. tau

    Will chauncey head to Denver next season or not, do you guys know about that? hope it is not true…

  22. Anonymous

    he lives there in the off season so I can see him going there. His family is there and that is where he will live once he retirers so I really can see him going there. I don;t know cause AI is there and he is a starter and that would mean they would trade him or chauncey will be on the bench. I do not see AI being traded that would be really bad for him since he played for philly for so long and then went to Denver but who knows. I have to say if chauncey did leave detriot I would not be upset if he went to denver only becuase that is where he is form and that is where he lives in the off season. Any other team I would be upset and feel that detroit was not all that respected by its players since they all seem to leave once they have beable to shine. Grant even know he did it in a respectable way then Ben and now maybe Chauney all players became great in Detroit. Two if them were given up on by ever other team out there until Detroit.

    Anyway I don’t want him to go anywhere. But playing with Melo and AI might be the thing that makes him go.

  23. Anonymous

    Im not so sure he would want to go to denver… i think he likes the unselfish style of play in detroit… melo and AI are not the kind of players he would get along with after a while. also i agree chauncey will not want to be on the bench..

    lets just hope he stays haha.

  24. Anonymous

    yeahhh i dont think hed want to go to denver either.. thats too many superstars for one team.. they can barely divide the points between ai and melo.. so i dunno how theyd do it with all three of them.. thatd just be one disfunctional team.

    im just hoping dumars is keeping his word and is going to do all he can to give chauncey an offer he cant refuse !!!

  25. Anonymous

    Please stay Chauncey B !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Anonymous

    i am convinced he’s staying:

    “I love it here. I love you guys, I love our fans, I love everything about this city, and hopefully we’ll get it worked out where I don’t have to leave.”


    my No. 1 option – and No. 2 option – is to stay in Detroit. Hopefully, we can work it out, and that’s all I can really say about it right now.

    (he said this in his Q&A at the pistons thing.)




  27. Anonymous

    ^^from the link above

    Natalie Sitto (West Bloomfield): Many people have been comparing you and Rip with one of the greatest backcourts ever – Isiah and Joe Dumars. What is that like for you, especially considering your admiration for Joe?

    ^^ thats natalieee !!!

  28. Anonymous


  29. gee gee

    this joey d isnt joe dumars is it? you did such a good job on this post just as nate would do kudos!!


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