Pistons Down Pacers 95-87

by | Jan 29, 2007 | 17 comments

The Pistons finally took one from Indiana, who had won the previous 2 meetings between the two this season. Detroit, who played a an almost flawless first quarter, led by as much as 16 but the Pacers fought back to tie the game at 79 with 5:56 left in the game. The tie was short lived as the Pistons picked up their “D” and controlled the rest of the way for a much needed win at The Palace.

Key Points:

  • SheedTASTIC.
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  • Webber is making a huge impact on this team.
  • Flip Saunders got his 500th career win.
  • Chris Webber had 17 points, 13 rebounds, 3 assists and 3 blocked shots in 29 minutes.
  • Just 8 turnovers for the Pistons.
  • A mad Rasheed is a dominating Rasheed.
  • The Pistons shot just 37% from the floor.
  • Sheed calling for the ball in the post and making it look easy is like a dream come true.
  • Chauncey and Sheed were perfect from the line.
  • The bench was horrible except for Dice.
  • Sheed was the Player Of The Game, 5 blocked shots, 3 steals, 7 rebounds and 20 points.

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  • The Air Force 1’s Sheed has been wearing are hot, too bad they aren’t releasing them.
  • It got scary at the end again, but they closed this one out.
  • Maxiell looks rusty after posting all those DNP’s.
  • Tayshaun took just 7 shots.
  • I am really tired of Lindsey Hunter taking the ball coast to coast and trowing up a wild layup in traffic.
  • Sheed got called for his 13th technical foul, by referee Sean Corbin . Corbin has given Wallace three techs this season. Three more and Wallace will start facing suspensions.
  • You have to credit C-Webb and Sheed for this one, they were both clutch down the stretch.
  • Sheed and C-Webb combined for 37 points and 20 rebounds. If that keep happening, this team will be unstoppable.

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  • I swear that when Chauncey’s shots are on, they look like they pause in mid air right before they rip the net. Pay attention next time you watch a game and you will notice it too.
  • Webber has taken a ton of pressure off Sheed. It Might be the reason he is playing so much better since his arrival.
  • Richard Hamilton shot 303 free throws in 80 regular season games last year. He has shot 271 in 40 games this season. Via The Detroit News
  • The Pistons blocked as many shots (five) in the first quarter as the Pacers made.
  • How about Sheed’s block early in the first quarter.
  • The Pistons bench scored 14 points. 13 of them came from McDyess.
  • Troy Murphy and Mike Dunleavy, who both were sporting long hair and “girlie” headbands, either were asked to or cut their hair or they did it on their own once they got traded to The Pacers.

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Murphey on the left went the short route. Dunleavy on the other hand is sporting a bit of a mullet. I finally figured out what made me think Dunleavy always looked peculiar. His eyebrows blend into his skin, making it look like he doesn’t have any. I helped him out and added a little bit of flair to go along with his new mullet.
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  • Nazr and Flip Murray might as well not dress. DNP’s for both of them again.
  • Dale Davis played almost 6 minutes.
  • Rip led the team with 21 points on 6-for-19 shooting.
  • O’neal went to the line 16 times and made 12.
  • Much better free throw shooting for the Pistons. 87%
  • Rasheed was dominating early, but had to sit because of foul trouble.
  • The Big 3 (Wallace, Webber and McDyess) dominated.
  • The Pistons interior defense was great.
  • It seemed like the bench couldn’t hold their own and relinquished the Pistons lead every time they were on the floor.
  • Dice was literally everywhere.

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The Palace had a few unusual guests last night, three of Reno’s finest. Lieutenant Jim Dangle, Deputy Travis Junior and Deputy Trudy Wiegel were in Detroit to promote their new movie. Reno 911 is one of my favorite TV shows so I am excited about the Movie. Not many of you know me other than fact that I love the Pistons, but the fact that I love Reno 911 might shed some light into the kind of person I am. Now you know. Anyway, Dangle’s shorts were shorter than ever and he was even sporting a matching NBA headband. If you missed their appearance I have the Video for you right here. And if you haven’t had a chance to watch an episode of Reno 911, your missing out.
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  1. Junior

    great job on webbers cartoon!!

  2. Anonymous

    As a fan of the show Reno 911!, I was really disappointed in the movie…

    BTW – I saw the movie last Tuesday at MSU in case anybody was wondering how I had already seen the movie.

  3. farlane

    “Sheed and C-Webb combined for 37 points and 20 rebounds. If that keep happening, this team will be unstoppable.”

    You got that right, Nat. It’s just too bad that you’ll seldom face a more big man friendly front line than Indy’s (especially when Jermaine is in foul trouble).

  4. garold

    Oh, Natalie… I especially love reading your Key Points following a Pistons victory. I swear that when the Pistons are on, your points recapture the game like a video review, as if paused after each bullet; reliving it, with the sweet sound of a ball being thrust through the cord-clad rim lingering inside your head, as it is slam-dunked home in your memory banks. Obviously, the one about Chauncey’s shot was my favorite! ;>) To me, as he let’s it go, it’s like deja vu when it rips the net; you just know as he’s setting up – it’s money!

    While Sheed and C-Webb continue to grow as a fabulous 1-2 punch, the play of Dice is only going to spur them on more. I remember how heart-broken he was last season; I don’t think anyone in the NBA wants a championship more than he does. It’s immeasurable how much his desire is going to help the Pistons, in it becoming contagious.

    The minutes distribution for the Bigs was about right, to keep them fresh. It was great to see C-Webb getting 3 blocks, but 5 from Sheed… purely SHEEDTASTIC! Still too many minutes for Tayshaun; the silent 6-2-2 was a little too quiet. Why not make one of the dead guys glued to the bench Inactive, suit up Amir, and mix him in there for now? Tay could get some minutes to rest Rip, and get some rest himself. I’m not suggesting completely benching Delphino; just getting some different looks on what might increase bench productivity. Tay isn’t going to hurt you there, and Amir just might help. At any rate, Rip won’t have to log over 43 minutes a game, and then, all you’d have to worry about is Chauncey’s minutes.

    Great to see the Pistons having a single digit TO game again. Yes, the 37% shooting was surprizing, as much as only 16 assists, but 18 O-Boards was sweet.

    As Orlando’s free-fall continues, Detroit’s draft choice from them this year rises. Phoenix keeps inquiring about reserve PG Travis Diener, but the Magic don’t want Marcus Bank’s contract; more of a defensive only PG, while Diener is a good shooter, but small and weak, on a minimum contract. I’ll pass on both of them.

    Congrats to Flip on #500!

  5. Anonymous

    I really think that Tayshaun is not going to very happy on the team anymore. I feel that with webber on the team now he will again be the last guy to go to. I really hope this is does not happen cause the pistons need him. Tay is not the type of guy who will say anything but I know he will be unhappy with out gettting the ball.

  6. Anonymous

    I love this seasons roster even better than last year, balls 2 big ben c-web is doing amazing things 4 dis team, mcdyss is playin lyk a beast and our startin line up is like an allstar team!

  7. garold

    Yeah, that’s a concern; he may feel like the red-headed step-child now, but he knows how important it is for the team to plug Webber in. He’s so versatile though, that the Pistons might just expand his role to other positions; getting more out of him, providing some rest for the backcourt, and enhancing the production of other bench members – yes, maybe even Amir Johnson. With a little more focus on his righthand, he probably could even run the offense with Chauncey out.

    C-Webb is becoming acclamated nicely. I’m sure new twists to the offense and defense will now follow. I expect Tay to be play a bigger role in an expanded team effort.

  8. Natalie

    Farlane…you can let me dream now can’t you? But yes when it comes down to it your right about Indi. I will say at times the Pistons can play awfully big if they want to.

    Oh Garold, people are going to think I pay you to compliment me. Thanks..

    As for Tay, he will be fine. I am more worried about C Billups and Rip’s minutes. Right now they are averaging 3 minutes more per game then they did last year. We need a shooter off the bench that can help those 2 out or the same thing that happened last year is likely to happen this season.

  9. Anonymous

    what is DNP??

  10. Anonymous

    ahhh that was such a great game.. especially for webber and mcdyess !!!

    but just curious, natalie.. which would you rather be the starting lineups for the pistons :

    chauncey,rip,sheed,prince, c-webb


    chauncey,rip,sheed,price, ben

    (( ignoring whatever you may have against ben for leaving detroit ))

    as for me i think chris webber and reasheed make a great duo and i cant get enough of webbers tip-ins!!

  11. Natalie

    DNP = Did Not Play

    I take Webber in place of Ben Wallace for the simple fact that we couldn’t get it done with the lineup we had.

    If your ask me the same question Nazr or Ben, I am sure you know the answer.

  12. Anonymous

    “Sheed got called for his 13th technical foul, by referee Sean Corbin . Corbin has given Wallace three techs this season. Three more and Wallace will start facing suspensions.”
    ^^ actually only 2 more.. that was his 14th last night :/ and it was complete BS just like the one chauncey received!

  13. Natalie

    I thought it was 14 too, that’s what they said on the ESPN broadcast but the papers said he’s at 13 so I went with that.

    As for CBillups…he threw the ball at the scorers table, you can’t do that. At least that one wasn’t a judgment call.

  14. Anonymous

    thats fine with me, id wayy rather take that 13 than 14 haha

  15. garold

    You’re welcome, Natalie; just keep those Pistons tickets coming. ;>)

  16. Travis

    Natalie, if I wasn’t in love with my girlfriend, I would seriously consider dating you (assuming you aren’t married or engaged). Your Pistons passion coupled with a great appreciation of humor (Reno, Charles Barkley, mocking Bill Walton, etc.) make you a catch this Valentine’s Day season.

  17. Natalie

    Thanks Travis, does that mean I gets to Valentine candy?


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