Pistons shoot down the Bucks 96-86

by | Feb 3, 2007 | 15 comments

The Milwaukee Bucks put up a fight before going down at the Palace. The Pistons, behind Chauncey Billups 20 points didn’t have an easy time with the Michael Reddless Bucks. Andrew Bogut led all scorers with 21 points and 13 rebounds and seemed to give C-Webb a lot of trouble in the paint. The game stayed close until the Pistons pulled away with about 3 minutes left in the game.

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Key Points:

  • The Bucks just wouldn’t go away.
  • Nazr Mohammed did a great job on Bogut.
  • Dale Davis was a no-show at the Detroit Pistons’ shoot-around Friday morning, which didn’t sit well with head coach Flip Saunders. So Saunders, showing yet again that he will be tougher on players who violate team rules, placed him on the inactive list prior to Friday’s game against Milwaukee. “I’m not happy with the situation. But at the same time, it is what it is.” Davis, who is frustrated after losing most of his playing time to Chris Webber, said that he didn’t sleep through his alarm clock. “I didn’t set it,” he said before the game. MLIVE
  • Nazr Mohammed on the other hand showed up big and was ready to play in place of Davis. Mohammed was a HUGE spark off the bench tonight. Given Davis’s attitude, maybe Dale will be the big man the Pistons are going to shop now.
  • Chris Webber 12 points, 3 assists and 8 rebounds in 25 minutes.
  • Webber couldn’t handle Bogut in the paint. Nazr did.
  • Tayshaun Prince was all over the boards and kept the Pistons in the game when they were shooting poorly cleaning up the offensive glass. Tay had 14 points, and 12 rebounds.

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  • FYI Tayshaun’s shoes have his initials TP on them. One shoe has a red shoelace and one has a white shoelace.
  • The Pistons were 2-13 from downtown, both baskets were made by Rasheed Wallace each coming in the 4th quarter to help the Pistons finally pull away from the Bucks.
  • Maxiell backed down Villanueva so hard he knocked him down with authority, turned and slammed.
  • Christmas is over Milwaukee, the uniforms are a bit too festive.
  • Chauncey was perfect from the line tonight as well as Wednesday nights game in NJ. As of right now Chauncey has made his last 21 free throws.

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  • Glass Glass
  • The Pistons shot 43% from the floor.
  • Antonio McDyess got called for two technical fouls within seconds of each other and was ejected.
  • Rasheed was very frustrated to say the least during tonights game. He also got his 14th technical foul of the season.
  • The game had 17 lead changes and was tied 12 times.
  • Maxiell was a huge spark of the bench.
  • Maxiell had 12 points in 16 minutes. Max is Dunkalicious!
  • The Pistons are 14-9 are the only Easter Conference team with a winning road record.
  • Hamilton has scored 20 or more points in 16 of his last 20 games.
  • I have a severe distaste for Andrew Bogut. Probably because he applauded when Dyess got thrown out of the game tonight. He did the same thing when Sheed got kicked out of the game opening night.
  • Early Boynkins looks even smaller in person. He’s so small he fell out of one of his shoes during the game.
  • Bogut can’t grow a beard.
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  • Delfino continues to play solid D.
  • Amir Johnson dressed in Dale Davis place.
  • Flip Saunders needs to tart getting technical fouls instead of the players.
  • When Sheed takes his headband off its a sign of frustration, followed by domination.
  • All five starters were in double figures.
  • Sometimes its not Sheed who starts the trouble. Just leave him alone.

That is why I love Sheed.


  1. Nate

    “Bogut can’t grow a beard.”

    LOL. Looks like the makings of a rat’s nest hanging from his face. Shave it off man.

    Between Sportscenter and need4sheed.com, I’m always updated well on the Pistons games I miss. Thanks Natalie. (Love how you’re putting all these game clips in your recaps!)

    I said this once and I’m gonna keep saying it: Maxiell is going to become a monster in the paint as he continues to develop…Hopefully Joe D makes sure he stays in Detroit in upcoming years.


  2. Anonymous

    what whas sheed actually saying? i couldnt tell i mean i heard the ball dont lie but what happened?

  3. TheGreatDane


    I love the fact that even Charle Bell was smiling when he said it 😀

  4. Anonymous

    I wish I could have been at this game a friend of moine went in my place. I love games like this she had a great time. I am happy that the pistons seem to be coming to gethere. I say let sheed get the t’s he gets them when he plays his best so if the league is going to pick on him let them cause when he gets t’d up he has good games. When is is playing with the rules he doesn’t play so well.

  5. downtown

    Right on the money Nat. Nazi and Tay made this game happen. The offensive boards thing was getting rediculous by half time but then a typical Prince period of controlled pressure took back the initiative. Tay is a basketball genius. You see in his interviews afterward, he just understands the issues at all times.

    Bogger had C-Webb figured out pretty much, but really every Piston put in a great performance. Just too much for a clearly very motivated Bucks to deal with.

  6. jess

    That’s why I love him too.. and I was thinking that when I heard it!!
    He’s so damn fanSHEEDtastic!

  7. Anonymous

    I loved this game and I really liked seeing Nazr have that great game. I really liked the pass Nazr made to Tayshaun to Maxiell. Man imagine if he wasn’t fouled. Also I’m glad Flip recognized C-Webb wasn’t handleing Bogut and put Nazr in.

    Also I think Joe D should trade for Charlie Bell just for the fact that he was smiling while Sheed was talking(and I think someone else said “hondala” though I’m not sure how to spell it, it’s what Speedy Gonzalas says). I’d probably be a very bad GM

  8. Anonymous

    what did dice do to get those two techs???

    but nazr sure is showing how bad he wants to stay with the pistons; those two passes where greatttt he needs to do that more often! im hoping flip can see that he can actually do a little something for the team and that maybe hell only trade FLIPPPP 😡 ! J max just keepssss on shininggggg and im lovin it :]

    “Shit.. leave me alone !! DAMN!!”
    haha i loooovvvvee my pistons!!

  9. Anonymous

    rrrraaaasheeeeeeeeeed waaaallace!

  10. lyndakay

    I hope Davis’ not bothering to set his alarm will be the deciding factor in who stays (Nazr, please) and who goes.

  11. Anonymous

    I love you Chauncey Billups.
    But you have missed lyk ur last 10 three point attempts but i love u cb
    Glab 2 see ur free throws r back on par, i reali wana see wat chauncey would look like if he grew some hair yal!!

  12. Anonymous

    pistons have played GREAT the past 2 games !! i reallyyy hope they can keep it up against the cavs tomorrow! my friend’s favorite team is the cavs and we have a rival thing going on.. but i stick with my pistons no matter what.. !! but i think we’re doing whatever team wins, the loser has to wear their jersey.. and i CAN NOT wear a lebron jersey .. NOPE !! so im prayingg the cavs will send the pistons to the line the wholeeee game like they did to the heat thursday night hahah


  13. Anonymous

    hey did you guys no that chris webber an tyra banks were once an item? its all news to me

  14. Jess

    I was suppose to go to the Pistons/Cavs game.. and now i found out i gotta work >:0 i am so mad.. i hope we win.. and i know you will definitly spill all the good details Nat..

    uuuhh i am so mad!


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