Pistons Dominate The Nets

by | Feb 1, 2007 | 10 comments

The Pistons pounded the Nets Wednesday night 113-89. After an ugly loss to the Wizards Tuesday night, this one was magnificent. You could argue that this was simply the best showing for the Pistons all season.

Key Points:

  • The highlight of the game was clearly the beautiful behind the back pass by C-Webb to Tayshaun for the Dunk.
  • The Pistons made their first 27 free trows setting a franchise record.
  • Sheed did not score. He was 0-for-7 with 6 rebounds and 4 assists.
  • The Pistons held Vince Carter scoreless until midway in the 3rd quarter.
  • McDyess was all over the boards with 12.
  • Tayshaun’s hook is so pretty when it falls.
  • Rasheed must have been tired every shot was short.
  • Nazr = Darko
  • C-Webb adds so much to this team.
  • Webber 6-for-7, for 17 points with 5 assists and 3 blocked shots in just 23 minutes. Something to smile about.

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  • Delfino has become quite the defender.
  • Nazr was sporting a headband in his 4 minutes on the floor.
  • Ex Piston Mikki Moore put 18 on the Pistons in the first quarter.
  • The Pistons shot 54% from the floor.
  • Great ball movement.
  • The Pistons were 33-38 from the line four of those misses came from Nazr Mohammed.
  • The game was tight when it started, but the Pistons gradually pulled away.
  • Maxiell had a HUGE block on Antoine Wright, it was so hard he fell to the ground.
  • How does this team go from Tuesday nights pitiful showing to pure domination? I wonder if that was a wake up call.
  • Forget about it. The Pistons aren’t dealing Amir.
  • The bench was stellar.
  • Maxiell dominated in his 24 minutes on the floor with 6 rebounds, 2 blocked shots, 16 points and he was a perfect 6 for 6 from a line.

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  • Did I mention Maxiell also had a couple of HUGE jams, one courtesy of a great pass by Delfino.
  • Lindsey Hunter was big off the bench.
  • Rip had 17 points in the first half.
  • Jason Kidd was 5-for-6 from downtown.
  • Tayshaun plays well with the bench and was a great floor leader.
  • When the offense goes through Webber, good things happen.
  • Remember yesterday when I told you that I sometimes find myself saying “count that baby and a foul?” Well I had to make a couple of Blaha inspired T – Shirts.

  • The Pistons bench had 41 points.
  • “When he comes off the bench, he just starts Beastin people,” Dice on Maxiell.
  • Rip carried the Pistons in the first half.
  • The Pistons came with energy right at tip off.
  • Happy Birthday to one of my favorite blogs The Nugg Doctor.
  • They have beaten the Nets 8 of their last 11 meetings.
  • Block Party! Pistons had 8 blocks in this one.
  • This was just a good old fashioned blowout.
  • Video Highlights form NBA.com, you can check out the Maxiell Block and the SWEET Webber behind the back pass.
  • Maxiell needs more playing time.
  • Detroit Bad Boys.com has also gotten into to the T-Shirt game.
  • Rip has clearly been this teams MVP thus far, lets hope he makes the All Star game. We find out tonight.


  1. Anonymous

    What’s with their Jeckyl and Hyde attitude lately? They really miss Big Ben’s presence in the middle, C-Webb is a great addition but he’s playing very weird, his lower body doesn’t move at all when he jumps so against faster teams, he’s helpless.

    Anyone think there is anything to the rumor that Isiah Thomas is kissing Detroit’s ass because he wants to coach the Pistons in case Saunders is fired after this season?
    I hope not, this man is poison to any basketball team right now.

  2. Anonymous

    Well looks like flip had a game where he played the right players at the right time.

  3. garold

    Now that’s the bench play I’ve been seeing in my mind’s eye. What a team victory! That had to be their best total team effort of the season. Everyone played well… it was great seeing Lindsey playing with confidence, and Delphino’s continues to grow; no need to state the obvious about Maxey or Dice. Rip, Chauncey, and C-Webb dressed as assassins. Sheed did all the dirty work. Tayshaun, always at the right spot. I’m still scratching my head trying to decide which behind-the-back was better… Chauncey’s or C-Webb’s. LORDY This is going to come together, isn’t it.

    Hey nony… it’s hard finding something to complain about in this game, but I’m with you; Flip just sucks! Did you notice that he didn’t use ALL the timeouts!!! What a loser! *LOL* Yes, the Pistons are the poison; to any team that has to face them in the postseason this year!

  4. Anonymous

    I always thought Rip was the pistons MVP I am so glad someone else recognizes that. Hopefully he will be the all-star game this year! What time do the announce it?

  5. Anonymous

    Why does everyone start to say the pistons are the team they play one good game and everyone is like I see victory. I am a fan just like the next person but we need to get a good run of games on we win one lose one tehy need to beable to win a few in a row and play more games like this to convince me that they are going to win all this. I am very convince they will be there but they need to play like they want to be there game in and game out. If they keep playing like they did this game then they will win but if they slip back into what they have been playing them I am not to hopefull

  6. Matt W.

    I was waiting for you to make a George Blaha face — good stuff!

  7. Anonymous

    “The Pistons shot 54% from the floor.”
    ^^ WOOOO !! hotttt boyssss on fire !!! lets hope they can keep it up and bring in some more blowouts !!

    and im reallyyy excited to hear who is in the allstar game !!

    and im still extremely upset about maxiell not making it, hes suchhh a great player and hes bringing soo much to this team!

  8. Nate

    Best game we played all season in my mind. Though sheed didn’t score, he made some excellent passes to get Webber some easy points. Maxiell is a monster down low.

    If these are the Pistons that show up in the playoffs, watch out Mavs and Suns.


  9. ryan

    theres a reason why maxiell doesnt play more minutes. He doesnt have a polished low post game, all he can do it dunk, no post moves, poor free throw shooter and poor jumper shooter, maybe if he would improve his game more and try not to dunk on everyone he would be better. He shouldnt be in the rookie/soph challenge. When he learns there is more to basketball then attempting to dunk on people he will get more minutes and be more effective.

  10. garold

    I remember thinking what a poor shooter he was, when nailing that game-winning jumper, earlier this season. (anyone one know how to do a tongue-in-cheek icon?)

    Oh c’mon Ryan; don’t be a killjoy! Before Maxey learns to play basketball the right way can’t we just watch him dunk on Big Z, Orpan Annie, and LeToe? Maybe then we can trade him for the next superstar Center; Mikki Moore.


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