A Detroit Pistons Epic Video

by | Mar 4, 2007 | 26 comments

Masterfully created by Piston fan Justin Gurss, a University of Colorado Film student.

Directed by Justin Gurss, a SportsCity entertainment production.


  1. Anonymous

    This thing is freakin sweet, whats that background song called???

  2. Anonymous

    that was sweet.

  3. Nadia

    Summer Overture by Clint Mansell, from Requiem for a Dream ost. he also did the ost for Pi and 11:14.

  4. Anonymous

    OMG, was that awesome or what!?!?!?

    Brings a tear to my eye. Makes me wanna just yell HELL YEAH!!!

  5. Anonymous

    definately worth watching
    gj Justin

  6. Anonymous

    This video is freaking awesome!!!!!!

  7. Anonymous


    does anyone one know when SHEED might be playing again??

  8. Sammi

    truly one of the best videos ive seen. very nice. sheed better be good by next sunday cuz im in LA going to the clippers game. gotta see the big man!

  9. Anonymous

    gotta love the pistons, gotta love old school bad boys, but you just took cool music from someone elses movie and put it to a bunch of clips with cheesy. anyone can do that

  10. Anonymous

    that video was soooooooooo sweet.

    nat ilu

  11. Anonymous

    “gotta love the pistons, gotta love old school bad boys, but you just took cool music from someone elses movie and put it to a bunch of clips with cheesy. anyone can do that”

    Ok so you wanted me to compose my own music for this? Try getting together your own symphonic orchestra to preform background music to a basketball montage, its not easy buddy.

    …And im still looking for the clips with “cheesy”.

    If you can do it better, go ahead. I just want to see you do better with a zero dollar budget at your disposal.


  12. Natalie

    It’s awesome… I could watch it over and over again. Great job Justin!

  13. Anonymous

    Great video the music really fires me up…thanks for everything. I want the playoffs right now to reclaim what is our…

  14. Anonymous

    – Just don’t have any other words for it.

  15. Anonymous

    – Just don’t have any other words for it.

  16. Anonymous

    Mads props to ya! do another at the end of the year when we get our tropgy back!!!

  17. Anonymous

    great job!!!!!

  18. AmR

    poor ben……………..he deserv every single moment…..indeeed

  19. Anonymous

    that video is amazing

    whoever said all he did was steal music with cheesy frames, bet u have never even made a clip before

    nice work

  20. Anonymous

    You get so much respect from me about this piece of work! *Applaud a thousand times* Keep it up and make sure put a championship video when we get it!!!


  21. Todd

    Hey great job. Laker fan, but hoops fan first and got a hell of a lot of respect for your team. Indeed I was quite happy for y’all to beat us in ’04, our arrogance needed to be tempered. Anyway, I love a lot of the players on your team and that’s a great video…though dwelling on Big Ben at the end a bit seems a bit short-sighted. Really, if that win against CHI is worth about a quarter of the video, isn’t it selling Piston expectations a bit short? Other than that, just on an editing and musical level, fantastic.

  22. Anonymous

    it was o.k siiiiiiike thats namba 1
    from balraj

  23. Anonymous

    I love this video.It makes me believe anything is possible!


  24. Anonymous

    The timing of the song and the 3 that C-Bill takes from half court to bet NJ was tight! Everyone needs to watch that again to see the timing of the two…Def. done on purpose. Great work Justin.


  25. Anonymous

    In specfic I mean how the bass hits when the backboard goes red…


  26. Anonymous

    Job well done,like a transfusion of hope into the souls of every piston fan.Thanks Justin!


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