Sheed Enjoys The Spare Tires

by | Feb 13, 2007 | 31 comments

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Rasheed and Flip Murry get a kick out of The Pistons dance squad, The Spare Tires, Monday night against the Clippers.


  1. Anonymous

    hey natalie, i found this clip from the free press:
    “The closest the Clippers came after that was 12 points, a wall they hit at the beginning of the fourth quarter when Sam Cassell completed a three-point play. From there, the Pistons embarked on a 13-2 run highlighted with a put-back dunk from Antonio McDyess that had Wallace running down the floor in hysterics”

    can you post a video clip of that dunk?! (and sheed’s reaction)

  2. mike d.

    yooo, this is not a request site. Nat can get in big trouble from D. Stern for putting certain vids up. SO STOP ASKING!

    All Nat does all day is TCB, if she finds a vid that’s Need4Sheed worthy, then it’s going up.

    She certainly doesn’t have time to humor everyone in the comments wishes.

  3. Anonymous

    i was at that game not sum thing u want to c when your eating.

  4. Anonymous

    ^^^haha i wish we had a video of them dancing.

  5. Anonymous

    Mike D

    As right as you may be, please dont take such a angry tone, the guy obviously doesn’t know that Natalie doesn’t just post any video, so cut the guy some slack…

  6. Mike D.

    The angry tone wasn’t strictly directed at him, but all people requesting videos. This has been an ongoing thing.

    Try cutting Nat some slack. She may run this website like a champ, but remember she does it all by herself.

    She’s got a life too damnit!!!

  7. Anonymous

    your still yelling….. dang! he just asked a simple question. There are things people would like to see its just a question…… too much hostility. OVER EXAGGERATING.

  8. Mike D.

    Dear Mr. anonymous

    Since you’re probably the original homer who asked for the video in the first place…

    I’m sorry that I upset you with what I said. You obviously have some sort of chip on your shoulder and I am sorry that I knocked it off with my “angry tone”.

    I never meant to cause any type of uproar in the comments. The only person that I’m here to argue for is Natalie.

  9. Steve

    I can see where Mike D. is coming from, I myself am a daily reader and have been noticing quite a few requests for videos lately, most of them don’t even say please.

    I can only imagine how hard it is to keep up with a site like this, especially doing everything that Natalie offers us, all by herself.

    Your doing a great job Natalie keep up the good work.

    Thank You for all of those who don’t !

  10. Anonymous

    Spare Tires are great. Finally, a dance team I could try out for.

    Also, Natalie does a GREAT job. I got hooked on this sight quite a while ago and now check it at least daily to se what’s new. Given that I am a Pistons fan who doesn’t live in Michigan, this is a great source for information on my favorite team.

    On a side note, did anyone catch the interview with Delfino on NBA TV? It was the first time I have ever seen the guy talk. Finally have a voice to put with a face 🙂

  11. Anonymous

    Natalie does an wonderfull job with this site. I am so happy we have her becuase if it waws not for her most of us fansa would not know half the things we know about the pistons. Ever since I found this site I have been coming here everyday. Being so far away form the pistons and all the local stations I come here to get update and she always has them. Please keep up the great work and thank you for everything you do.

    As well people correct me if I am worng but was it not last season that Natalie posted that she had been contacted from the NBA about everything she posts and asking for her to stop? I think with all that she still trys to get a few high lights and interviews even know she could get in trouble for it. Again thank you for all you have done with this site keep up the great work.

  12. Anonymous

    hey natalieee, i was just wondering since hes pretty much given the pistons a whole new kind of energy, do u have a c webb wallpaper coming soon??

    and its just a question to all u guys arguing up there!! its not a video or anything.. im just wonderinggggg so lets cut the drama downnnn!

  13. Natalie

    Yes It’s very difficult to run the site these days. I can’t post every video that is asked for along with all the Wallpaper requests. It takes time and I tend to do things when I have time. I try to do my best.

    I cannot really post game play video, the NBA wants you to go to for highlights.

    Thank you to everyone who appreciates what I do, I do what I can when I can. As for a Chris Webber Wallpaper, one is coming as soon as I get time.

  14. Anonymous

    What a great image!
    And those guys can dance, so can their spare tires….lol

    Thank goodness they rescinded that last tech on Sheed.

  15. Anonymous

    thanks for the polite response natalie :] take as long as u need, im just happy theres even a good pistons website PRESENT to visit!


  16. Anonymous

    hey, i’m that anonymous first post. i’ve always been a rasheed/pistons fan but only discovered the site a few days ago, and therefore didn’t know a) about Natalie running this site all by herself, and b) that the NBA doesn’t allow one to add highlight clips. so in light of that, i sincerely compliment Natalie on the quality of the site, and i’m sorry for offending the other readers.

  17. Natalie

    Its all good! I am glad you enjoy the site but most of all SHEEEEED!

  18. Mike D.

    Anonymous first poster…

    It wasn’t your fault, and I promise that you offended no one.

    I’m glad that you like the site and hope you continue to enjoy it’s SHEEDTASTICness.

  19. Anonymous

    mike d., you need a girlfriend!

  20. Anonymous

    mike d,

    does the d stand for dumbass?

  21. Anonymous

    Pistons fans who don’t live in Michigan are bandwagon jumpers!

  22. Mike D.

    Woah…I guess the pissed of guy from earlier had a stroke of genius from 11:19-11:23pm.

    Who’s the over aggressive one now?

  23. Anonymous

    mike d needs to get laid, LOL.

  24. Mike D.

    Mr. anonymous needs to get a life, LOL.

  25. Anonymous

    mike d, needs to get a job, cause he’s on here all the time ranting. mike d, Get out of your parents basement for a while. Turn off your computer. Nobody wants you on here!

  26. Anonymous

    ^^^^hahaha, that was the funniest comment I have ever seen.

  27. Anonymous

    Anonymous said…
    Pistons fans who don’t live in Michigan are bandwagon jumpers!

    11:27 PM

    ^^ are u serious ?? PLEASEEEE get a lifeeee and maybe a good brain while youre at it..i, like MANYYY other pistons fans, do not live in michigan, but have been a pistons fan since i started watching basketball.. its the BANDWAGONERS who say that kind of stuff anyways.. so let me know when youre done riding

    and leave mike d alone.. quit talking about getting laid and talka bout the MAIN subject.. BASKETBALL… geez people always trying to start stuff over the internet.. pathetic

  28. Natalie

    How can anyone besides MYSELF tell anyone else to get off this site?

    I praise Mike D. for sticking up for me and helping me keep an eye out for things on He knows me and knows how hard it is to satisfy all the many requests I get whether they be in the comments or behind the scenes.

    That fact that people are commenting like this so immaturely is beyond me. The original poster apologized for the request even though he didn’t need to and Mike D. graciously apologized if his words were taken out of context and told him to enjoy the site.

    As for the commentators that have nothing better to say than “get laid” or “get a girlfriend” that’s just simple minded and immature. This is a place to talk basketball not belittle people.

    The Comment about Pistons Fans who don’t live in Michigan are Bandwagon Jumpers could be about the most idiotic statement I have ever heard. Just simply think about that in your head and try to make sense of it….

    Now that’s it…. Play nice… Everyone is welcome here as long as they respect others and their opinions. If you don’t then don’t bother commenting because all it takes is a click of a mouse for me to delete a comment. Please don’t add more work for me by making me a babysitter.

    Thank you Mike D. and the people that were classy about what is going on in this post.

  29. jessica

    Preach on Nat!! LOL j/k

  30. Anonymous

    That’s for defending us “bandwagon jumpers” who don’t live in Michigan Natalie 🙂

    I was born and raised in Detroit. I got a job opportunity years ago in Minnesota, so I moved here. Most of my family and friends are still in Michigan.

    I am a HUGE Pistons fan. It has become a family tradition to attend the one game a year they have here in Minnesota with my wife and kids. This past year I got lucky enough to attend a game at the Palace too when visiting family in Michigan. For the other games, I subscribe to NBA league pass. I try to watch the entire season, but usually manage to miss a few games due to conflicts. Because I don’t live in Michigan I don’t get to see the local coverage of the team. This site, and Natalie, help me out with that. National coverage of the Pistons stinks because they are not a “fan favorite”.

    There are some perks to attending a Pistons game not in Detroit too. Every year we get there nice and early. We go down to the court as they are warming up, and usually sit a couple of rows from the front. The kids get autographs and I get awesome pictures for my collection. A couple of years ago my daughter even got selected to go out before the game a meet the team captains on both sides. She was given a basketball and it was autographed by Chauncey, Ben and KG. The T-wolves photographer also took an awesome picture of it which we had blown up and framed.

    We may not live in Michigan, but we are Pistons fans.

  31. Anonymous

    thats just wrong


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