Fred McLoud Is Blogging

by | Feb 5, 2007 | 7 comments

Fred McLoud Is Blogging and he has a little wisdom for the Cavs on what it will take to beat the Pistons….. Time


  1. Anonymous

    Hello all !!!

    I just wanted to say that i am from europe, Latvia… maybe you have heard of Andris Biedrins from GSW who also is from Latvia.
    I have been here for a year and I really think that this is one of the best basketball sites I have ever visited! Great Job !
    I am a real Pistons Fan for 5 years now and i am only 17…
    My favorite player is Rip because of his great mid range jumpshot and I hope that the Pistons will take the championship this year !
    Because they have so damn good starting 5 that watching them playing is a real good pleasure !!! πŸ™‚

    Good Luck in future !!
    Deeetrooittt Baaasketbaaallll !!!!!! πŸ˜€

  2. Anonymous

    Nat, I remember you made a post on how eerily similar the Cavs are to the Pistons (arena, player introductions, announcer, etc.) last year during the playoffs. Fred McLoud’s blog post just proves your theory. Although it might seem sickening, it is actually quite a compliment.

  3. PistonsFan11

    I dont really see the comparison of cavs to the pistons, the cavs rely heavily on one player, Lebron, as the pistons rely on total team play, Lebron needs a better side kick then larry huges, one who can get to the line and score consistantly, the onyl similarity, is the announcer which is a ttal rip off of the pistons

  4. Anonymous

    Fred McLeod is a douche bag and I couldn’t be happier that those idiots from Ohio have to deal with him now.

  5. Anonymous

    fred mcleod is funny as hell last year when rip made that buzzer beater over the celtics last year “count it! count it! pistons win thats not fair richard hamilton!” you could really tell he was behind the pistons i miss that guy but greg and george is way much better but i still wish bill laimbeer still worked with george because greg kelser is a stiff

  6. garold

    Greg Kelser knows his stuff, and provides great insight. I think he and George make a great tandem.

  7. Anonymous

    Hey Natalie,

    First off, great site long time Pistons fan and long time blog reader of ! Just wanted to let ya know I was at the game Sunday in Cleveland πŸ˜€ and I have my own couple stories to point out. When Z was at the foul line the first time and he briked his first free throw, i SHOUTED “ball don’t lie” (still waiting on my hoodie from your site, ordered it about 3 days ago :D) Sheed didn’t hear me, so I yelled it even louder, this time drawing the big man’s attention (we were in 2nd row behind Cavs bench). When he looked back, I think he thought it was going to be a Cavs fan because he had that “wtf did this cat say” kind of look, but then he saw the red billups jersey and smiled, pointed, and did the “head nod”. Then about 5 minutes later Varejao (sp) was standing after a timeout and the game was about to start (like I said very close seats) so i yelled “sit down” at him, he turned and told me “Shut the f*** up you” in his gay french accent. I was quit taken back by this. However, there was a shinning star on the Cavs bench and a great and funny guy in David Wesley. He was chatting with us the entire game, kept pointing and laughing at us being drunk and even was throwing stat sheets (box scores) at us after timeouts. I also got my B-B-B-Billups jersey signed (yah!), Webber’s autograph on a Meeeechigan hat, along with several other’s (Rip, Delfino, ect.). Still trying for Sheed’s, but from going to 3 game since he was aquired (2 in cleveland, 1 @ the palace) I know that isn’t going to happen πŸ™ Either way, wanted to let you know, we rep the Pistons allllllll the way here in the football HOF city: Canton, Ohio!!!!



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