Could Mike James Be Returning To Motown?

by | Feb 14, 2007 | 18 comments

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Mike James, Timberwolves
“In the category of “seemed like a good idea at the time” (see Harrington, Al, in Indiana), we point to Minnesota’s signing of this free agent last summer as the next mistake the Wolves will try to rectify.

The Heat are very interested, but so too are the Pistons and Cavaliers. And since Detroit (able and willing to move Nazr Mohammed, Dale Davis and Flip Murray) can likely outbid Cleveland and Miami, the educated guess here is that James is back playing Deeee-troit bas-ket-ball by this time next week.” Via ESPN

Chucky Atkins may be a long shot.


  1. Detroit_City

    man it would be great to see Mike James come back, he was a great part of that bench with Memo and Corliss a couple years ago…it sure would help this team to have 2 reliable backup guards than one and a half

  2. Anonymous

    do we want him or are the pistons doing well that we can wait out for a better trade. We are doing so well that I think we would do better in a trade for who we have.

  3. gee gee

    if they are going to trade somebody trade fip and dale but leave nazr behind, i think we can still work with him…he could be our secret weapon please don’t let him go

  4. Anonymous

    noooo i think we are PERFECT the way we are now.. we dont need any new additions, in my opinion, to mess up the rotations or the starting lineups ! .. but if we are going to trade.. i say keep nazr and GET FLIP OUTTA HURRRR !!

  5. Anonymous

    If Mike James were to return to the Pistons, that would be AMAZING. We need a scorer off the bench(other than McDyess)… and that is exactlly what Mikey is, a shoot first COMBO gaurd… The addition would put the Pistons WAY above the east. Get rid of Flip and Nazr… I am not worried about Chris re-signing with us, because you can tell he is loving it here. (at least for now, until we start losing, which shouldnt happen) I’m still hopeful for Morris Peterson, however i dont see the raptors, who are slowly and steadly improving getting rid of one of their guys… That said, Morris would take Delfinos minutes and with the way Carlos has been playing I would have to say that would not be a good thing. Shoot, even Chucky Atkins would be good, either way Joe better find us some more help because although Chris was a good signing, we are still missing that 1 bench player to put us back to our championship team. GO PISTONS, own the Spurs…. Please! (Cannot watch the game up here in Mt. Pleasant! Seriously someone needs to get the Pistons organization to play all the games on Central Michigans campus, i hate when the games are on MY 20 or WDIV, because we dont get the games up here. Its depressing, look into it Nat, thanks ;) oh and Happy Valentines Day everyone)

  6. gee gee

    yeah i agree that we should add another bench player that could get us some points, but then i also agree with the person that said that we should leave the pistons the way they are because they are doing just fine…i am torn. whatever they do please just keep nazr and get a person that won’t be a pre madonna, who will play their ass off, and won’t mess up our rotation.

  7. Kevin

    I can’t think of too many backup point guards who are better than Mike James. He was great for us during the championship run and provided a real change of pace coming off the bench. I think he’s a good enough point guard that we’d still be competitive should something happen to Chauncey in the playoffs.

  8. Nate

    That would be great…Flip and Nazr gone for Mike James. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.


  9. Anonymous

    It would be great to bring the old “pitbull” combo of Lindsey and Mikey.

    Sic em onto the opposing guards.

    But what was that crap tonight, bored of playing the Spurs?

  10. Hoops Addict

    Don’t do it Dumars! As a Raptors fan I can attest to how horrible he was for the Raptors last season despite posting huge numbers.

    His ego is out of control as you can tell from the audio clips I posted on my blog (he compares himself to a drunk driver).

  11. Anonymous

    it would be great having mike james back but i kind-a feel sad 4 nazr if he gets traded. flip murray is not a good fit for us but he seems to be a nice guy(you guys see the way he was enjoying the fun with sheed in the pic that natalie posted even though his playing time is not that much) he is a good “sport” but not the right fit for our pistons. i wish him good luck.

  12. Anonymous

    i hope tonight’s game wasn’t a preview of this year’s Finals…c’mon, ‘stones, where was the hustle? lindsay going 3-3 and outscoring the rest of the starters at one point? yikes. maybe the break will do some good..but i have faith.

  13. Anonymous

    A trade must be made, our bench defense is solid, but we need a perimeter scorer who is consistant. Otherwise we should play flip and naz. If we don’t trade em, and let them rot on the bench, it’s going to kill me. I say trade naz for james, banks, knight or watson, and then trade flip for jalen rose. Go Pistons!

  14. Anonymous

    if i was joe i wouldnt trade for mike james because he wants to be a starter thats why hes upset in minny and everybody knows hes not going to get starter minutes here so all he would do is screw up the chemistry here go after mo pete joe fuck bonzi and mike james they have attitude problems

  15. Anonymous

    I want mo to stay in TO. He is goos there and doing well for them. I would like to see him as a piston but being from Canada the raptors are my nest fav. team to Detroit and they are doing very well and mo has been there for so long and it would be said to see him go. I was jalen to come he os great off the bench. He did well with TO before leaving. Also I watched the pistons game last night but got to see a little of the raptors games as well I do not think I have ever watched a game where the fans hated someone as much as they do vince carter. Anytime he had the ball they booed him and said carter sucked. IT was so funny thats all you could hear.

  16. garold

    While Mo Pete would love playing in Detroit, I don’t see that happening unil he becomes a FA; it does makes sense for Toronto to be a seller.

    Yes, acquiring Mike James, and moving Murray in the process would be another dream come true. Why would the T’Wolves be interested? Maybe to take Davis’ expiring contract, and Murray who can opt out of his, and become a FA.

    Trading for Nazr staight-up for James doesn’t make sense for Minny, unless he’s really become a disruption there. Cap-wise, Flip and Davis does work out though.

  17. garold

    I meant it doesn’t make sense for Toronto

  18. Nate

    I really hope this trade doesnt mean that Joe D thinks C-Bill is out next year…


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