Whooped by the Wizz

by | Jan 31, 2007 | 13 comments

The Wizards beat the Pistons twice this week, evening up the season series 2-2. It was all Wizz in this one as the Pistons let Gilbert and company manhandle them. Detroit dug themselves an early hole and no matter how hard they tried couldn’t seem to get back in this one.

Key Points:

  • Defense?
  • Rip, Chauncey and Flip Saunders were called for technical fouls.
  • Had it not been for Tayshaun’s hot hand the Pistons would have been sunk by halftime.
  • Rip was in early foul trouble.
  • Flip Murray played in Rip’s place.
  • Gilbert, 36 points, 11 assists and 7 rebounds.
  • Antwan Jamison, who lit the Pistons up on Friday was injured early in the game and didn’t return.
  • Haven’t the Pistons learned that when they start out sluggish they can’t just turn on that switch and make things better.
  • Billups led the Pistons with 24.
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  • The second quarter was brutal, at one point the pistons were down by almost 20.
  • Wizards coach Jordan’s post game comments – “we kicked their butts”
  • Sheed 7-for-12, 8 rebounds, 3 assists and 2 blocked shots for 15 points.
  • Sheed’s clothing of choice. If you don’t believe me see for yourself.
  • Where was C-Webb? 27 minutes 6 points.
  • Delfino played great defense in the second half.
  • I have been catching myself saying “count that baby and a foul” for no apparent reason. Blaha is in my head.
  • 16 turnovers.
  • I can’t see why they went away from Tay.
  • When the Pistons go to Sheed in the post it turns out well.
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  • Interior defense was non existent for the first 3 quarters.
  • Foul trouble
  • The Pistons shot 52% from the floor, Wizards 50%.
  • At one point Saunders had Hunter, Murray, Delfino, Davis and Dyess in, which resulted in a even deeper hole.
  • 48 minutes fellas.
  • Not much else to say about this one. It was ugly. But..
  • We did have Pistons fans in the house.

Need4Sheed reader Rebecca Knox, a Michigan native who is in the military and stationed in Virgina was in attendance and showing her Piston Pride.

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Here are a few thoughts about the game from Rebecca

“I was there at 5pm (a whole two hours before the game started), I was so excited the whole day that my boss told me to go home early because I was being useless at work. When I took the picture with Chauncey he asked me “did the picture turn out, I didn’t see a flash.” He also waved at me when I first got to the game, I think it’s because I was wearing his jersey.

There were quite a few pistons fans, in fact there was this crazy chick sitting by us that was writing a love letter to Dale Davis, who she had supposedly met at a party years and years ago. Don’t know what that’s about but we got a kick out of it anyways. I was by far the loudest Pistons fan there, in fact the girl in front of me kept plugging her ears when I was cheering, which only made me louder. I was Sheed loud, if that tells you anything.”

Note to Rebecca: You did get awfully close to Billups in that picture, did you have to wipe his sweat of your brow?

Oh how I love enthusiastic Pistons fans. I know I will never be alone.

Feeling a little down after this one? Well It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia.


  1. Carrie

    Hey Natalie
    Was I the only one that clearly saw Rip Hamilton push flip saunders before his tech. Seriously they do not respect him in anyway.

    On a side note:
    They had an optional shoot around and the only starter that showed up (Tay) was the only one that played decent. Apparently they didn’t have shoot around before Indiana and the Kings and they won so Flip wanted to win so he didn’t mess with what was working. What an Idiot.

  2. Anonymous

    good question Nat why did they stop going to tay? This is something we see way too much with the pistons, when a player is shooting well either they stop paaing the ball to that player or Flip pulls out the player and brings in another guy. I have wondered why all season long. we have seen it with all the players. He does the same when a player is out there doing well he takes them out. We seen this when nazr was just starting to play well flip keep taking him out and how he does not play at all. I see a trade in the cards for him but if webbers not going to have a productive than lets see if nazr has anything left?

    Anyway Flip needs to go he is not the right coach for this team. They need someone to set rules and make then stick to them. I know we are not getting brown back but we need a coach like brown for these players one who will take no S**T from them.(sorry about that)

    Anyway I fear the playoffs because washington doing well this year and the pistons might if not will see them in the playoffs this year. They don’t seen to be able to beat this team they had troble last season and 50/50 this year.
    Well we will have to see come playoffs but unitl then they need to start worrying about the reg, season to get them in the playoffs and be ready to play this year.

    One more note but is it me and the fact that tay is my fav. pistons but is he not the only pistons who plays hard and trys to do everything to work on his game? I mean last playoffs it was him who cared the team and this year we hear about him coming in early to work on his game and even showing up when they don’t ahve to if they don;t want to. When will this team learn they need practice to win. they are not all AI’s no this team and even he needs to practice. Anyway I get upset hearing that no one shows up to shoot arounds when they have a game against a team that just beat them in there house 4 days earlier.

  3. garold

    A pitiful game indeed. Where was Chauncey the 1st half is one of my questions? He wants a max contract for stats that don’t warrant one, but can’t be the leader, when a game is getting way out of hand? Why so long to slow down the pace; they can’t run with Washington! With Jamison out, you’d think that the 2 Dubs would have dominated, but instead, Haywood shines again; they were sleep-walking out there in the 1st, and against the 2nd worse defense in the NBA!

    The 3 T’s plus 7 extra TO’s over the norm between Chauncey and Rip were the difference here. More of the team need to asked what they really think of “He HATE Me” now, because he should have been ripping them a new one. Most of the other stats don’t reveal a reason why they had their asses handed to them. Rip needs to start playing under control, because there isn’t really an option behind him. If Nazr’s a permanent DNP, then get Amir in there, and play him. They don’t look bored – waiting for the playoffs; they look lazy and looking for early tee times.

  4. downtown

    It was embarrassing. Ya gotta wonder about the coaching. They only played the guys four days before. The lack of any defense right at the start was bizarre. Maybe Flip isn’t calling a timeout sooner cos he doesn’t know what to do about it? How can it take three whole quarters before a team this good can find a defense strategy. The pistons in the fourth were finally playing with the same energy the Wizards had going right from the top. Another bad flight or what?

  5. Natalie

    I noticed the fact that the box score doesn’t reflect the fact that they got their asses haded to them.

    Garold, you might be right…play Amir. What do they have to lose?

    It wasn’t the flight, if it was things might look brighter.

  6. downtown

    Yup… thats the point. There are no excuses.

    Maybe they need box stats like ‘uncontested trips in the paint’, ‘distance ran during the game’, ‘avg points conceded before timeout’, ‘golf vs basketball games played ratio’, etc

  7. lyndakay

    Carrie, I noticed the same thing about Rip pushing Flip away. NO respect there. I really think that’s the core of the problem right now. A coach who is not in control and is not paying attention to our lack of defense.

  8. Anonymous

    “I have been catching myself saying “count that baby and a foul” for no apparent reason. Blaha is in my head.”
    i do that all of the time. also, if i’m watching a game, i hear greg’s voice say, “wow” even if he doesn’t say it.

    that game sucked. why is rip constantly freaking out these days? i love him, but geez. get a hold of yourself.

  9. Amy

    Natalie, I am forever saying the same thing.. “count that, baby, and a foul”!! And also lately I’ve caught myself saying “Don’t look now…” I watch too much basketball if George is forever in my head! Glad to hear I’m not the only one. 🙂

  10. Anonymous

    I posponed my essay assignment for this game?

    is our record on the road better than at home?

  11. garold

    *LOL* Funny new stat categories, downtown; funny and true.

    Just for yucks, I’d like to see Flip Saunders take the bench with a bull whip in hand. I’m going throw up, if I have to see another Press Conference after a game like that, when he comes in all calm and nonchalant, instead of kicking chairs and knocking the table over. He has nothing to lose at this point, in lambasting their lackluster play in the beginning of games, and chewing some ass. His job is on the line, and if he goes after this season, there will be many other changes that we all may find hard to swallow.

  12. Matt W.

    Thanks for the Always Sunny clip — that’s one of my favorite shows.

  13. Awful Chief

    I was disgusted by Chauncey most of the game. Worst 24 point game ever. And it’s time to put Lindsey out to pasture. I’m tired of shuddering in horror watching him airball 10 footers. I’m just glad that my ticket only cost me $10.


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