Pistons Fans Are Sheedtastic No Matter Where They Might Be

by | Feb 26, 2007 | 40 comments

I received a very interesting email from Jonathan Feuer a fellow blogger who runs his own South Florida Sports Blog called SporTech Matter. It seems that Jonathan went to the Heat – Cavs game Sunday night in Miami and he witnessed something so interesting that he had to let me know about it.

“I just wanted to drop you a note b/c while attending yesterday’s Heat/Cavs game I noticed a small group of people rocking Sheedtastic shirts. I wish I had gotten a picture for you but it seems like you have a nice following in South Florida. They also proceeded to shout Deeeetroit Basketball every chance they got when the crowd got quiet.”

Ok….It’s extremely cool that these Detroit Fans had Need4Sheed.com T-Shirts on but that is not the thing that makes me proudest. They went to a HEAT-CAVS game and screamed DEEEETROIT BASKETBALL whenever they had a chance. How awesome!

Let me just say thank you to you, whoever you are for making Pistons fans proud. Let us know who you are so we can thank you, please email me (need4sheed@gmail.com) with your experience and pictures of the event so we can salute you in the same Sheedtastic manner that did by representing the Pistons even though they weren’t on court.

As long as I don’t see a Jason Maxiell Eats Babies T-Shirt in a maternity ward I these kinds of things make being a Piston fan even that much better.

Thanks to Jonathan for bringing this to my attention. I suggest you leave your love in the comments to these Sheedtastic Pistons fans, whomever they may be.


  1. JD

    Hey thanks for featuring me on your blog Natalie! I have to add a little to the story.

    I first spotted the Sheedtastic crew in the concourse level between the 1st and 2nd period. Let’s just say you can spot that Sheedtastic logo a mile away! Not even being a Piston fan I could tell exactly what it was right away. At first I thought, what are these people doing in OUR house, and then I thought how freakin cool your shirt has made it to a Miami Heat game.

    So it turns out the “Sheedtastic Crew” were sitting 2 sections over from mine and what makes the “Deeeetroit Basketball” chant even funnier is the fact that the feeble Heat fans were trying to battle them by responding with “SUCKS”

    This literally went on from opening tip to the last buzzer. I will admit it started to get annoying but it was all in good fun. It just goes to show you how many “other” fans have relocated to South Florida.

    I wish I had gotten some pictures for you or some video proof. But seeing as I was in the upper deck it was too dark.

    Thanks again for the post Nat. I love reading your blog. Keep up the good work!

  2. Amy

    That’s awesome!

  3. Anonymous

    wow that is awesome! i cant believe it. how many ppl? and like did everyone look at them? when i go out of town, i make sure to bring my pistons jersey so i can REPRESENTTTT! Whoever they were, PLEASE SHOW US A PICTURE THATS AWESOME.

    that shows you that pistons really have the most supporting fans! =]

  4. jessica

    That is PISTON PRIDE… without the PISTONS even being present at the game!!!! Showing PISTON PRIDE with the teams who probably hate us is Detroit style baby.. all the way in South Florida!!

    Nat the record should say 36-19.. just thought you should know!

  5. Anonymous

    Note this you get some dirty looks walking around Chicago with a Pistons Jersey on. But then again it kinda fun when they wisper Detroit Sucks and think they stink and I say out loud back well you suck..then they just walk away fast

  6. Anonymous



    Pistons fans from florida are bandwagon jumpers, now that there hero d-wade is out for the rest of the year with a dislocated shoulder, they all the suden hop on the pistons bandwagon once agian, like sheed said: I’m gald they(media/doubters) swept us under the rug right now, cause come payoff time, everyone’s going to be on our jocks. Believe dat!

  7. Anonymous

    At least Michigan don’t have hurricanes!

  8. Natalie



    Pistons fans from florida are bandwagon jumpers, now that there hero d-wade is out for the rest of the year with a dislocated shoulder, they all the suden hop on the pistons bandwagon once agian.”

    That’s pretty much uncalled for and what is this whole thing with Bandwagon Jumpers? I guess you never heard of someone moving from Michigan to another state and still being a fan of their hometown team?

    It’s that kind of ignorance that makes people look stupid…..

    I would have to say these people in Florida who did this are some of the Biggest Pistons Fans around and I take offense to calling them bandwagon jumpers. They did something Awesome!

  9. Anonymous

    gonna be at the pistons/grizzlies saturday in memphis. i’m gonna be rocking SHEED style! trust me, i’m gonna yell DEEEEEEEEEETROIT BASKETBALL! whenever i get the chance, and judging by the crowds at the grizzlies game lately, i’ll be seen and heard loud and clear.


  10. Anonymous

    Pistons fans outside of Michigan are just like the bandwagon fans outside of Texas. When The Dallas Cowboys became a powerhouse in the 90’s, everyone and there cousin became a fan of the Cowboys (a true bandwagon jumper), the same thing is happening now with the Detroit Pistons. It’s a pattern and a cycle:FACT!
    P.S. respect others opinions!

  11. Anonymous

    Another thing, there is no proof or pictures of some sort to prove that there was Detroit fans at the Heat/Cavs game, with sheedstistics shirts. Let me ask you something natalie, DO YOU BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU READ?

  12. Cole from WA

    hey now, i was born and raised a michigan sports fan, my family moved out of the area when i was born in ’86. does that make me a bandwagon jumper? ok, how about the fact that i live in seattle? a fan is a fan, it doesn’t matter the reason, go wings, go pistons, go whatever team you want, there are bandwagon jumpers in the outside of the state fans but there are also bandwagon jumpers amongst the instate fans.

  13. Natalie

    Another thing, there is no proof or pictures of some sort to prove that there was Detroit fans at the Heat/Cavs game, with sheedstistics shirts. Let me ask you something natalie, DO YOU BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU READ?

    Why would someone go out of there way to make up a story and lie about something like that. He’s a Heat fan how does telling me about what happened help him in any way?

    He was actually annoyed by them, but went out of his way to tell me about it.

    So yes I do believe him.

    As for the bandwagon jumpers comment, I respect everyones opionins but there are some people who don’t think it’s possible to be a Piston fan outside of Michigan, that comment is for them.

    Plus why would you be a Detroit Bandwagoner at a HEAT / CAVS game? Thats just Pistons loyalty plain and simple.

  14. Anonymous

    Wow that is awesume I went to a tornot pistons game and I was looked down and laughed at fro being a pistons fan but to go into someone elses house when your team is not playing and show the pistons loves that is a ture fan. It would have been great to see a picture or watch the game on tv to see if but atleast jon was nice enough to share with us this great story thank you.

  15. Anonymous

    Good point Natalie.
    I live in HAWAII and since there are no pro sports here I am the BIGGEST Piston fan in Hawaii. There was a game the other night at the University of Hawaii stadium and it was my high school against another high school for the state championship.
    I wore my Sheed jersey and I let my brother wear my Rip jersey. We shouted Deeeetroit Basketball every turnover and any time the crowd was quiet. I also YELLED Sheed whenever someone shot a three.

    Just letting you know that there are Pistons fan in Hawaii.
    P.S. The bandwagon people are at least fans for a little while arent they?

  16. Anonymous

    nat, you must shack your head as I do at some of the comments taht are posted. I understand that people have the right to their opinon but as you put it ignorance makes people stupid and that is so right. I am one of the fans from out side of Mich and bugs me that there are people who think that you must live in mich to be a fan. How would people know who the pistons where if they only had fans in Mich. anyway as close about the commet about florida that gets me as well, the problem with the world are people like that. Anyway thank you to the person who gave us this story and let us respect pistons fans even more. I think we have the best fan base all over the world.

  17. Anonymous

    I think you missed the whole point Natalie! If the Detroit Pistons were like the Detroit Lions(had a losing record),there would be no fans outside of Michigan and this website would not exist! How many Detroit Lions fans do you see outside of Michigan? Not many.

    Did you have this website before or after the Pistons won the championship in 2004? Let me guess after!

    I liked the Pistons the best when they played with there teal jerseys and Grant Hill was the leader of the team. This era was the best in my opinion because there was no wine and cheese fans-(bandwagoners/rich people who only buy tickets if a team does well).
    The fans in the teal jersey era were much louder and loyal than todays pathetic wine and cheese crowd.Example, booing Ben Wallace. The biggest bandwagoners that make me sick are the ones, yes even in Michigan, who jumped on the Detroit Tigers bandwagon. The less fans, the more humble a team is.

  18. Anonymous

    How would people know who the pistons where if they only had fans in Mich.

    Simple they play in other arenas:)
    Look at the 89-90 Badboyz, other states and fans hated on Detroit,Michigan cause they were the most physical,roughest, best team out there and noone could stop them. It’s like Microsoft=the Bad boyz, both can’t be stopped and both are a monopoly powerhouse, but now they gained the respect of ALL. All are on board

  19. Anonymous

    will the guy trying to convince everyone that pistons fans who dont live in michigan are bandwagoners just stop?? no ones going to listen to what youre saying because youre being pretty ignorant right now…bandwagon people are all talk.. they dont walk the walk..and it seems to me that these people most def walked the walk.. something only FANS do.

    geezzz im so sick of hearing “anyone who isnt in michigan is a bandwagoner”… ITS NOT A FACT nor will it ever be one! it is possible that ppl in another state can like the pistons simply for the fact that they are a TRUE TEAM… and if natalie who updates this website EVERYDAY was actually a bandwagoner..then tell me why she stuck with this website even when the pistons blew the playoffs last year and big ben left?? most bandwagoners hopped off at the time but the true fans stayed

    long story short stop trying to make a point..its not working

  20. Detroit_City

    ok…so i grew up in Chicago, during the Michael Jordan Era, and i loved the bad boys…now i live in michigan…so am i bandwagon fan?

  21. Sain

    Just because more fans go to a game when the team wins, doesn’t mean they are bandwagon fans. I live over an hour away from the Detroit area. I can’t count how many Tigers games I went to in the old Tigers stadium when they were losing. When I started having to buy my own tickets, I went less. I’ve seen one Wings game, and they have been winning since before I can remember watching them. It’s easier for me to spend your $20 for a Tigers ticket, or $40 for a Pistons ticket when they are winning to see my team field a winning team. I don’t want to spend over an hour driving to the stadium, spending my money that I worked hard at getting, to watch a team take the field when it looks like the owner put little thought and effort into it.

    Winners bring more fans back then it does gain bandwagon fans in the city. I lived with the biggest Bulls/White Sox/Bears fan I’ve ever met anywhere when I was at home still, but he has lived, breathed, and bled Chicago sports for 35+ years, but he isn’t a Chicago bandwagon fan living in Michigan.

  22. Anonymous

    Anonymous 1:13, you are a bandwagon jumper, cause only bandwagon jumpers would get mad that there called that! If noone is listening to what I’m saying, you or Natalie would have never posted about me and to what I’m saying. I find it more funny that you are wasting your time worrying about me.

    This statement:”then tell me why she stuck with this website even when the pistons blew the playoffs last year and big ben left?? most bandwagoners hopped off at the time but the true fans stayed”

    Why didn’t she create this site before the Pistons won the championship in 2004?

  23. Anonymous

    I’ll be at the game in Miami on Friday, and my group will all be wearing Chauncey jerseys (which all belong to me). I am a very enthusiastic, vocal Pistons fan. Everyone around me jeers at me and throws things. I love it!!!!!!!!!

  24. Detroit_City

    hmm well one big reason is because Rasheed Wallace wasnt here, he is a major part of the site…

  25. pistons tiil the daii ii diie

    anonymous 9:21… u really should stop trying to prove a point and no im not the same person u were replying too… and sheed came here in 2004, do u expect someone to make a site right away .. you know its called NEED4SHEED!!

    ooh yea and dont think im a “bandwagon juper” i live in detroit and have all my life and i’ve loved and watched the pistons since i was knee high maybe your the bandwagon jumper.. stop tryna cover it up!!

  26. Anonymous

    It drives me crazy when people say things like anonymous 9:21. Being a Michigan football fan. People always say stuff like “I bet its easy being a fan when your team has the #1 winning percentage!”. So just because a team is good means that you can’t like them or that you only like them because their good? That makes no sense what so ever.

  27. Anonymous


  28. Anonymous

    wellll mr anonymous at 9:21.. the only reason i got mad is not because im a bandwagon jumper .. but because of the ignorant point you were TRYING to prove.. dont u even remember??? “anyone who doesnt live in michigan is a bandwagon jumper”… well i dont live in michigan but i AM a fan.. you cant even support your “theory” all you can come up with is OH YOURE A BANDWAGONER !!! so you might as well stop trying ..

    and detroit_city at 12:01 answered you’re questoin about the reason why this site was made.. now you answer my questoin about why natalie didnt ditch the pistons through the hardtimes and ill begin to CONSIDER your WONDERFUL theory :]

  29. Anonymous

    Mr. anonymous 5:06,
    Where are you from?
    No one answered if Natalie started this website before the pistons won the ship in 2004.

    Oh and Rasheed wallace was here here in Feb of 04.


  30. Anonymous

    Oh, about your other question, natalie didn’t ditch the pistons, cause she knew they still had four great players including sheed, and a great potential championship team and on top of that Joe Dumars the manager. If sheed would have been traded or went to the bulls, do you think this site would still exist? You idiots have to get outta your mind that Ben wallace is not the whole team!

  31. Anonymous

    Miss Anonymous**

    and you dont need to know where im from.

    and yes, if you would read the previous comments, it was answered. natalie is a big fan of sheed and she made the site IN HONOR OF SHEED.. and we know he was here in ’04.

    andddd if YOU were a real fan ud know that the pistons won champs of the ’03-’04 season.. natalie started this site ’05-’06 season.. which if im not wrong is a YEAR later from the victory of the championship.. enough time if u ask me for a bandwagoner to jump off and hop onto the spurs wagon who were the current champs at the time..

    so sorry but you’re wrong again.. you’re the one that faileddd :]

  32. Natalie

    Not that I even mind being called a bandwagoner, because I know what kind of fan that I am, but I didn’t even start this site as a Pistons Blog.

    I started it for as a way to distribute my Pistons wallpapers and Screensavers out to family and friends easily.

    It has evolved to what you see know and I love it. I am proud of The Pistons and their fans as I have for years, whether I had this site or not.

    It’s Sheedtastic, and that’s all I need to say about it.

  33. Anonymous

    just stop fighting! i dont care if you live in alaska or japan…pistons fans are the least greedy and we are the best fans in the nba. there is no need to argue about where you came from. if you live in florida, california, even idaho, all the pistons fan from michigan and all around the world thank you for being Piston fans. They obviously have a passion for this team, and we admire them for that. The pistons are an unselfish team…why do people have to be so selfish about where you live? &&if the lions become a good team, im sure everybody would become fans. thats the way it goes.

  34. Anonymous

    Anonymous numnuts from 5:42, your a panzee not to tell people where your from! Your so called “previous post” said nothing about the question I asked.
    Go back to highschool.or better yet get a job, which is another direction for you.

  35. Anonymous

    …why do people have to be so selfish about where you live? &&if the lions become a good team, im sure everybody would become fans. thats the way it goes.


  36. Anonymous

    6:06.. get a life and go to hell no one agrees w/ u.. ur just causing drama

  37. Anonymous

    6:12needs to get laid, cause no one cares about you or your opinion!

  38. Anonymous

    ^^ geezzz enough with all that


  39. PistonsFan11

    Everyone needs to chill out, if you like the pistons, then like them, dont listen to dumbass’s like that guy

  40. Scott

    Good Lord. So much drama. Anyway…I was just going to share my story w/ ya Nat. Last year during the playoffs, I sat front row behind the Pistons bench in Milwaukee…there were 4 of us (2 of which we met at the game, who also traveled to Milwaukee for the playoffs) there shouting “DEEEETROIT BASKETBALL” every chance we got. Especially me, since I had quite a bit to drink that night. Then, during the 2nd round when Sheed guaransheeded the victory over the Cavs, Jeff (my cousin) and I wore Sheed jerseys to the game in Cleveland, getting heckled by everyone. It’s funny how many Detroit fans go to away games during the playoffs.

    Oh, and speaking of the Cavs…are you going to the game on the 7th? Just let me know through my myspace page:


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