Pistons Layoff a bit to Long

by | Mar 3, 2007 | 14 comments

The Pistons played awful in the first three quarters in Miami. Detroit just couldn’t hit a shot to save their lives. They actually finished the first quarter shooting 25 % from the floor. The Pistons mounted a comeback which got them the lead late in the fourth, but it just wasn’t enough. The final score was The Pistons 82 The Heat 85.

Key Points:

  • Shaq dominated, putting up season highs 31 points and 15 rebounds.
  • Chauncey was 2-14 for 9 points.
  • Tayshaun stepped up when nobody could make a shot.
  • The starters played heavy minutes.
  • Pistons don’t do well with layoffs.
  • I am glad I watched the game on local TV so I didn’t have to put up with Bill Walton.
  • The Pistons bench scored 23 points, 17 of them came from Antonio Mcdyess.
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  • It was pretty painful to watch.
  • I think the boys might have partied a bit to hard. My grade school team could have put them in their place yesterday.
  • It was exciting watching them try to scrap back from the big deficit and bad play but overall this team didn’t even look like the Pistons.
  • I wonder if Sheed would have made a difference. I bet yes.
  • Thank goodness for Tayshaun’s 22 points.
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  • The Pistons had 0 blocked shots.
  • 10 turnovers, but they couldn’t make a shot.
  • Though C-Webb only scored 8, he grabbed 13 rebounds.
  • Rip was 7-for-22 for 20 points.
  • The Pistons poor performance is going to start Miami Heat talk out of the East even without Wade.
  • They better take tonights game a bit more serious.


  1. Anonymous

    oh so now I get why the guys played so poorly, PARTYING, not a good excuse but at least now I know why! Next time boys, get some sleep! We now that we can beat Miami, let’s get it done on April 1!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Anonymous

    Wade is faking his injury and the media is hyping it to the extent. Watch Wade will come back. HES A FAKE!

  3. Amy

    Their announcer wears on my last friggin nerve. I actually got up and left the room at one point during the game because of all that was happening and his annoying voice just sent me over the top!

    Excuse me while I’m crude for a moment…. At one point in the 4th they said that Dyess had the best stroke of the night…I disagree…. the best stroke of the night was the one the tv announcers were giving Shaq’s d**k all game.

  4. Anonymous

    tay steps up when they need him to, everyone outs him down when he is not shotting well but when he is there when the team needs him I just wich he would have got th e win on a night he did well.

  5. Anonymous

    sooo lucky you got to watch it local cause i had to listen to bill walton and jon barry is starting to get annoying also up there with tim legler. i seriously feel like tim legler is on the miami heats ****, he’s ALWAYS picking them to win.

    – Vin

  6. BIG Poppa RYE

    Reporter (after the game): So Shaq, what was in your head, you guys were up 22 pointsm they came back then this…

    Shaq: Nothing

    Yup.we already know that..LOL

    PS. Shaq did push Mcdyess when he dunked for the follow up.

  7. Nate

    Possibly the worst 1st half we’ve played this season. Too long of a weekend I think for the guys. Should we face Miami in the 1st round (granted we clinch the East and Miami grabs and 8th seed without Wade), we should be able to sweep them.


  8. Vyvee

    I cannot believe they made sheed leave the bench because he was not dressed properly; i thought he looked great; i even commented my observations to my husband; hate stern, hate stern

  9. gee gee

    to the second post, i was thinking the same thing for some reason, that wade could be faking it, but hopefully david stern is smart enough to not accept that in the league…
    and the pistons should have known better to party hard the night before the game, chauncey might still have been a little tipsy, why his shots werent going through..
    i think for sure that could have been an easy win, because that isn’t the pistons i know right there..
    anyway i want to also mention that sheed did look dapper in his shirt he is a nice looking man, when he is not going for that rugged, unshaven look…lol gotta love sheed.
    i also have to bring up when tayshaun got called an offensive foul on shaq…total bs, how in the hell that skinny man gone knock down those big old burly man? the ref should have got a tech for that lol. we could have got a larger lead with that shot if tayshaun didn’t get called for that, and would have probably sealed the deal….oh well we got april 1st to show those fools who are boss, so that is okay.

  10. Anonymous

    i think more PT for j max last night = win over miami

    he brings in the energy

    but i could deff tell that they were up to someething last night.. well when they had a close up of c webb on the bench.. he looked gone with those big circles under his eyes haha i knew they were having some fun the night before

    but i didnt know they made sheed leave.. thats rediculous… its not like he was hurting anyone with what he was wearing..and its not like bball games are supposed to be formal .. they just needed an excuse…

  11. Anonymous

    i cant believe that flip played chauncey and c-webb 40 minutes each tonight, on the tail end of a back-to-back (and with last night’s game being against miami, too). hopefully that won’t wear down the guys’ legs too much…

  12. Anonymous

    Nat, why didnt sheed play???

  13. Feruw

    He hurt his ankle earlier in the week. Nothing serious though.

  14. Anonymous

    God bless Tayshaun Prince and Antonio McDyess. If it wasn’t for them–we wouldn’t even have been close. You can tell they went to bed early the night before:) Have you ever noticed that Tayshaun’s legs look very shapely and femanine-like? As a girl, I’m so jealous…


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