Pistons By A Thread Over The Bucks

by | Feb 21, 2007 | 22 comments

If you only watched the first quarter of this one, you would have thought the Pistons were going to blowout the Bucks. That wasn’t so. The Pistons, who were up early by as much as 16 points, left Wisconsin Tuesday night with a one point victory over the Bucks. The game went down to Milwaukee’s’ last possession, a Mo Williams off balance layup that didn’t fall and the Pistons squeaked by with a 84-83 win.

Key Points:

  • The Pistons 40% shooting, The Bucks 46%.
  • Flint native Charlie Bell was the game high scorer with 22. Good for Charlie, I always liked him. He seems like a good guy.
  • Chris Webber POSTERIZED Bogut, and when he was done he shook his finger at him and said something. It was nice.
  • Chauncey led the Pistons with 19 points, 6 assists, 3 steals and a blocked shot.
  • Earl Boykins was pretty much invisible, in his 20 minutes on the floor. No points 1 assist and 2 turnovers. He just doesn’t match up well with Mr. Big Shot.
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  • At one point the Bucks went on a 22 to 4 run.
  • Is that a new tattoo on Chauncey’s back, I have never seen it since his jersey is usually covering it up. It looks big.
  • Lindsey and Delfino were both 0-for-2, all their shots were 3’s.
  • Rasheed had 16 points (7-for-19), 11 rebounds and three blocked shots. One of those blocks was a doozy on Bogut. It made me smile.
  • Rip over threw an alley oop pass to none other than Nazr Mohammed. Nazr reached to the sky and tipped it in.
  • Tayshaun was rusty tonight, he shot just 2-for-12.
  • The Pistons ball handling was horrible.
  • McDyess was just nice, this guy has turned his game around. I have no idea where he’s getting his ups from. 15 points in 24 minutes.
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  • As I mentioned last time we played the Bucks, Bogut can not grow a beard. Well it looks like he decided to shave that mess off. To bad he didn’t do it for the All Star festivities, take a look at this picture of him in Vegas. Just awkward.
  • A Sweet Sheed one handed jam ally oop from Rip.
  • Looks like Sheed is going to bust out “The Robot.” You will Love this one, there is a website for everything.
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  • This game really shouldn’t have went down to the wire.
  • 48 minutes fellas.
  • Prince wants more touches to get going early.
  • I know I sound like a broken record but why does Flip let teams go on huge runs without calling time outs?
  • Tayshaun almost Reggie Millered Charlie Bell but, was was called goaltending.
  • The Pistons let the Bucks score 54 points in the paint, that’s despicable.
  • It seems like Sheed loves to give Bogut a hard time. So do I.
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  • The Bucks always seem to give the Pistons their best.
  • Mr. Big Shot is truly that.
  • Sheed was upset with his last shot, that didn’t even hit rim on the Pistons last possession . He was so mad, the headband came off.
  • The Bucks use “The Final Countdown” in the closing seconds of the game.
  • “It was darn sure ugly,” Rasheed Wallace said. “But I will take it. It’s a W.”
  • Thursday is the Trade Deadline…….


  1. Anonymous

    I agree tay should get more touches early that is when he plays his best. He does so well when he gets the ball early. He usually does not get the ball later in the game.

    Nazr got some minutes and went 2-2 I really think flip has given up on him and should find at least 10 minutes for him to play, he may bot be a starter but he can play.

    Also another game when the pistons play a struggling team and almost lose.

  2. Anonymous

    yeah….I think Tay needs more touches, but he has to be more consistent as well. We don’t need him to start complaining now…………and 54 pts in the paint is despicable. WHAT IN THE WORLD? that was a game to get the rust off now they better player harder the rest of the month.

  3. Anonymous

    Natalie, before the Orlando game tonight there is a special segment on FSN about Sheed’s trick shots. Thought you might like to know (and also hoping you can put it online for us poor out-of-towners!)


  4. garold


    Did they play they whole “Final Countdown?” Always wondered where that song came from; thanks for sharing!

    Yeah, the shooting was bad, but the 18 ORB and overall defense saved this game. Sheed and Dyess looked hungry last night. A blowout tonight would be just what the doctor ordered. I’m feelin’ it!

  5. dave

    bucks shmucks.

    the real issue right now is the trade deadline. if we don’t make a move by thursday we are going to be stuck with an obnoxious surplus of big guys and lack of depth at guard going into the playoffs. sure, some extra size will be nice to throw at shaq (in case we even play miami) but let’s be honest, shaq isn’t dominant enough anymore to waste a roster spot on him. darn sure, he used to be. but he just isn’t anymore.
    depth goes a long way in the playoffs, and flip murray and nazr are not the type of playoff-competitors we want going against the benches of chicago and cleveland. more important than guarding (aka fouling) shaq should be containing dwade, lebron, arenas and those pesky little bulls. lindsey will of course do a comendable job, but i don’t trust delfino or flip murray on defense. or on offense.

    joe d has to make a move before the deadline. mike james would be real nice. jaric would be okay too. just get us a guard who isn’t flip murray, and get rid of one of those goofy big guys (not maxiell or mcdyess).

    by the way, i love the making fun of bogut stuff, and would like to see it extend to some other players. the nba is full of ridiculous guys to make fun of.

  6. Detroit_City

    Rip was on fire, i dont think ive seen him dishing the ball like that in a while, even though he overthrew nazr, he still had some sweet passes to C-Webb. This is what they needed, a tough win on the road to start the second half of the season, even though it shouldnt have been that tough

  7. Anonymous

    Why does webber only play in the first and third. And if he does get in the second and fourth he only plays the last 2 minutes

  8. Anonymous

    hey nat,

    how old are you?

  9. meredith

    Hi all,

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  10. Natalie

    I have to agree with Dave on this one.. We need someone and pronto. I wouldn’t mind keeping Nazr, but we need guard help….Fingers crossed.

    And for the person who asked me how old I am, the answer is….


    Old enough to remember when we drafted Isiah Thomas. I might have even had a Bob Lanier T-Shirt at one point. That should answer your question.

  11. Anonymous

    i definitely think thats a new tattoo on chaunceys back.. ive NEVER seen even a little bit of it before.. plus i read an article about his tattoos and what they mean and they nevertalked about one on his back..but that IS a VERYY nice picture of him ;]

  12. Anonymous

    wow, you have to be like in your 40’s, I thought you were in your 20’s

  13. Anonymous

    At the beginning of the season, it was mentioned that Chauncey had a new tattoo on his whole back. It has something to do with his family, and he waited until his family was complete to get it.

  14. Anonymous

    ^^ awwww thats soo sweeetttt

  15. Anonymous

    heard last night on TNT after the games, that a deal was going to happen where Naz would go to Minn. for Mike James, but that it hit some kind of snag. I think it’s due to the cavs trying to swing a three player deal for bibby, which would send james to sacto. I’m bummed, I hope we can get someone who is able to penetrate and dish, and that can play good perimeter D on wade. Brevin Knight would be nice. If we get no one, after being so close to getting James, and the Cavs get Kid or Bibby I’m going to be disapointed and worried come playoff time.

  16. Anonymous

    Great effort by nazr!!!!!!!!!

  17. Anonymous

    Is it a good idea to trade Nazr? isnt he a great play with the right amount of minutes. i think its the end of dale davis’s career so he’s not worth keepin. and chris webber replaced nazr and webber still shows intereset in being a laker. so is nazr a good deal for the the pistons!!!!!!!

  18. Anonymous

    That the kind of guy he is very sweet. But I wouldn’t think its new. Why would you get a new tatoo in the middle of the season? But I love watching him from behind and that’s the first time I’ve seen that part of his tat.

  19. Natalie

    Not 40’s ….

    I know I act like I’m 12 though.

  20. garold

    I don’t think you really can trade Nazr, unless you’re pretty certain that Webber is signing here next year.

    Davis’ contract is up after this season, and I don’t think you want to start the season off with Maxey as your starting center.

    If you want a trade that might get a bite on… Bonzi Wells for Flip Murray and Jason Maxiell. I know, I know; but developing Amir Johnson faster may work out best in the long run. He just might be ready for the rotation next season.

  21. Anonymous

    natalie is 35 or 36.. i remember reading something about her a while back and she was 35 than… and there was a pic of her too… she looks like a nice girl!

  22. Anonymous

    60’s hahahaha
    onli jokin, man the pistons rule, thts all i seem 2 be able 2 say, and detroit won shootin stars gr8 work chauncey e.t.c. Bill is one funny guy


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