Pistons Coast Past The Clippers

by | Feb 13, 2007 | 11 comments

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The Pistons had a pretty easy time in their 92-74 win against The Clippers Monday night at The Palace. Los Angeles, who took the court minus their leading scorer Elton Brand, kept it close in the first half, but slowly let the Pistons mount a lead. Chris Webber led the way for the Pistons with 19 points, 9 rebounds and 3 assists. The Pistons, who are on a 7 game winning steak are 11-2 with Webber in the starting lineup.

Key Points:

  • Rasheed’s 15th technical foul was rescinded.
  • All the Pistons starters were in double figures.
  • Clippers shot 32% for the floor and 30% from behind the 3 point line.
  • Dyess had 3 blocked shots, two of them on one possession.
  • Maxiell got in the game early, and played a 13 minutes. Max was 1-4 for 2 points a block and a rebound, but he was hustling the entire time.
  • Chris Webber hand offs usually result in a basket.
  • Tayshaun had his way, and pretty much got every shot he wanted. 14 points, 5 rebounds and 3 assists.
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  • I am not afraid of Kaman anymore, I used to think he looked like a serial killer with his long hair.
  • Rip is starting to hit his 3’s again.
  • Delfino has been extremely impressive lately, doing everything out on the floor and being the player I always thought he could be. 22 minutes 7 points and a assist and a whole lot of hustle.
  • Tayshaun’s hanging floaters are so pretty.
  • Flip Murray and Nazr Mohammed sightings. I kinda feel bad for Nazr, but the Pistons are winning so I don’t feel that bad.
  • 21 assists for the Pistons.
  • I wish I was a Bowler.
  • Pistons love the put back Jam!
  • The wide open shots are coming easy.
  • Rasheed just wants to take it to the rim.
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  • McDyess and Sheed look like they are having fun again.
  • I always liked Cuttino Mobley.
  • Surprised Cassell didn’t play much.
  • Sweet pass to C-Webb by Chauncey under the basket through traffic. Count that baby and a foul.
  • Lindsey Hunter was just 1-for-8 and 0-for-4 from downtown. I have come to the conclusion that he’s either hot or cold, there is no in between.
  • Nice to see Spartan Paul Davis get some playing time in his hometown.
  • C-Webb bounce pass through defenders to Rip for a Jam.
  • I think Webber licks his hands after he touches the ball every time.
  • They are playing like they have been on the court together for years. And having fun doing it.
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  • I think Webber is trying to prove something to all the naysayers….Just look at him jump since he’s been on the team.
  • Sheed had a huge follow up flush on a Webber miss.
  • Tim Thomas took 10 three pointers and made just 3. Somewhere Larry Brown is cringing.
  • It’s nice to get blowout before the Spurs come to town on Wednesday.
  • Webber should have had 21 points, but the refs called a Webber put back jam goal tending.
  • Balanced scoring, nobody seems to have to carry the team since Webber got here.
  • Saunders is doing better as of late with his rotation.
  • McDyess came out of nowhere to throw down a Lindsey Hunter miss. He looked like he wanted to take down the rim, it was impressive.
  • Passing has been stellar to say the least.


  1. Anonymous

    It was a fun game to watch, but they all have been lately. I was disappointed not to see Cassell more. I actually met the guy at an autograph signing session in Minnesota the day after the Piston’s lost game 7 in the finals to San Antonio. My son asked him about the game and he said he was hoping for a Piston’s victory too. Shortly after Minnsota traded him (stupid move). You could see after the game he was pretty friendly with the Pistons though.

  2. downtown

    I’d pay $10 a game to watch on TV if we could have a microphone on Sheed. Although the BALL DONT LIE on the first missed freethrow near the end was clear as a bell. Not as loud as Dunleavey screaming BULLSHIT that got him the technical.

  3. yvgeni

    someone needs to start working on a C-Webb’s Greatest Passes video. That guy is just getting better and better with old age… and as he loses power and endurance, he is exploding with finesse.

    He might even be better than Vlade Divac.

  4. Detroit_City

    great points nat, u forgot that super sweet hesitation move that Chauncey put on Kaman! I swear he almost fell over

  5. Anonymous

    You know what really bothers me..there is a guy on livejournal who says that Webber is horrorable and makes the pistons unwatchable..I would like whatever he is smoking.

  6. gee gee

    go pistons they are doing their thang right now and i am so proud of them, and i am so happy sheed’s tech got rescinded.

    and the thing about chris webber is they way he came to the team. he was seriously the last piece of the puzzle… you know what i mean. the pistons were already good but just adding him made them even better. chris plays like he’s been a part of that team for the 3 or 4 years they have been together. such a big star but so unselfish, regardless what they say about him not moving like he use to, whatever. he is moving to the right tune, getting those passes and shots, so chris whatever you are doing keep doing it because you are just making us look good, and the haters look like a-holes.

    good win for them last night against the clippers, and a good boost of motivation for the last game tomorrow night against the spurs. come on pistons you have home court advantage on this one show them what ya workin with lol.

  7. garold

    I’ve been rather surprised with the Pistons’ progress defensively. Slowly, they are climbing to the top of PG% Allowed in the NBA, trailing only Chicago and Houston. Without any doubt, Delphino is helping out there with his rebounding. As his confidence grows, so will the rest of his stats.

    For now the Pistons have to live with whatever Lindsey can give in his minutes. Ideally, he’d only be playing around 12 minutes, but there isn’t that option now, unless Flip Murray gets worked back into the rotation, to see if he’s starting to get it yet. I don’t think that confidence in him exists, or ever will exist. While Rip is durable, it would be better if his minutes could be shaved a bit.

    Detroit has been proving that they really don’t need more than 20 pts off the bench; with 30, they’d be blowing teams out every night. If Jason Maxiell can increase his output just a bit, the necessity for a trade diminishes somewhat. If Nazr doesn’t get moved, he’ll probably start getting some minutes again.

    The Spurs must be dreading ending their long, disasterous road trip in Detroit. I’m sensing a St. Valentine’s Day Massacre, on the Pistons’ way to 8 in-a-row.

  8. Anonymous

    Whats going on with Narz? please answer anyone. I really like him but i think he gets extremly nervous when he plays like the last couple minutes in blow out games. why’d flip get him out of rotation, anyways? i thought he was a well ajusted player who can play.

  9. Anonymous

    Not trying to be rude but if you must not have watched the Pistons play with Flip Murray. He proved to be nothing of what the Pistons needed him to be.

    As for Nazr…he’s on his way out if Joe Dumars can get anything for him. He also was a band aid to fix the whole that was left by Ben Wallace. He’s a decent player but clearly not a worthy starting center.

  10. Anonymous

    I feel sorry for Nazr ya he did not have what it took to fill bens shoes but he was doing ok and when he was showing promise before webber came here Flip stopped going to him for what ever reason I do not know. I think that Flip could find him minutes if he really wanted to and I know nazr would play his best when he was out there he seems to want to get the ball when he is on the floor. as for the game I think the pistons did what needed to be done to out the clippers away early.

  11. Detroit_City

    nazr was always in foul trouble, there were few games that he did not pick up two in the first quarter and then that forced the bench into a position that thankfully they could handle thanks to mcdyess. Nazr is not a starter, he is a good 6 or 7 player, but as long as hes in detroit, he will fall to 8 or 9 behind lindsey, delfino and mcdyess…maybe soon even Jason Maxiell


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