Pistons Take Down Celtics 109-102

by | Feb 7, 2007 | 31 comments

The Pistons took down the young Celtics who were in the midst of a 14 game losing streak. The Celtics kept it close in the first, but the Pistons pulled away leading by as much as 24 points in the fourth quarter. Detroit, led by Chauncey Billups 24 points, let the lead slip as the Pistons bench let Boston go on a 13 – 0 run in the fourth quarter. Chauncey Billups, Tayshaun Prince and Chris Webber had to return to the the game with 6 minutes left to close the game out.

Key Points:

  • The Pistons had 32 assists for the night.
  • Rip had a double – double. 10 points and 11 assists.
  • Chris Webber knows how to find Rip.
  • The Pistons were a ridiculous 58% from the floor.
  • This one was just fun to watch.
  • Boston has a ton of young talent.
  • Though the Pistons were in control most of the game but Rip still played 42 minutes.
  • I cant believe Brian Scalabrine is a starter.
  • Chris Webber is making this team fun to watch again. 17 points, 6 assists, 6 rebounds and 4 steals in 34 minutes.

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  • Maxiell 14 minutes and just 2 points.
  • All three of Hunters shots were 3’s again. He made one.
  • The Pistons defense was great.
  • Even though the game was in hand, no Nazr or Flip Murry.
  • Why not just dress Amir.
  • Davis DNP.
  • Chauncey is following Webber and making no look behind the back passes a regular thing.
  • The Pistons ball movement was textbook.
  • Delfino is still hot and cold with his shot.
  • Dice was HOT, this guy got a wakeup call when he thought he was on the block and hasn’t stopped dominating since. He 9-10 from the floor for 18 points. It was pretty to watch.

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  • I sometimes find myself screaming McDiggggity when Dice scores.
  • Maxiell is going to Vegas for the All Star break to have a good time.
  • Tayshaun had a solid 17 points.
  • I am surprised they didn’t go to Sheed more, he dominated in the post early with the mismatch against Scalabrine.
  • The stretch when the bench let the Celtics back in the game was horrible. It’s a shame they couldn’t hold it down.
  • Chauncey seemed to take care of the last six minutes himself.
  • Maxiell blocked 2 shots in his 14 minutes.
  • Pistons Forum.com has audio of the Rasheed Wallace’s WDFN Interview.
  • Rasheed put so much authority on this dunk I thought he was going to get called for a tech.

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  1. Kevin

    This one got way too close. I was following on game tracker but stopped once it got to be about 103-86. Apparently the bench let things get a little out of hand after that. I applaud Boston for getting to triple digits considering how bad the injuries have gotten to them. Once I saw that Pierce was out, I was honestly thinking that we’d hold them under 70. Oh well, as long as we keep racking up W’s everything is ok. Much better than that streak during Chauncey’s injury where we dropped at least five games we should have been able to win with the rest of the starters.

  2. Anonymous

    why not dress amir I don’t know I was thinking the same thing to myself during the game.
    Webber also had 6 dimes not 4

  3. Anonymous

    The Pistons were a ridiculous 58% from the floor.
    ^^More Like Amazingg !!! Theyre Backkk :]

    And C Webb Had SOMETHING To Do With It..Ever Since He Came To Detroit The Pistons Have Been UnStoppable.. U Can Tell Theyre Having Fun Again And Full Of Energy! Sheeds Throwing Down Power Dunks, Chaunceys Coming Up With Those Passes, Dice I Dont Even Have Any Words For How Hes Been Playing, And C Webb– Everyone Said He Would Do Nothing For The Pistons, Hes Old, He Sucks, He Has Nothing Left In Him.. Well Apparently Not!

  4. Anonymous

    seriously, dice needs to be up for that sixth man award with the way he’s been playing. and i agree, why not dress amir? the kid needs to get in some time if he’s gonna be the pistons’ future.
    p.s. what is will blalock up to??

  5. Anonymous

    man our team is 10 times beter with cweb, i think wer beta with him thn ben wallace by miles

  6. Anonymous

    hey nat any news on those sheed air force 1’s with his face on them?


  7. downtown

    Gotta say the youngsters from Boston were hot – 54% on 3 pointers – but I guess they just had no way to control the Pistons.. so it was pretty watching the guys roll out all those sweet plays.

    The cold bench episode in the 4th was a bit of a shame. They really should play the rest of the guys when they’re 24 ahead in the stretch. I hope we’re not seeing the start of stupid grudges before the playoffs. Why play Dyess in the 4th with that lead and risk injury when he’s doing so well lately?

  8. garold

    I was disappointed that more of the bench wasn’t used. Yes, this might have been a good game to suit up Amir and give him some minutes. Definately, being 24 pts up with 9 minutes left, it would have been nice to put Nazr and Flip in; they just may be here for the duration, unless they get some showcase time. As it turns out, the 2nd unit fell to pieces, and the starters had to be brought back to salvage this one.

    Maxiell hasn’t been making Jo-Mars decision to trade Mohammed any easier. For the time being though, Saunders has to continue with his audition.

    Tayshaun Prince is definately the best Pistons’ spokeman! I love how he breaks down the strategy behind the playmaking. No one in the organization does it any better; he not only possesses the best basketball IQ, but the best IQ PERIOD.

  9. amy

    You know how Mason plays songs after certain people score… Like the Mr. Big Shot song etc… well please help because I can’t figure out what song that is after C-Webb scores. Anyone know??

  10. sheedSUCKS


  11. Anonymous

    Hey Nat,
    why didn’t that sheed make it into the allstar game.

  12. Steve


    Because he sucks!!!!!
    No one wants him!!!!!

  13. jess

    sheed DOES suck

  14. jess


    i can tell you posted those other comments right under that one.. the time difference is what.. 1-2 minutes.. dont sit here and claim your me ‘jess’… or the other person who tends to leave comments ‘steve’!


  15. jess

    ok, i don;t know who is pretending to be me, but i’ve seen it on this site a couple times. i hate sheed-love the pistons to death.

  16. Anonymous

    will sheedsucks please grow up sometime soon???

    well actually its people like u that make the piston fans stand out even more than we already do by being the more mature ones who dont go bashing other teams sites… soo i take that back u can be a little immature ass all u want :]


    im no you really havent.. n e ways.. im gonna go by my full first name now… and I SHEED AND THE PISTONS!!!!!!!!!!

  18. jessica

    ummm no you really havent***^^

  19. Nate

    I am surprised they didn’t go to Sheed more, he dominated in the post early with the mismatch against Scalabrine.

    Me too, he could of more than had his way down in the paint all night. I think because everyone was else was having such a good night as well shooting the ball…McDyess literally could not miss, Billups was making everything with a hand in his face, Rip and CWebb were solid again. We’re really starting to find our chemistry as the season moves on. Good to see.


  20. Anonymous

    I felt so bad for Boston. Their coach is such a nice guy and has always been so complimentary of the Pistons. I hope they get their stuff together and get some wins, just not against the Pistons.

  21. Anonymous

    Hey asshole: if you don’t like Sheed, stay the hell off this site.

  22. gee gee

    lol, i know. i think we are seeing our all star pistons again, and to think the many pistons fans that were doubting them because one person left (ben wallace.) we have conformed very well without him and our offensive end is starting to get better because we don’t have to rely on big ben getting those blocks and rebounds anymore. we are seeing a sample of their playoff stature that everybody was wondering where it went. we definately have a shot at the finals so i am going to nba.com and i am going to try to win the 2 final tickets so i can see my pistons because i know, c-web knows and his little nephew knows (LOL) that they are going to the finals.

    ps. who do you think will make it out of the west this year because the two teams that are sticking out to me are the suns and mavericks, at first i thought the jazz but i think they are going to have the year the pistons had last year… started out hot but eventually turned cold.

  23. Anonymous

    chauncey was amazing in the game last night. he totally lit it up. the whole team has done a 180 over the past month. im so excited. it doesnt feel like theyre burning themselves out either, which is mos def a good thing after last season. in my opinion, c webb is a total UPGRADE from ben, no matter what anyone says. but yeah, good game from the pistons hopefully we can see this good playin tomorrow against LA. it should be easy after destroying them last time in november. i was at that game in LA and lets just say that the lakers fans hate me.

  24. Anonymous

    ^^^haha. i love that there are pistons fans EVERYWHERE! i refuse to leaave michigan…my day go’s by the pistons…everytime there is a game on, im right by the tv and hr early. &&i think about them all the time.. i know its weird;;ill admitt…they are my obsession!! i <3333 them!

  25. Anonymous

    ^^haha dont even worry.. i can totally relate.. im known at my school for my obsession with the pistons.. and being the ONLY one at that.. and they give me a hard timea bout it saying they suck but i dont care because i kno they dont !!! and i talk about them alll the time and ppl get tired of hearing me talk about it .. but what can i say?? theyre just the besttt :]

  26. garold


    Big Ben leaving only has heigthened the team play. The rebounding has gone from 40.5 to 41.6 per game, including an increase in ORB. The blocks are the same at 6 per game, but when Nazr was starting, Detroit was leading the NBA in that category.

    Where they use to relax and rely on Ben’s energy, they are simply more motivated to do the job themselves now with better distribution, and getting better results.

  27. Nate

    i love that there are pistons fans EVERYWHERE! i refuse to leaave michigan…

    Indeed! This summer I’m moving to Texas for a great job opportunity I couldn’t pass up. The city I’m moving to just may face the Pistons in the finals (if we in fact get there like we should). San Antonio. I’ll be the only one in SA with a CBillups jersey on. No way I’m converting to the Spurs.


  28. Anonymous

    I am the same way I live in Edmonton Alberta canada and I am a big pistons fan, I lived in ontario growing up so I was able to see them a few times. My office at work has everything pistons how ever I do not like that you can’t order things from stores to be shipped here or I would have more. My boss makes form of me and the president of my company has family in detroit and he thinks its great that I am such a big fan, but as for everyone else there is not a day taht goes by that they don;t make some kind of remark that the pistons sucks. Everyone out here seems to be a suns fam since steve nash is from canada and from BC which is one province over. When the pistons play on a week day I were my socks most of the time or something pistons is always around me. We do not get too may games on TV in canada when the pistons play and league just came here but only rogers offer it and they are not out here in Edmonton so I am very happy that this site is here cause I can come here to be update on what happened during the game win or lose. I am I think the only girl in Edmonton that I know who likes the pistons I went in to a store that sold NBAS stuff and the guy asked me why I like the pistons and I think he was sorry he asked cuase I gave him about a half hour of reason why. Anyway thanks for this site it is great.

  29. Anonymous

    Hey sheed sucks, you need to get a girlfriend, job, and a life! We all know you never been laid. This is the same cav’s Lebron fan that came in here talking smack last spring when they tied the series with the stones, then he shut his mouth when his overrated cavs lost.

  30. Anonymous

    I really love to see all the hate people have towards the Pistons. It makes me smile because it just shows how jealous they are of our team. Why else would they check a Detroit Piston site in the first place? Because they want to be like us, they wish they were us, and they wish their team was as fun to watch as our Pistons. Sheed may be inconsistant, but that doesnt mean he “sucks.” Sheed is one of the most talented players in this league, he just needs to work on his consistancy. Anyway, enough lecturing from THIS man, on to another topic… How about McDyess, that dude is BALLIN… Gotta love him man…


  31. gee gee

    garold thanks for the heads up, and for the block shots coach saunders is a nut for not playing nazi until late. i know he probably kicked himself in the butt for saying he wanted to leave the “D” since Web started, but that game a few days ago i think it was against the cavs if i am not mistaken( if i am please don’t come on here bashing me please) when he made that long pass(oh my gosh i am going blank please forgive me)…i think to tay or was it to jay max i forget… but the whole point is that nazi obviously doesnt want to leave because he is playing like it was his last game and i dont blame him… i liked him from the get go..so coach saunders please let the man play he has learned his lession. now i know who should be traded…it rhymes with flip….and the other one is Dale…i bet you can’t guess who? lol


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