Cartoon Chauncey Meet The Real Mr. Big Shot

by | Feb 6, 2007 | 11 comments

Did I ever mention that Pistons fans are AWESOME? Well if I haven’t let me explain. First there was Amy who drove to Chicago to openly mock Ben Wallace. Then we he had Rebecca who went hours early to the Pistons – Wizards game to see if she could catch a glimpse of Chauncey. I myself flew to NYC on a days notice to see Rasheed tape an episode of Quite Frankly. I am sure there are many more tales to tell but today I have one that made me smile.

Gene Keselman, Ann Arbor native, is in the Military is stationed in DC. Gene and his wife attended the Pistons-Wizards game. What makes this so special you ask? He introduced the real Chauncey Billups to Cartoon Chauncey.

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Pretty cool, right? Gene also got Delfino and Lindsey to stop and sign. You can read all about it on his Blog right here. I forgot to ask Gene if Chauncey said anything when he saw his cartoon twin.

Gene said: “Chauncey definitely reacted to the shirt though. He was walking away from us as he was signing autographs, but when he caught the shirt, he doubled back to get to us.

Who doesn’t like to see themselves as a cartoon on a shirt?”

You people never cease to amaze me. Keep them coming!


  1. Anonymous

    Thats sweet. I just recieved my “Detroit sells out every game…Chicago only has one sellout t-shirt”. I hope I can get Ben to sign it at the Bulls game at the palace. LOL

  2. Anonymous

    that’s awesome!! Do you think the pistons had heard/visited this site?

  3. yvgeni

    Chauncey didn’t say much the entire time he was signing autographs except for “you got a pen homes?” to a kid that stuck out a baseball cap to sign without giving the man anything to sign it with. The kid just stood there and looked at Chauncey like he was speaking Chinese with deer-in-headlight blankness on his face. It was really funny actually.

    Chauncey definitely reacted to the shirt though. He was walking away from us as he was signing autographs, but when he caught the shirt, he doubled back to get to us.

    Who doesn’t like to see themselves as a cartoon on a shirt?

  4. Kdot

    I went to the open practice last year at the Palace and got Tay, Rip, Chauncey, and Delfinos autographs… They were pretty easy being that they stayed around a while to sign em… Plus I stood around the exit where I put my poster down through the rafters and they just went along to sign em…

  5. amy

    Thanks Nat! You’re pretty awesome yourself! 🙂 And I can’t wait for the 25th when I can go mock him some more… the Mo’ money Mo’ problems sign has been retired, but no fear, there is another one in the works in honor of him not making the all star team!! I can’t wait! I need to start picking out the fros…. 🙂

  6. Natalie

    I am quite sure at least one of the Pistons has seen the site.

  7. Anonymous

    I think Rip has he has your site as a link

  8. Anonymous

    geezz youre all soo lucky for even getting NEAR the pistons.. i live in west virginia((dont worry i live in the MODERN CITY part so im normal WITHOUT the accent!!))i do visit michigan a lot, but ive never been to a game.. im planning one next year with some friends for a senior trip !!! but im one of the VERYYY few fans at my school. in fact, i wore my jersey today and EVERY guy told me detroit sucks just to get on my nerves but i ALWAYSSS stick up for them haha.

    but all i know is if i ever met any of the pistons ..especially chauncey or rip.. there better be some paramedics around!!

  9. Anonymous

    LOL, Lindsey understands his teamates very well…..

    What did he sign? Looks like that phallic sign of Prince??

  10. Anonymous

    Anyone knows why amir johnson dosen’t get more playimg time. the guy is pretty good. (it is better to play him than flip)at least he will entertain us with a with one of his flashy dunks. example i would love to see his windmill dunk. ps: which i saw him do once

  11. Anonymous

    dice was money tonight…ANTONIO MCDYESS FOR SIXTH MAN OF THE YEAR!!!


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