Back to Work Detroit Style

by | Mar 7, 2007 | 23 comments

With Rasheed likely to be back in the lineup tonight I fully expect to see the Pistons get back to the dominating force that they were prior to the All Star break. Though they have won both meetings this season with Cavs, the Pistons need to send a message tonight.

All the Pistons need to do is come out and play Pistons basketball and it will be COOL.

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And don’t let Sheed fool you, I am sure he wants to have a big game tonight.

About two weeks ago on a TNT broadcast of the Bulls – Cavs game in Cleveland Dan Gilbert and company took a low brow shot against the whole state of Michigan.

Luol Dang was at the foul line in a tight game, nobody in the Cleveland crowd was making a peep during his first free trow attempt so the douchebags at Quicken Loans Arena put up a some kind of picture of Michigan on the big screen and the whole crowd started booing.

Another pathetic attempt by the good old folks in Cleveland. Funny how they diss us when we are not even in the building, when all they want do is BE US. It is Ohio after all.


  1. Anonymous

    I was at that game, as well as I remember the flashing of the BIG BLUE “M”. I then, if I remember correctly, stood up, and waved my Meeeeeechigan hat towards the crowd, and screamed scoreboard :) That was, after getting cursed at by Varejao :)

  2. Anonymous


  3. KdoT

    Now see I’m stuck in the middle here… Im a Pistons fan and O-State fan… And I’m from Toledo… Ive been that way for years and it will never change… And Nat thats those Clevelanders over there doing those stupid things…

  4. Anonymous

    Natalie = Awesome

  5. Anonymous

    kdot,If your from Ohio then why dont you support the cavs? I think you are bandwagoner, IMO.

  6. Anonymous

    Nat, I want Sheed-as-Fonz on a shirt! Eyyyyyyyyyy!

  7. Anonymous

    Hurray, heard about this?

    NBA may crack down on floppers – they should call it the Dwayne Wade rule.

    And how many of you think his injury is not that serious?

  8. Anonymous

    im sorry but i think that rumor going around about dwades injury being fake is not a heat fan or anything..but most ppl dont know how bad and serious some injuries can get.. im not saying that to anyone in particular but im just saying that as a broad-range view

    but he does have a serious injury..and im sure he was pretty embarassed as a role model and as a widley-known great athlete to cry on national television and be escorted out on a wheel chair… plus i dont think ANY athlete wants to get injured and not be able to do the thing they love.. or better yet the thing that supports their family

    it just reminds me of when ppl try and say that we find excuses when the pistons lose a game or the playoffs.. its veryyy aggravating!

  9. Anonymous

    Ohio state sucks….and michigan blows…what’s your point?

  10. Anonymous

    At least Michigan didn’t recently go to a national title and lose big time! CHOKE CHOKE. OSU choked against Florida. AT least Michigans Heisman winner Charles Woodson won the national NCAA football championship and went undefeated in 1998, Unlike overrated Troy smith. So yeah Michigan blows Ohio state outta the water for the all time rivaly record 57-40-6. Last time I checked

    Michigan Football:
    #1 in NCAA Wins
    #1 in NCAA Winning %
    #1 Consecutive Bowl Games (31)
    #1 Big Ten Championships (42)
    #1 All Big Ten First Team Players (260)
    #1 Total Attendance (The Big House)
    11 National Championships
    3 Heisman Trophy Winners
    73 Census All Americans
    Plus two straight Big Ten Championships and Rose Bowl Trips
    It’s all about Tradition!!!!

    860 wins (#1 all-time)
    .747 win% (still ahead of Notre Dame for #1)
    42 BigTen titles
    11 National Titles
    3 Heisman Winners
    130,000 (Michigan Stadium capacity, #1 in all of CFB)
    Best all-time Strength of Schedule (according to cfbdatawarehouse)
    37 bowl games (18-18-0, Alamo Bowl pending)
    Highest composite AP ranking

  11. Anonymous


  12. Anonymous

    Anyone who buys into the, Wades injury is serious crap is gold, you needa get your head outta your ass, he’s done this many times before. He’s a flopper.

  13. Anonymous

    why OHIO STATE is so great…

    Is it that they havent won an out right Big-10 title in 21 years?
    Is it that they have a losing record against their rival?
    Is it that they have a losing Bowl record?
    Is it that they lost to South Carolina twice this decade?
    Is it that they are 0-7 against the SEC in Bowl games?
    Is it that they lost at home to Texas last year?
    Is it that there offense was exposed against the only two good defenses they played?
    Is it that they got knocked out of both polls in 2004?
    Is it that they are 1-1 against Northwestern in their last two meeting?
    Is it that they are 0-3 against Florida State?
    Is it that they continue to hype Heisman hopefuls like Ted Ginn, who gained a total of 9 yards receiving yardage against Texas and 40 yards against Penn State?

    Or is it their impressive record against the mid-major bottom feeders that makes them queen of the bottom feeders?

    or maybe it’s the Woody Hayes Punch that symbolizes Ohio State’s classlessness?

    Is it that MSNBC Dateline feature Ohio State fans as internet pedophiles?

    Is it that Jeffrey Dahmer is Ohio States most famous alum?

    Is it because their fans have been known to pleasure themselves at public libraries near kids?

    Is it that Terry Porter along with Ohio States favorite Maurice Clarrett who has been arrested for armed robbery and caught on a separate occasion wearing a bullet proof vest with an Arsenal Of Weapons Inside SUV, along with brought them home a Milli Vanilli Title in 2002?

    Is it that Urban Dictionary defines Ohio State Buckeyes as Ohio State Buckeyes…
    A fan base of blowhard, egotistical, elitist children stuck following a team in their ****-hole state because theres nothing else for them to live for; The Cleveland Browns suck, the Cleveland Indians suck, the Cleveland Cavaliers suck, and the last time the Buckeyes won anything remotely resembling a legitimate championship was, to the best of my recollection, about 800 years ago under some senile old bastard named Woody Hayes. Then along comes the 2003 Fiesta Bowl. Sure, the Buckeye’s QB Craig Krenzel was only 7-of-21, for 122 yards, with no touchdowns and two interceptions, but the Buckeyes had a secret weapon in the form of an incompetent ref by the name of Terry Porter. You see, Porter’s blatantly obvious blunder snatched victory from the legitimate champion Miami Hurricanes and instead gift-wrapped the outcome for the Buckeyes. Unfortunately Porter’s blown call against the Hurricanes has forever tainted the first Buckeye “title” (I’m even ashamed to call it that) in about 800 years. Then, in the aftermath of this forever-tainted “title”, hordes of long-deprived Buckeye fans streamed to NCAA message boards, repeatedly posting about how great Thee Ohio State University (Elitist, egotistical bastards anyone?) were during the 2002 season (even though the Buckeyes were incredibly fortunate not to lose 5 games during the season), and on top of that, posting about how there was absolutely no way that any team other than the Buckeyes would win the next 20 (or even more) championships while finding as may ways to insult the University of Michigan as they could despite every one they struggled to think of only came out to sound like one-way childish name calling. In the midst of all of this comes the revelation that the Buckeye’s star running back was, in all likelihood, academically ineligible to even play in the Fiesta Bowl. The NCAA is still trying to sort out the mess.

  14. Anonymous

    hold upp I live in Ohio and it not all of us I will give you $100 if you find a Cavs fan who live 20 min. away ITS IMPOSSIBLE!! and if you do tell them to name 2 player OTHER the Lebron and you might be standing there forever!!

  15. Anonymous

    John Saunders said on the Sports Reporters he’s dislocated his shoulder 6 times, and without surgery it can fall out walking down the street. So, we’ll find out when he comes back if he is a liar, looking for a break, or a fool trying to be tuff and go through that pain again. Also, I’m not in the least a fan of the Heat, but how can you think pain like that is fake?

  16. Anonymous

    Way to put up all your nonsense there…good job. But maybe next time learn to read. I said ohio state sucks…I can care less about college. Plus for those of you detroit people who may not know, it is in columbus…not cleveland….nice rant though…it’s so funny how ya’ll take it so personal. Go Chauncey BA BA BLLOOOWWW that layup!!!

  17. Anonymous

    to the numnuts above^^^ you are probally a bandwagon jumper. thate cavs won what 1 game and the pistons beat them the last 4. You need to get laid, wait I forgot people from ohio are fags!hahaha bitch

  18. Anonymous

    Thanks for you continual stupidity.

  19. Anonymous

    ^^^ A sexually fustrated Ohioian. LOL

  20. Anonymous

    Ohio is sweet!

  21. Anonymous

    Ohio is trash!

  22. Anonymous

    Ohio is awsome!


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