Warriors Have The Pistons Number

by | Mar 5, 2007 | 25 comments

The Pistons dropped one to the Warriors 111-93 Monday night at the Palace. Golden State has now blown out the Pistons in their last two meetings. Michigan native Jason Richardson dropped 29 points on the Pistons in his first win in his hometown.

The game was tight in the first half but the Warriors went on a run right before halftime and just kept going. The thing that I found a bit odd was the fact the Flip gave up on this game early in the third quarter keeping the bench in almost all of the second half.

Key Points:

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  • Sheed made sure he had the proper threads on.
  • No Sheed for the 3rd consecutive game, and a 1-and-2 record. Some people deny Sheed’s worth. I don’t.
  • Why did the Pistons feel that it was ok to give up on this game?
  • I love Super Dupe but he and Flip Murray played before the game was decided.
  • Chauncey and Rip took a combined 9 shots.
  • To bad Amir wasn’t with the team, he might have actually logged some minutes.
  • The Warriors shot 54% from the floor.
  • Jason Maxiell continues to throw down monster jams.
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  • Lindsey Hunter led the team with 20 points. Can anyone remember the last time Lindsey had scored 20 or more.
  • Not trying to toot my own horn but I just got my Count That Baby and a Foul T-Shirt and it’s awesome. I can’t wait to rock it at the next game.
  • Dyess played 20 minutes and took just 2 shots.
  • Pistons were out rebounded 45-34.
  • This felt like a pre-season game.
  • 16 Piston turnovers to the Warriors 21.
  • Tayshaun 18 points in 34 minutes.
  • Maxiell needs to stay out of foul trouble. He tends to pick up early fouls and is forced to sit.
  • Did anyone else think this game was weird?
  • Glad I skipped going to this one.
  • At least Golden State of Mind had a good time.
  • If I had to put money on it, Sheed is playing Wednesday against the Cavs.


  1. dom

    I was at my first game in a while…but it was still fun even without the pistons win I had really cheap 10 doller tickets for free like sky high….But towards the second half I was able to work my way down to the glass………bad me I know…..But yeah the game was goin good at first it felt like the pistons should be blown out the warriors but they hung in there…..and for some odd reason the warriors killed us within like the last 3 mins of the half and it carried over …….But yeah I was quite surpised to see dupree in so early …….but too my guess we should have a west coast trip coming up so I hope we can get it togheter..

  2. Evan

    This was a very weird game. It’s almost like they weren’t concerned with winning and just wanted to rest the starters and get the bench more playing time. Like we were just about to start the playoffs? It seems a little early to me, but at the same time I think the pistons are trying to stay under the radar and take the underdog position.

  3. Nate

    Felt like a preseason game to me as well. Flip obviously did not put in a lineup from mid 3rd quarter on that would be capable of staging a comeback. Was Flip mad at the starters for letting this game go possibly? For this being the second half of the season, we sure are not playing like it. A loss to the Wade-less Heat, a barely won game in Memphis, and 20 point loss to the Warriors at home. This isn’t Piston basketball. Now we’re facing a tough stretch against the Western teams. A good route of the Cavs should build some momentum for the remaining games this month.


  4. Dor

    Postgame qoutes included a quote which said the Pistons played out of character.
    Well, I didn’t see the ball game but it looks like there was no real effort – which is out of character and they always loss when they do that – because the Pistons is about effort and energy! best in the league!

    Saunders did very stupid thing.
    Let your starters a bit rest, I think it’s important – but coming to this game without Sheed and than give Rip and CB only 27 minutes? that’s stupid, for real!
    Looks like disrespect for GSW and we paid for this!
    And than Mr.Saunders said he didn’t believe Rip would shoot only 4 shots in 27 minutes.
    Well, sir… how can I say this? you are the $#$@#$ coach! It’s your call who gets to shoot and when – I think he needs to know this if he want a chance in the post-season.

    Well… It looks bad but… Deee-troit Baaa-sket-ball

  5. zarbwire

    Who was the guy clanking beer bottles at the beginning of the FSN coverage? “Bring on the warriors” wtf was that?

  6. downtown

    You can’t write off the Pistons after a few bad games… next night they suddenly come out and put away one of the major teams.

    But last night was embarrassing. Ya gotta worry a bit about their ability to handle fast transition opponents. The pistons started going into circus mode early, and then started getting waay too excited and going with the GSW tempo. That Max tip on Lindsey’s bucket near the end of the second.. the rapid possession changes.. chaos reigned.

    Worst part was there appeared to be no real answer to it in the second half, after 20 minutes to think about it.

    Things need to be fixed fast before the trip to the West.

  7. Anonymous

    Nate this isn’t pistons basketball because obviously SHEEEEED IS NOT PLAYING, I think you idioits forg ot that!

  8. Anonymous


  9. Anonymous

    For all you idiots buying into the Media’s “Wades injured” hype. WADE IS FAKING IT! He’s done this so many times.

  10. Anonymous

    Nat, why isnt the ball glowing on Jason’s dunk???

  11. Natalie

    “Nat, why isnt the ball glowing on Jason’s dunk???”

    Because we lost

  12. Anonymous

    I am a huge Pistons fan. And from what I see the Pistons can’t just turn it on whenever they feel like it. They have been playing crappy since the Chicago game. We can’t win in the playoffs with this kind of mindset. Flip needs to step up and remind the guys!

  13. Anonymous

    ^^^ Your a idoit, what cause we lost 1 game, they can turn it on?Sheed did not even play! Your a huge bandwagoner!

  14. pistons tiil the daii ii diie

    first of all you all need to just cut it out with that bandwagoner bullshit! DAYYYM.. if someone wants to be a pistons fan all of a sudden, than let them be. Why is it that everything they say your response is “bandwagoner?” cut that super childish bullshit out.. its just starting to get under my skin!!!

    n e ways.. I get it now, Nat!!

  15. Anonymous

    pistons tiiil the daii ii diie,

    You need a girlfriend! If someone started to get under your skin, then maybe you really are a bandwagoner.

  16. Anonymous

    ^^same poster causing drama throughout the wholeee post and many previous ones… immatureee!!!

    and i dont care what he/she is about to say under this comment about me because once again .. IMMATUREEE !!!

  17. Anonymous

    Jason Richardson is the most underrated player in the NBA!! im really happy for him, that he got the win in front of his hometown, Nat what are your thoughts on the Warriors? They swept the Pistons this season and u guys seem to just talk about the Pistons laying down or giving up.

  18. Natalie

    You have to give it up to the Warriors for taking both games against the Pistons. I don’t see them going to far this year though. When BD is healthy they are great. They also have some nice young talent. The Indiana trade also worked out well for them.

    They had the Pistons playing out of character and they shot the ball well. I do still think the Pistons layed down a bit to early.. Flip even mentioned it himself.

  19. Anonymous

    Very weird game. Always nice to see local talent succeeding though, if we can see a silver lining in it.

    You know you still have two icons available sporting Ben Wallace, right?

  20. KdoT

    Sheed looks like a high school coach in that suit! lol

  21. Anonymous

    10:16, you can only be a kid once, but you can be immature as long as you want!

  22. pistons tiil the daii ii diie

    “pistons tiiil the daii ii diie,

    You need a girlfriend! If someone started to get under your skin, then maybe you really are a bandwagoner.”

    first of all i am a female and boo i gotta man… second, im not a fuckin “bandwagoner”… born and raised in detroit and been watching them since i was knee high.. so umm NO!!! just cut that extreme childish, immature behavior out!!

  23. Anonymous

    ^^^using the f-word is childish and immature and it makes you sound uneducated!


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