You Can’t Call A Reff Blind, Just Ask Antonio McDyess

by | Feb 4, 2007 | 15 comments

Antonio McDyess was ejected in Friday nights game against the Bucks. Why did the soft spoken McDyess get booted? He called the Ref blind.

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“The foul was just ridiculous, and I said (to Richardson), ‘You must be blind if you think that’s a foul,'” McDyess said. “And there’s plenty of times I’ve said that to refs, so it just must be certain ones you can say that to. He gave me a tech.

“Then I was looking at Chauncey (Billups), after a bad call, I didn’t know he (Richardson) was standing right in back of us, and I said to Chauncey, ‘Still blind,’ and he gave me another tech. I was like, ‘Shoot.’ So I’m in the locker room thinking I should have gotten my money’s worth.”

Richardson told Billups that “calling a referee blind was the same thing as calling a woman a bitch.”

“I was like, ‘Are you serious? That ain’t even close.'” McDyess said. “He’s just sensitive, man, I don’t know. But I think Sheedy had them all riled up before that happened.” The Detroit News

Come on, this dude has got to be kidding. Talk about being sensitive. I can’t believe that’s why he called those two quick techs on Dyess. But to say that calling a ref blind is like calling a woman a bitch is just laughable. As a woman myself I guess I could see how the comment could be justified because with talk like that he sounds like a little bitch.


  1. Ree

    hehehe you beat me to it Nat.
    when i read the reference to a bitch comment, i was like dang he must be a little bitch, sure enough your last comments confirmed them. i like how Dyess called Sheed, SheedY lol cute

    looking forward to todays game. im taping it coz i gotta work!

    Gooo Pistons.

  2. amy

    You were right on with that one, Nat! He MUST be a bitch. 🙂

  3. Anonymous

    haa im sure mrcdyess and chauncey have a joke about that now…

  4. Anonymous

    Wow this team is special.

  5. Junior

    Nba refs are something else! Why is it I know about 15 Nba refs names and yet I know only one NFL ref (ed hochuli) and thats only cause he is huge. Who really is the pre madonnas? NBA PLAYERS OR NBA REFEREES? What a bad combination of people to be working together.

    GO BEARS!!! I am telling you people, Bears will win this game!!
    31-27 Urlacher or Hester–MVP

  6. Anonymous

    haha best post ever

  7. Anonymous

    haha best post ever

  8. Max

    Gotta love Dice, I watched the game and the call was bs, i agree with dice.

  9. Anonymous

    I’m a female and I am insulted that this stupid ref would compare himself to a woman. Sir, unless you are a hemophidite, please do not make stupid comments like that.

    And what’s with that retarded announcer over in Cleveland? DEEETROOITT TURNOVER???? What is that??
    And does he have the worst voice ever???

    Nice win on the road, Go Pistons

  10. Anonymous

    oh god when that “detroit turnover” thing occurred, i was just like, “what a bunch of retards.” keep on making lame jokes, you’re still going to lose.

  11. Anonymous


  12. gee gee

    hi natalie i wanted to say that you website is awesome and you are kickass. females are doing it big now and days, so ride to the wheels fall off, and that reff is a punk it must be thate time of the month for him lol.

  13. Anonymous

    aww mann .. THATS what he got his techs for??!?

    ughhhh … can we get some refs who arent such whiny sensitive babies?!?!?!

    wahhh he called me blinddd

    uhh yea thats an EXPRESSION.. are u blind is pretty much like saying are u seroius?? ughh im getting sick of all these techs on the pistons!

    but i agree with the above posters.. “detroit turnover” .. i was like ohh yea thats the thing to say when youre down 13 with a minute left on the clock haha and did u notice none of the cavs fans even reacted.. but they did manage to boo their team ;]


  14. Junior

    yeah that Detroit turnover thing was the weakest shit I have ever heard!! Thats just goes to show how bad cleveland tries to jock off us. Come up with your own shit for a change. yeah my SB prediction was a little off. I was looking good opening kickoff but Rex played like Rex plays and thats that.

  15. Anonymous

    that is so funny I can stop laughing. I can’t beleive that is why he got ejected. I mean guess you can’t talk to your own team mates without the refs being there to call techs on you. Dice is a very funny guy and I am happy he is with Detroit.


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