Jordan Dumars not Joe Dumars

by | Mar 2, 2007 | 18 comments

I recently received an email from Paul who runs a website called The site is based around ranking local area High School athletes and does a great job profiling them.

I don’t know if many of you know that Joe Dumars son Jordan plays basketball for Detroit Country Day, the same high school that Chris Webber graduated from. Well I was looking over his player page and I noticed something that I had to bring to your attention. Jordan lists his mother and father as his biggest influences but when asked who is NBA player was he answered…..

Ron Artest

I would have guessed that he would have named Joe or at least one of the current Pistons. You have to give it up to Jordan for speaking the truth and stating that the one player that started “The Brawl,” that tarnished The Pistons, The Palace, the City of Detroit and the NBA is his favorite player. Maybe he named Artest to get a rise out of his father.

I wonder if Jordan prides himself on defense?

Jordan, if you happen to see this we want to know who your second favorite player is. Need4Sheed wants to talk.


  1. Anonymous

    Are your sure that’s right?? I really dont believe what I’m seeing!

  2. Anonymous

    go to da pacers then dont come to da pistons TRAITOR

  3. nick

    I’d like to know what Joe D thinks when he sees Ron Artest listed as his son Jordan’s favorite player. LOL!

  4. Anonymous

    he probably said that to make dumars mad…haha. he said his favorite team is the pistons…it better be! haha. hes so lucky he probably is able to go to their practices and like hang out with the pistons.

  5. Anonymous

    sheed not starting tonight/dale in his place –> dangerous situation for us. still confident in our boys, though. although it does seem like, with bill walton in the commentator’s seat, that everyone’s biased against us from the start. no matter – we feed off adversity.

  6. escapeartist

    hahaha no wayyy.
    sucks for daddy.

  7. Anonymous

    Come on people, remember when you were teenage freaks too. Doing everything weird and opposite of what your parents wanted.

    Also, please don’t trash Nazr tomorrow, if anyone saw the game, those freakin’ zebras were up his ass and the other Pistons’ ass tonight. In fact they were probably propping up Shaq’s balls.
    Nasty bunch of jerks.

  8. Junior

    boy they sure are letting shaq push his way to the hoop. we are making a nice come back right now though. I have never hated a group of players more than the heat. Not the old celtics not jordans bulls. They crack me up when the go on a run. They aint shit but think they are toughest team ever to play. I have to laugh about it or I’ll just get angry. 2:27 to go in the 3rd. Down by ten. We got this all but wrapped up.

  9. yahtzee

    I saw Jordan play against Brighton High a couple months ago, he came off the bench. He hit pretty much every shot he took but did not appear to really be trying. Then DCD threw an alley oop down on Brighton. It was NASTY.

  10. Anonymous

    my second favorite player is nazr mohammad

    – jordan dumars

  11. Anonymous

    ^ not funny

  12. Anonymous

    I reffed a 3 on 3 tournament that Jordan Dumars was in 2 years ago and I had to T him up. The kid was mouthing off and he thought was he was god’s gift to basketball. He looked insulted when he didn’t get a call, and I wasn’t impressed with his game at all.

    Anyway, I’m not trying to bash him, just sharing what I saw and experienced.

  13. Anonymous

    yesterday i was watching game on espn and i was so damn angry because of that m*******kin walton ! All the time he was cheering for heat and that made this game not fun to watch..

  14. Anonymous

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^i know i hate him

  15. Anonymous

    who says joe D hates artest…I bet if he could he would bring him here…..Why should someone hate someone because of what you guys can’t seem to get over…which also brings up ben….Does joe dumar hate ben? you don’t know but most likely no….but do you guys hate ben yeap your so envious and you can’t stop and think were just as good with or without him.

  16. Junior


  17. j. dumars

    HI, u want to know my second favourite player ?

    IT IS

    jordan d

  18. Todd

    Ron might be INSANE, but dude got ridiculous game. He’s a load and he plays some D.


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