Webber Adds To A Solid Foundation

by | Feb 14, 2007 | 18 comments

The Pistons have a new teammate and he is fitting in quite well. Detroit has looked like the team to beat since Webber has been a Piston and added a new dimension to a team that was missing that little something.

Chris has brought his passing skills, and basketball IQ to a team full of unselfish players. A team that, for the most part has been together for quite some time now. A team full of players who want to win a championship and nothing more. A team that doesn’t fight for shots or vow to put 50 points on their “enemies.” A team that loves to play defense just as much as they like a breakaway dunk. A team that have each other backs both on the court and off. A team that has as much fun in the locker room after a big win as they do grinding it out on court. A team that respects each other and what each of them bring to the table. A team of Friends….

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Friends that have welcomed him like he’s been here for years. And if things keep going the way they have been lately, this bunch of Friends will have more to celebrate than just their friendship.

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  1. Anonymous

    Great job. I love what you wrote because what you wrote is all TRUE

  2. Anonymous

    The missing piece – nicely done!

  3. Anonymous

    i don’t just love the creativness on this site, the writing gets you hooked!! well done=]


  4. Anonymous

    aww this is so cute !


    and happy valentines day!

  5. Anonymous

    Good job Natalie.

    Everbody said Ben was the heart of the team. I think they just got a heart transplant with Webber. I love seeing how happy he is on the team, and how happy they are to have him.

  6. Anonymous

    awwwwwww its Rip’s birthday todayyy !!


  7. Anonymous

    that was so sweet….. when I read it. At first I was distracted by the way each sentence started with an “A” and the “A’s” were going diagonally, but after I read it I was like AWWW! i just read the Chauncey and Rip article on pistons.com it was so sweet. I love this team……… we going all the way. HAPPY BIRTHDAY RIP!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥


  8. Anonymous

    I love this page 🙂
    Happy Birthday Rip!!!

  9. Anonymous

    that was wrote so well Nat. And so ture witht he puzzel. Sheed was that our missing link in 04 and now webber nust might be that ppeice now. I like waht I see when the pistons play. they all look like they are haing fun even the bench. It see sheed smiling and playing with emotion again is the best. Webber has brought sheed back to the fans and I love it. Inthe game the other night when sheed was taken out of the game because they had this one and the crowed all was like “sheed’ he stopped and looked up into the crowd and just smiled, it was great and the look inhis eyes said I am happy.

  10. Anonymous

    I think I’m in love…

  11. Collin

    ESPN’s most likely players to be traded…

    2. Mike James, Timberwolves
    In the category of “seemed like a good idea at the time” (see Harrington, Al, in Indiana), we point to Minnesota’s signing of this free agent last summer as the next mistake the Wolves will try to rectify.

    The Heat are very interested, but so too are the Pistons and Cavaliers. And since Detroit (able and willing to move Nazr Mohammed, Dale Davis and Flip Murray) can likely outbid Cleveland and Miami, the educated guess here is that James is back playing Deeee-troit bas-ket-ball by this time next week.

  12. Lorenzo

    Natalie, will you be my valentine? i <3 you. This piece made me want to cry.

  13. Anonymous

    nice touch putting dyess on there. spot on.

  14. Natalie

    I can’t believe that everyone is getting so choked up by this….maybe it’s because it’s so true 🙂

    Thanks for the offer Lorenzo, I accept as long as I get a Piston win tonight.

  15. Junior

    I heard an old “FRIEND” might be joining us once again. That is if Jerry West will part with him. He would be exactly what we need. Plus Chucky is still a fan fav. This is the deal I want to go down.

  16. Anonymous

    AMEN!! let that guy on livejournal eat his words!

  17. gee gee

    happy birthday rip, aww a valentine’s baby lol…

    hey nat i like this piece…and it’s like you put my comment about webber on the post about him being the last piece of the puzzle into visualization…keep up the good work. i love your work and it inspires me and makes me happy and geeked…and makes me feel more and more positive that our pistons will be in the finals. all because of the positivity and their productivness.

    it is going to be 2004 finals all over again…the east wasn’t that dominate as the west, but in the end the east conquered and took it all….goooo pistons…when i say detroit…you say basketball


  18. SolShine7

    Wow! This is so cool. Stuff like this makes me glad to be a Pistons fan. Thanks for all the hard work and creativity you put into this site. I really enjoy it!


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