Pistons Beat Down The Magic

by | Feb 22, 2007 | 10 comments

The Pistons put a 110 – 88 shellacking on the Orlando Magic Wednesday night at the Palace. Former Pistons Grant Hill, Carlos Arroyo and Darko Milicic didn’t have much to celebrate in their return to Detroit. Darko was greeted by boos in first trip back to the Motor City and a chant of “Darko”, by screaming fans started like clockwork every time he went to the line.

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Key Points:

  • Chris Webber was poked in the eye by Dwight Howard early in the first quarter and it looked like he wasn’t going to return. Instead he came back and dominated the 3rd quarter looking like the Webber of old.
  • Rasheed and Rip each got a tech within seconds of each other. Rasheed is now at 15.
  • Nice Alley oop from Webber to Sheed.
  • Tayshaun also went down hard in the first quarter and it looked pretty bad, but it turned out fine.
  • Chris Webber loves to shoot off the glass.
  • The Pistons payed great defense.
  • Lindsey Hunter was knocking down shots left and right. 13 points 4-for-6 shooting in 19 minutes.
  • The first half took forever…
  • Dyess got a Tech too.
  • Webber had some impressive points in the paint. He finished with 18 points on 8-10 shooting a blocked shot, 3 assists and 3 rebounds in 22 minutes.
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  • I can’t me more serious when I say that McDyess has been the definition of Solid lately.
  • Rip and Webber led the team with 18 each.
  • Webber looks like he’s been on this team for years.
  • J.J. Reddick got mocked quite a few times.
  • Arroyo and Darko would have loved to put on a show here, they are both pretty bitter about their stays in Detroit.
  • Dwight Howard is Awesome, he led all scorers with 26.
  • Tayshaun was 3-for-7 for 8 points with 4 assists in 30 minutes.
  • Jason Maxiell got 11 minutes and scored 6 points and grabbed 6 boards.
  • Rip had six assists and was all over the floor as usual.
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  • The whistles were horrible, the Pistons and the Magic went to the line a combined 72 times.
  • Sheed was in foul trouble early and Davis replaced him nicely. He scored 4 points 3 blocks shots and 4 boards in a total of 11 minutes.
  • For all those who wanted Grant Hill back instead of Chris Webber what do you have to say now?
  • This one was a little hard to watch unless you like watching free throws.
  • The offense was in tune the whole game.
  • Lindsey Hunter went on a 7-0 run against the Magic himself that put so much distance between the teams it led to the blowout.
  • The Pistons meet the Magic in Orlando tomorrow.
  • Dancing fool.

Video courtesy of myTV 2o Detroit


  1. Cara

    Love the dancing Sheed…Great summary as usual, Natalie! Specially since I couldn’t see this one…thanks a LOT, My18- You suck!

  2. gee gee

    i love sheed just look at him, he still looks cool doing the hodown lol…i am going to miss him when he leaves, well if he leaves.

    hey nate, i have a ?, now if sheed leaves will you still have this site up for him with his new team or will it be strictly about the pistons. and would you change your fanbase to whatever team he converts to? because this site is so awesome not only because it is about rasheed, but it is a legit site to come check out the pistons total.

  3. Natalie

    The site will always be a Pistons website and the name will stay the same. If Sheed is here or not, I will always have a Need4Sheed.

  4. Detroit_City

    Too bad about D Wade being out Indef. There should be no question whos comming out of the east…as if there was one anyways…

  5. Anonymous

    ^^ i know i felt soo bad for him!

    but did anyone happen to catch the rockets-heat game?? the fans were obnoxious.. now i’m not that big of a fan of shaq, but they were constantly yelling insults at him and calling him a baby and stuff, i kind of felt bad for what he had to put up with. I’m just glad the pistons fans have a little more class.

    great win by the way !!


  6. Anonymous

    I am sorry to here about d wade I am not a fan of the heat but if they do not make the playoffs them it will be all becuase of him and them they will say something about the fact the the heat are not there and that is why the east was by detroit (as long as they make it, which they will).

    Anyway I am happy webber is here but I would like grant to come back and come off the bench for Tay.

    Also is there rumors that sheed is leaving?

  7. jessica

    That is one thing I hate. I know the heat are gonna be saying that it should’ve been them in the finals and it was just because Wade was out and that is so bullshit cause every year they try to come up with an excuse just in case they lose. Like last year.. Wade had got “sick” but still played.. but just in case they would have lost, that would have been their excuse and the year before that Wade was out and that was there excuse to losing the ECF while the Pistons went to the ship { but lost it 🙁 }

  8. gee gee

    i am sorry to here what happened to d wade and i wish him the best and a speedy recovery and hope to see him back soon, depending on if he is getting the surgery or the rehabilitation

  9. Anonymous

    “If Jason Maxiell struts his stuff, opponents will stop Fearing the Fro and start being Menaced by Maxiell. If he can block just one of Ben Wallace’s shots when the Pistons meet the Bulls, I’m off to get inked..” I believe Maxiell blocked him, if Im not mistaken, so how about it nat????? Dont go back on your word now 😉


  10. Natalie

    I know…. Check out the Bulls recap.


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