Rasheed Wallace: Walking Billboard

by | Feb 19, 2007 | 21 comments

I came across a article that was quite interesting. It seems Dakkan Abbe, president of New York City-based Fifty Rubies Marketing had a bright idea. While watching an NBA game on TV, Abbe figured out a way for sponsors to get national exposure without paying for commercial time:

Temporary Tattoos

“Before considering all the details, he spoke to Detroit Pistons power forward Rasheed Wallace about wearing the logo of a candy company during a game.

Wallace declined the deal after the New York media found out about the offer.

The league, it was later learned, would view such an arrangement as a violation of its collective bargaining agreement with the players. ” Via The Ottowa Sun

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Does this mean that Rasheed was all set to wear the temporary tattoo had the media not gotten wind of it? I am not sure, but I am a bit surprised that Sheed was up for something like that. I would say they must have offered him a pretty penny to even consider something like this, at least thats what I hope.

I am all for the NBA stopping this type of thing, for the simple fact that something like that would get totally out of hand. And I would be pretty scared to see what the likes of a Damon Jones or Ron Artest would be sporting for some quick cash.

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  1. Anonymous

    funny nat!!! yeah that would probably get a little out of hand.

  2. Anonymous

    nooooo where do they come up with this stuff?!? this whole idea is out of hand.. im sorry but if our players cant wear certain things while playing (headbands, leggings, etc.) , i dont think wearing ads should be allowed either

  3. Anonymous

    natalie i love the site and visit almost everyday, but its time for my first comment. Im goin to the pistons game in seattle and want to make a sign. its on fsn, so im thinking
    with a sheedtastic sign by it…any ideas?
    im sitting 14 rows up on the baseline so im also hoping to hear a ball dont lie at least once

  4. Daniel

    I was watching a women’s beach volleyball tournament on espn this summer and at least one team, the American pair that the announcers dubbed the best in the world (look ’em up or something), was sporting Gatorade tattoos. They were small and looked pretty tasteful I’d say. But that was the only time I can remember seeing them used.

  5. Natalie

    “natalie i love the site and visit almost everyday, but its time for my first comment. Im goin to the pistons game in seattle and want to make a sign. its on fsn, so im thinking
    with a sheedtastic sign by it…any ideas?
    im sitting 14 rows up on the baseline so im also hoping to hear a ball dont lie at least once”

    Email me at need4sheed@gmai.com and we will work on a good sign for you! Hopefully you get on TV and we can get you up here on Need4Sheed. Hell you might even win the T-Shirt.

  6. Feruw

    A Chicken Shack tattoo? Natalie, you’ve officially outdone yourself.

    War broasted potatoes

  7. garold

    Natalie, you need to get a life! *LOL* That’s such a good tatted-up Sheed!!! You crack me up!

    On the realistic side though, what would be the problem with the “TNT” or the “Sheed Caricature”??? What’s wrong with promoting a league broadcast outlet, or the positioning for self-promotion of an NBA Finals MVP candidate, hmmmm? You can make a case for Nike too, and what about putting the Benz logo over the perceived bald spot? This is all good stuff!

  8. Anonymous

    Why the benz and hyundai logo? Foreign car companies suck! They are ruining Americas economy.

  9. Matt W.

    Nice touch with the Mr. Allen’s…

  10. Kevin

    Maybe the NBA would have blocked this either way, if so good for them, but I think boxing set the standard here. Aside from the usual circus that is the sport of boxing there were a couple of guys who sold out and fought their matches with goldenpalace.com temporary tats on their backs. It looked pretty stupid, but I guess it’s a decent insurance policy for guys who can’t hold their own in a ring.

  11. pistons tiil the daii ii diie

    natalie, when you put your e-mail up there on your comment you put need4sheed@gmai.com … there is no ‘l’ in ‘mail’ … just thought you should know.

  12. raaasheed

    Hey anonym… why no American made cars in the Daytona 500? Well, except for that foreign car company. (Chevy’s from Canada, and Ford’s from Mexico… the Toyota’s are made in the U.S.A.)

    p.s. keeping supporting those who’ve suppressed our ability to provide our own energy reliance for the past 50 years… socialism seeks to destroy all the wealth that capitalism creates; and reserve it for those leading the lemmings.

  13. Anonymous

    Actually American cars are made in America, and the profits go to Detroit/Michigan, the headquarters, of all American cars. Toyotas are made in japan so, if you want to speak japanese or German buy a foreign car. P.S. Toyotas are overrated garbage!

  14. Anonymous

    I love it how AOL Fanhouse totally ripped this from Need4Sheed an got a little link at the bottom of the post. Why not just post a link to the story instead of pretty much making one yourself.

    Just goes to show you how the Big Guys always tried to run over the little people.

  15. Anonymous

    raaasheed is a bandwagon jumper toyota fanbboy.

  16. Anonymous

    Last time I checked GM is still #1, and if they buy out Chrysler, they will always remain #1!

  17. Anonymous

    raaasheed noone in the north watches or cares about nascar. Real racing is dragracing! I don’t see any foreign cars getting into the 5 second range in the 1/4 mile @ 320 MPH. I don’t understand how people can watch a bunch of cars (like nascar),going into circles for hours. BOOOOOORING!

    P.S. raaasheed keep supporting those war profiteers, because it’s killing us all.

  18. raaasheed

    I sorta like all racing, anoymrod; been in the pits for most types. Can’t wait for the Grand Prix coming back… $$$munch, munch$$$.

    Ah yes… street drags still make me purr inside. I have an “81 Monte Carlo that does a sweet job, but nothing leaves jaws dropping more, than when I’m out cruising in my VW Beetle Turbo S … blowing their doors off, after laying back for a second! *LMAO* Pick one; and bring your title.

    P.S. a little advise… get off the day shift.

  19. Anonymous

    raaasheed, VW turbo beetles are slow! LMAO and ugly! 81 Monte Carlo eh? Do you have a mullet too?HAHAHA, just messin. Well at least you have 1 good car(American). Got’s to give you credit for that. Yeah, I embarassed a 120,000 dollar Porsche 911 turbo owner the other day in my 16 year old Gmc Syclone truck. I had two trucklengths on him by the end of the next stoplight, his face was all red, and he said: “What do you have in that thing?” I told him it was just a stock turbo, 4.3 litre V-6. His jaw just dropped and I took off.

  20. Anonymous

    ^^ uhhh are you talking to sheed??

    cause i thought you might like to know this isnt HIS website run by him.. its a website ABOUT him and the pistons run by a girl named natalie lol

    nice story tho?

  21. Anonymous

    ^^^ Are you really that stupid? I guess an education can’t buy you common sense these days. No shit sherlock! His name is raaasheed not rasheed, he is probally a fan of sheed though. Iv’e been looking at this site for over a year now, I know what’s going on. You don’t need to state the obvious, unless you kidding around.


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