Pippen wants to return: The Pistons might be interested.

by | Feb 16, 2007 | 11 comments

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Pippen Wants To Play
Feb 16 – Scottie Pippen is seriously considering a comeback and hopes to play for a contending team in this season’s playoffs.
“I’m thinking of trying to come back for the playoffs,” Pippen said. “Something like the last two months of the season, somewhere I can come back and play limited minutes to start, play point forward for someone and build toward the playoffs. It’s something I’ve been thinking about for the last three months.”
“My knee is good,” Pippen said. “I’ve been working out regularly, doing drills. I see my body like guys like Kareem (Abdul-Jabbar, who played till he was 42) and Robert Parish (who played until just short of 44). My body is lanky and flexible like theirs. That gives me some hope I can do it. — Chicago Tribune
# ‘I think I can really help teams like Miami and Cleveland,” Pippen said. ”Detroit is a contender, too, but they are overstocked and probably have no place for a guy like me.
“I’m not going to be a nonstop high-flyer like I was in my prime. But I can still run. I can still dunk. But most of all, I know the game.” — Chicago Sun-Times


  1. Anonymous

    He’s too old! I would not want to see him on the pistons.

  2. Anonymous


  3. Anonymous

    He’s not good because he’s old, just look at Michael Jordan when he came out of retirement, to play for the wizards, he sucked, case closed. I’m not even worried.

  4. Anonymous

    Yeah and MJ avg 20 ppg.. Pippen wont but he is very smart and could really help. And He knows SHEED!

  5. Anonymous

    Pippen is no threat,if he plays, or doesn’t play for the stones.

  6. Anonymous

    i dont care if he is good or not, i dont care what team he joins, i never had love for bball back in the days of jordan so i never seen em play live on tv and i would really love it if pippen came out and played, u guys cant talk shyt just yet because he prolly knows what the heck he’s doin so let him go ahead and play and if he does suck then talk all the shit u fuckers want

  7. Anonymous

    stop swearing

  8. Israeli fan

    The pistons don’t need pipen in their roster. It’ll be sad for him since he won’t play much minutes under saunders…

  9. gee gee

    i think pipen is half stepping. now if he wanted to play so badly he should have started the beginning of the season like the rest of these players. don’t try, and think you are coming to save the day like mighty mouse or something, because some of these teams already have found their rotation, and coming in the postseason is going to mess that up. i think this is some kinda of ploy to come and want and play during the playoffs,why not come back for the regular season up to the playoffs, what is he going to do after the whole season is over, retire, just because he did his job which was to help a team win a championship, and somehow get the glory of helping a team win, when it really was the team that was before him and he just suddenly jumped in at the last minute?

    my problem here isn’t that he is too old to play, the problem is that i think he should come in during the second half of the season or wait until next year and start out fresh where he could actually fit into the rotation. because i am sure that the man can still play and i know people would want him on their team.

  10. Anonymous

    if mj played sorry when he can back then more than half the league needs to be that sorry cause not only is he the oldest player to score 40 points in a game twice, he average 30 points every since turning 40 at one point in the season, first year with washington he scored 51 poits one night and 45 the next, so what are you guys talking about, and lastly the pistons would be wise to get PIPPEN his ball handling, defense, playmaking and no how would help them when the pistons get to taking nights off.

  11. Anonymous

    oh by the way for those to young to remember scottie was the one who created the whole point forward position he is the guy Tay patterns his game after along with any player 6’8 who can handle the rock, Pippen is one of those rare players that can impact the game with his defense and playmaking alone, i hope the pistons give him a try, if it works it works, and if i dosen’t no harm done, because outside of prince on the pistons who the HELL is going to challenge SCOTTIE at 70% for minutes who delfino?, Flipp murray?


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