The Original Pistons Introductions

by | Feb 15, 2007 | 20 comments

The Original OG’s…..

I was almost teary eyed when I watched this. It’s been years but it sticks in my memory like it was yesterday. Thanks to Nate from the Fanhouse for digging this one up.

Here is the 2007 version.


  1. Anonymous

    tell me why we have the hottest team arounddd ;] yessssirrrr

  2. Ian

    Natalie, could you try and get a revised version of the intros with Webber in it now?

  3. Natalie

    They haven’t broadcast them yet.

  4. Mike D.mrnnx

    Don’t you think she would post the new version if she could?

  5. Lorenzo


  6. pistons tiil the daii ii diie

    Alright mike d.mrnnx.. u need to cut it out… he asked Natalie!

  7. jessica

    The ending to the 2007 version is hallarious!!!!


  8. Junior

    man what a killer squad that was. Its good to see Abdenour too. I think when its all said and done he needs a banner in the rafters. Put his name and a bandaid or something on it.

  9. Mike D.

    Challax bro, Nat doesn’t take requests.

  10. garold

    There’s something about… anything to do with the original Bad Boys, that will always seem to trump – or perhaps feel more magical than today’s Pistons… unless they bring it all home this year and next. That just might do it for me.

    But in the meantime, it just puts you in a catatonic state; imagining Rodman, Buddha, Laimbeer, Dumars, and Isiah taking the court against any opponent after their 1st championship, and watching their swagger – knowing no one will deny them their back-to-back Ship.

    Well, it’s the All-Star break, so we take a pause from real basketball, and reflect on other things in life. Sometimes the Pistons suffer through bad breaks, but their fans do too. Here’s a touching story: A Pistons Fan In Need Of Help. Hopefully, someday soon, she’ll be able to enjoy rooting for the Detroit Pistons wholeheartedly, without the realities that sometimes get in the way.

  11. Anonymous

    mike d why do you have 2 different names? You also need to get the fuck off this website!

  12. Mickey

    yo natalie aka nate dogg….just so ya know for future reference, saying original OG is repetative…O in OG is original.

    just thought ya might wanna change it…mad love though.

  13. Anonymous

    dang Mike everytime someone ask Natalie something you always get on the defense. Can some on ask Nat a question without you going crazy. If she didn’t care what other people wanted she wouldn’t have made this site. DUH! anywayz that’s so cool. Our team is the best around YEAH! I like how they still have the same song, but did you see those glasses was I born then….. what year was that?

  14. Anonymous

    I don’t care what anyone says, the 89-90 Pistons were the most physical, brutal, best basketball team ever. Players would be hauled off in stretchers after playin the Bad Boyz. This team would kick any teams ass nowadays in the NBA. They played rough like hockey and football players. Bill Laimbeer=Bob Probert. Nowadays David Stern turned the NBA into a sissy game. No you fart or look at a player the wrong way you can get a foul, tech, or even ejected in d-Wades case. Fart on d-wade auto foul. Look at the last final’s between the Heat and Mavs, C’mon who really wants to watch a game of mostly free throws? Not me.

  15. Anonymous

    natalie i know u dont take requests but it’d be real nice if u could be the first one to put up a c-webb wallpaper up with him in pistons uniform thanks i love u too

  16. Natalie

    Come on now…quit telling people to get off the Website. Mike going nowhere and neither is anyone else.

    As for the Webber wallpaper, I have said this quite a few times that I will make one as soon as I get a chance.

    As for the OG…I knew that but I put it up there for those who don’t. Kind of like 2 separate statements..I guess it just makes sense in my head.

    Also Please Do NOT make requests in the comments, I have said this before that The NBA doesn’t take kindly to me putting up game video. Mike D. is just trying to keep me and out of hot water.

  17. Anonymous

    my bad wont request again and thanks for the wallpaper i see it up now

  18. Natalie

    No Problem… i’t just not cool to request in the COMMENTS.

  19. gee gee

    who was announcing them, now if they had mason it would have been even more crazy, i could see it now lol. yeah i miss that old team, maybe we could bring back chuck daly, or even have laimber could come and coach our pistons the og way. i think they could revive the bad boy era, and plus we have joe d who could give a few pointers…man they would be unstoppable. they might not be like them, but dammit they could come close to it lol.
    i love the detroit pistons.

  20. honey

    ha! i didn’t know the whole Abdenour hand off the bench thing with Chauncey was a throwback to Isiah. too funny!


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