Sheed Goes On A Rampage To Beat The Raptors

by | Feb 11, 2007 | 28 comments

The Pistons came back from a poor first quarter to beat the Toronto Raptors 98-92 Saturday night at The Palace. Detroit and Toronto both came into Saturday’s game on five game winning streaks, but it was the clutch play of Rasheed Wallace that put the Pistons over the top in the fourth quarter.

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Sheedtastic Key Points:

  • Rip Hamilton 21 points,4 rebounds and 8 assists. When we need him he’s there.
  • Chauncey Billups struggled with his shot 3-for-11 for 14 points.
  • Lindsey Hunter was a huge spark off the bench, fantastic D along with 12 points and 5 assists.
  • Flagrant foul called on Rip didn’t look intentional at all to me.
  • The Raptors shot 22 3’s and made 7.
  • Sheed hit three 3-pointers.
  • All but one of Morris Peterson’s 8 shots were 3’s. He made 2.
  • Rasheed pretty much shut Chris Bosh down.
  • On the other end, Sheed had his way shooting right over Bosh in the post.
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  • I was very surprised with the amount of Raptor fans at the Palace. They were pretty loud in the first quarter but I hardly heard a peep out of them by the fourth.
  • Chris Webber didn’t have a huge night but quite honestly we didn’t need him to because Sheed was money.
  • This was probably one of Delfinos’ best games in terms of what he brought when the Pistons needed something.
  • I was surprised how quiet Dice was.
  • I knew this Toronto team was good.
  • Nesterovic still sucks.
  • T.J. Ford is so quick and back up point Calderon is great off the bench.
  • The Pistons looked awful in the first quarter, I was happy they got things together and Played Pistons ball.
  • I didn’t even notice Tayshaun.
  • Rasheed had a season high 28 points. He also got quite a few of these.
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  • As soon as I noticed that Sheed got rid of his headband I knew he was going to take over.
  • Maxiell played 16 minutes, pulled down 5 rebounds, blocked a shot and scored 2.
  • Bargnani shoots more 3’s than Sheed.
  • Sheed actually put his headband back on after a timeout. That’s the first time I have seen him put one back on. Once he ditches it, it’s history.
  • That’s 2 games in a row that Rip had a convincing dunk.
  • Someone at the Palace had my Cartoon Sheedtastic on a poster. It was up on the big screen but I didn’t see what it said.
  • The Pistons shot 50% with 28 assists.
  • Sheed has been living in the post and it’s marvelous.
  • This was total BS.

  • After that happened it was like someone poured gasoline on the fire. Sheed went off.
  • They went to Sheed from then on and he delivered.
  • After a barrage of Sheed points I get a text message from Mike D on each of my phones that says… “Sheed is a God!”
  • Then this happened…….

  • Now for those of you who weren’t at The Palace, just picture this…. Sheed hits that 3, the Raptors call a timeout. Sheed is emotional as he walks to the bench and then the theme to Rocky start playing with a Rasheed Wallace highlight video playing on the big screen with everyone in the Palace on their feet cheering at the top of their lungs. It was awesome.
  • That pretty much put the game away.
  • Thank God you can’t get called for a Technical foul after the game.

  • Free Sheed If this tech doesn’t get rescinded, Rasheed starts serving suspensions after his next one.


  1. TheGreatDane

    COUNT THAT BABY AND A FOUL! i was watching it over the net, Blaha is awesome 😀

    You really have to hand it to Delfino, he played a great game, he looked really comfortable with the ball, he had some sweet lefthanded lay-ups, and it’s great to see him get lots of minutes. And Hunter was huge too, i love the way he speeds up the court as soon as he gets the ball great energi he brings.

    Sheed was a monster :O He pulverized Bosh in both ends – gatta love it!


  2. Anonymous

    I love this game. I believe the tech was stupid and a lot of them are. I liked the way he played against the Lakers. He got some stupid calls, but he didn’t say anything he just shook his head and got back to the game, but I don’t want him to loose his emotion either because when he gets emotional he is unstoppable. So much for being bored with the regular season huh! Sheed. I love it.

    ♥*~ DetroitGirl4Ever ~*♥

  3. Anonymous

    Good Win for Detroit……. I can’t never watch the games, but I watch the boxscore on its not as fun. I didn’t like that “Sheed Is God” text that comparison should not be made at all even if its just playing… Its kinda offensive, but I love to see Sheed play with emotional. I saw the recap and I saw he didn’t have his head band on I thought to myself OH LORD! what has happen.

    ♥*~ DetroitGirl4Ever~*♥

  4. Anonymous

    This one had me worried until Sheed went off. Somehow, I knew that tech would work in our favor and I was so mad then Ford didn’t get one too. His reaction was far worse than Sheed’s.

    A tech to Sheed is like pain to Bruce Banner. He turns into the incredible Hulk.

  5. Anonymous

    ok I am back………. MAN NAW! that was even worth a tech. I heard Wooo! Chauncey was jumping in the air. Rasheed said WOOO! and a whistle. That upset me ……. TJ Ford should have gotten a foul. Now I know there out to get him. SUCK!

    ♥*~ DetroitGirl4Ever~*♥

  6. Anonymous

    that was soo stupid…i mean he didnt even say anything.when he tossed the ball, it was to an official and didnt chuck it at him..and he just turned around. chaunceys reaction to sheeds tech was like wtf are serious? grr.

  7. Anonymous

    Rasheed is so awesome when he gets pissed off, he should get mad every game he would be unstoppable, they love picking on him, the refs should just leave him alone he’s not hurting anybody, he’s a player who is full of heart and I love to watch him punish people when he feels like he is in the right! I loved it!!

  8. Anonymous

    what was sheed upset about at the end of the game? i was wondering why he was still turnin around and yelling as he walked off the court…

  9. Anonymous

    ahhh that makes me soo mad.. they had to HOLD BACK ford and he STILL didnt get a tech.. but whatever sheed showed them how it goes down when he gets cheated!

    im just nervous for which game hes going to have to miss when he gets his next tech.. i reallyyyy hope its not the bulls game either!

  10. Nikhil

    fuck the refs. old farts need to be at home watching games while getting their eyes checked instead of officiating them. They are all bias against sheed

  11. downtown

    Awesome Sheed. This game made the T rule look like a joke. Ford obviously should have got one by the same standard.

    I thought the Pistons were having to dig pretty deep to win this one. There is depth.. but pulling out this sort of effort every night thru the playoffs is gonna be a long road.

  12. Anonymous

    This is getting ridiculous. If your going to call techs on Sheed, fine, but be consistant in how you do it. There needs to be somebody to ref these refs. I think they oughta just fire the whole lot of them and hire new ones that don’t know any of the players so they don’t call techs based on past experience.

    Sheed getting called and T.J. Ford not is just proof of how inconsistant this rule is. I’ve seen Dwayne Wade flap his arms and cry after every non-call and call and not get technicals.

    They try to make it look like, well Kobe gets techs and suspensions. They’ve made Kobe the big star scape goat though and you have to think its because of what the league went through over his whole “colorado” situation. Because how is it that one night Kobe can accidentally elbow a guy (the biggest flopper in the league at that) in the face and get suspended for a game, but the next night Lebron can almost take a guys head off and not get suspended. It’s inconsitant all across the board and I’m sick of it.

    As a fan I want to be able to fix this for Sheed. I signed the petition but what else can we do. Our guy is getting dumped on because David Stern thinks he’s righting the league. But all he’s doing is making the game frustrating for the fans if you ask me.

  13. Anonymous

    How about we compromise and say Sheed is a god, with lower case? Then maybe it’ll be more clear to everyone that we’re speaking metaphorically, as well as being hyperbolic.

    Put that game in the dictionary under Sheedtastic!

    Sheed•tas•tic |SH ed’tastik|
    involving Rasheed Wallace and characterized by domination on both offense and defense, emotional play, and/or team-positive clowning, usually accompanied by a bullshit technical.

  14. Mike D.

    Actually I said “Sheed is GOD”.

  15. Eric

    I really hope this one gets rescinded. I think the video contrasting Sheed’s reaction which drew a technical foul and TJ Ford’s reaction which didn’t should be enough evidence for the league to take this one back. Really frustrating, especially when the original foul was a questionable call.

  16. ALMEI

    Natalie, what is the Piston organization doing or saying to the league regarding these technicals on Rasheed? I know Rasheed has a past reputation; thus the league (and refs) are bias to him. But–and this is the point I think the organization should be making, perhaps even the NBA player’s representatives–the great inconsistency in calling these technical fouls. You’re right, it is hard to understand the tech called on Rashhed in this game and not have a tech called on TJ. It sure seems as though the league has “selected vision” on a few players.

  17. gee gee

    david stern is jacking up these games especially for sheed. if anything, technical fouls shouldn’t be called on a player unless they touch the ball after making the shot or the player literally gets in the ref’s face talking smack. and i do think that refs are being bias on who they give the techs to, and if david stern wants this to be a civilized game or whatever he is trying to do, which is definately not working in my eyes, he should take advice from, this time, the fans. because he took all the emotion out of basketball, both from the fans and the players. that’s what we pay to see, this is both a sport and entertainment.

    just like he messed up with the new basketball situation, he is messing up the rules of the game. hopefully he sees what is going on and goes back to the old rules like he did with the ball.

    and i pray that sheeds tech gets abrogated, because he is our energy shocket, when he gets rowdy, it is over.

  18. Anonymous

    I agree that that tech should be recinded, because TJ Ford and the coach should have gotten techs too, however just to play devil’s advocate look at it from a ref’s eyes. I mean Sheed was pretty much fuming since the first quarter and talking stuff to the refs, on some more questionable calls, throughout the game. But come on even refs mess up, so unless players make every shot they put up and never make a turnover they should have a little more sympathy for how hard it is for the refs to get it right every time. Although sometimes I think they do single out Sheed.

    Plus think of what refs go through,
    1. they travel just like players do so they probably have jet lag too.
    2. They probably don’t get the millions players do.
    3. Then the majority of their job involves trying to calm down angry players.
    4. Not to mention probably the only time an nba fan will come up to them on the street will be to complain about a bad call they made in a game, not for their autograph or to congratulate them.

    Anyway that’s enough of that.

    PS I love this site especially the bullets. Thinking about doing my next paper in bullet points, just for fun.

    Keep up the good work!

  19. dave

    natalie , i feel that you downplay tayshuan too much. sure this game was all sheed, and chauncey and rip carry the scoring load in most games, but tayshaun really deserves more credit for the pistons success. especially from such an exemplaray pistons fan such as yourself.

    also, now that washington has lost 4 of 5 without jamison and cleveland is proving to have no heart, is there any chance that the pistons don’t win the east? we are up by what, 3 full games now, and streaking into the allstar break. with the number 1 seed in the east we might get a crack at miami in the first round. wouldn’t that be something.

    one last thing, gilbert suckball arenas guaranteed 50 points against the blazers today, and then missed all 8 3-point attempts while scoring 9 points and 5 turnovers in a 20 point loss. that guy is one pathetic loser. i have always known he was a pathetic loser, but i’m glad today that the nba world got to see it magnified. all he cares about is his own accomplishments: allstar games, olympic teams, mvp awards… what a loser. enjoy your 9 little points Gilbert.

  20. Nate

    Poor Bosh…nobody should have to guard Sheed when he goes off like that. Awesome to watch.


  21. jess

    normally sheed SUCKS but last night he was pretty good…

  22. Natalie

    Gee Gee….well said

    Dave..I don’t agree with you, I give a ton of credit to Tayshaun. If it weren’t for him we wouldn’t have even made it past Cleveland last year. Tay is a cornerstone.

    As for Gilbert.. I couldn’t agree with you more. I have been saying that since he claimed he was going to be the MVP of the all star game 2 years ago. I wish I had seen that game.

    I wonder we are going to find out if this tech gets taken off the books?

  23. Anonymous

    I don’t understand how they can that offensive foul on Sheed when he was just standing there holding the ball?
    Even his butt didn’t move??

    FREE SHEED, turn that T over to punk ass TJ Ford.

    LOL, I always knew Gilbert is a penis.

  24. Natalie


    I totally agree with you on the so called “selected vision” of the refs or the league for that matter. It’s time to send the petition in. I would love to get a surge of more signatures so pass it on to every piston fan you know. I would like to at least have 3000 before it goes to the NBA.

  25. Anonymous

    First off idk how in the hell they called that foul on Rip a flagrant foul

    and secondly, why TJ Ford didnt get a tech just boggles my mind, i was so pissed when i saw him complain, and it was right after that BS sheed tech

  26. jessica

    i didnt get to see this game.. but it sounder like a great one to watch.. that teq on SHEED was total BULLSHIT!!! but i have not seen him ever get t’d up and not put it on fire the rest of the game.


  27. Anonymous

    did sheed really say “give me the fuckin ball” before that 3???

    like jessica said, GOTTA LOVE SHEED!!!

  28. Anonymous

    being form canada going to a pistons raptors game is the best thing ever. IT is more convient to go tot he palace to see a game since TO is about 4 hrs away form most of us and the palace is only 1.5 hrs away. Toronto is playing very well this year and I hope they make it to the playoffs. Teams think that the raptors are the same team as last yr that easy to beat but they are not. Anyway this was a great game to watch and even know I knew the pistons would come back and beat the raptors it was still a good game becuase the raptors stayed in this until the end. IF it had not been sheed who played bosh so well the raptors many have taken this one.


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