Wizards Hold On For The Win In Detroit

by | Jan 27, 2007 | 35 comments

The Pistons lost their first game since Chris Webber was added to the starting lineup. Detroit looked like they were in control and going to take this one by the way they were playing in the first half, but poor free throw shooting and a sluggish 3rd quarter did them in. Once again the game went down to the wire as the Pistons surged late in the fourth quarter, but a Rasheed Wallace 3 pointer wouldn’t fall and the Wizards took this one 99-96. Detroit have their chance at revenge as they meet the Wizards again Tuesday night in Washington.

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Key Points:

  • Chris Webber started the game strong, though he only scored 6 points. The bright side was he had 4 assists, 7 rebounds, and 2 blocked shots.
  • Arenas didn’t have a Gilbert type night but Antwan Jamison lit up the Pistons for a season high 35.
  • The Wizards gold uniforms look even worse in person.
  • Chauncey was just 4-for-10, but the ones he did make were clutch. Mr. Big Shot at his finest.
  • Tayshaun had a pretty little floater that made him look like he was hanging in the air forever.
  • McDyess again was hot, 6-for-9 for 15 points and 2 steals.
  • Why did Flip wait so long to put the starters back in in the 4th?
  • Delfino had some huge buckets tonight.
  • Lindsey sometimes takes wild layup attempts.
  • Sheed and Chauncey’s 3’s in the 4th lit up the crowd.
  • I don’t fault Sheed’s 3 at the end of the game, he was wide open and hot, but why take a three when we are down 1? Chauncey should drove the lane.
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  • The Pistons were clutch in the 4th even though they didn’t win.
  • If you look at this one on paper you would have thought the Pistons won the game.
  • The Pistons shot 46% the Wizards 43%.
  • The Pistons out rebounded the Wizards 47-36.
  • Happy Birthday Super Dupe.
  • Caron Butler reminds me of Eddie Munster.
  • The Pistons are now a half of a game behind the Wizards for 1st place in the Eastern Conference.
  • C-Webb’s block in the fourth was HUGE.
  • Shouldn’t the last play be called for Chauncey?
  • Great game, that Pistons should have won.
  • Rip, Rasheed and Tayshaun each had 5 assists.
  • What’s up with Chauncey’s free trow shooting?
  • If Sheed did this it would defiantly have been a tech.
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  • When Tayshaun bobbled the ball on the last play my heart sank.
  • I would have like to have seen Webber get a few more touches down low.
  • Again, someone has a season high game against the Pistons.
  • Arenas was 10-for-27 for 25 points.
  • Frustrating loss.
  • All the Pistons starters were in double figures. Webber had 6.
  • Good ball movement.
  • Flip and Nazr didn’t play.
  • Maxiell played just 3 minutes.
  • 15-for-22 from the free throw line for the Pistons.
  • Rip’s one legged, off balance shot in the 4th was awesome.
  • Arenas played 48 minutes.
  • I am once again questioning Flip Saunders ability to get the job done.
  • Chauncey is beautiful inside.


  1. Big_Ben

    Great Chauncey commercial!

    It was a great game, and a very exciting final 6 minutes, its too bad the Pistons couldn’t pull out the win.

  2. Anonymous

    I felt the same way, what kind of plays was Flip calling? This one was hard to lose.

  3. Nate

    A heartbreaker…When chauncey hit the three to tie it up late, I thought we were gonna take the game. Some of the lineup’s Flip had out there seemed poor to me at times. Hopefully we can get a win in Washington.


  4. Anonymous

    yeah its a total bummer i thought they would win this. they were playing really good in the first half. when they get behind in the second half its always a struggle to win the game. yeah flip definitely needs to rethink putting in the bench at certain times, not when we are down in the 4th quarter. ahhh flip what happened to you?… lol oh well hopefully we can take the pacers on sunday

  5. Mel

    Thanks Nat, I came here just to ask you to put up that commercial. It is hilarious.

  6. Anonymous

    so many games i see flip wait to put the starters back in the game and so many games we loose or fall back that its more work for the starters to get back in. I do not understand flip he doesn’t play the starters much in the being of the year nit now it seems he plays them too much. I do not think he is a good coach and he needs to go. He does not know when to play his guys. I question almost every rotaion he has. This was not a good lost we needed this one. Just when we get back on top we lose. We have a problem with washingtion and we just might end up playing them in the playoffs this year so we need to work on this.

  7. Anonymous

    looks like chaunceys even now getting bens commercials, wasn’t it ben how was with ford when he was in Detroit?

  8. ALMEI

    1. “but poor free throw shooting and a sluggish 3rd quarter did them in.”

    2. “I don’t fault Sheed’s 3 at the end of the game, he was wide open and hot, but why take a three when we are down 1? Chauncey should drove the lane.”

    3. “I am once again questioning Flip Saunders ability to get the job done.”

    Once again, Natalie, your analysis is right on. It seems like in too many games this year we come out sluggish in the 3rd quarter and get badly outscored–10 points in last nights game–so we are battling back in the 4th. For the last couple of loses, we have battled back and been in a position to win, but somehow either bad plays, bad decisions, or bad shots result in us taking another “lost” when we certainly should have “won.” Anonymous above said it best–“This was not a good lost; we needed this one.” The season is now half over–what will the 2nd half bring?

  9. Anonymous

    damn them jerseys gay

  10. Sue

    Whats the deal w the T fouls? They can blow a gasket and we can not?!
    It just pisses me off!

    As for the comment about Flip S.If you have great players, established players, and the job still does not get done. It can only fall on the coaches lack of ability to get the job done.

  11. Anonymous

    “Shouldn’t the last play be called for Chauncey?”
    ^^ahhh exactly what i was thinking !!! he was on fire in the fourth quarter !! it shouldve been allfor him

    andddd hes looking goooood in that commercialll ;]

    haha great recap of the game!

  12. garold

    While a great game, a tough one to lose. Yes, the stat sheet would indicate that the Pistons should have one this one. Superior FT shooting could be called the difference, but Jamison and Howard’s 45 vs. Wallace and Webber’s 20 sure didn’t help. More than anything, it’s maddening losing at home to a team wearing the stupidest looking uniforms!!

    Other than another good performance by McDyess, the bench came up too short, while too many minutes to the starters. Lindsey isn’t the answer as the primary PG backup; Murray isn’t being played and Delphino doesn’t pass good enough. Why aren’t Murray and Mohammed the inactives since they aren’t playing? It would be better dressing Blalock and Dupree, or give Amir Johnson another look. Carlos Delphino comes up clutch at times, but we need 30 points from the bench. Why so little Jason Maxiell and no Dale Davis? I don’t really blame Saunders; he doesn’t have enough to work with. The Washington starters logged big minutes, and Detroit followed suit. We all know there are weaknesses defensively with our starting frontcourt, while better defense sits on the bench.

    The Pistons rebounded well, but missed too many second shots. The ORBs continue to climb: Tayshaun-4, Hamilton-4, McDyess-4. Billups had 9 toal RB, with Rasheed grabbing 8, Prince 8, Webber 7, McDyess 6; they are sweeping the boards, and should have won this one. Steals continue to be a claring weakness; 5-20 fast break points are the proof.

    Joe Dumars might have to act sooner than he’d like to in making his final roster adjustment for this season. We need more production in the 2nd and 3rd quarters; we just don’t have the horses available.

  13. Anonymous

    Get Flip Saunders out of here!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Anonymous

    I completely blame rasheed for this loss

  15. Anonymous

    ^^ why?? because he missed the 3 to win the game?? did u even watch the whole game?

    you cant blame a TEAM loss on ONE player

  16. Anonymous

    ^^ because he blew it twice, why was he on the perimeter anyways, he sucks at 3’s

  17. Anonymous

    well even if u think he sucks at 3’s.. he can’t be the sole reason for the entire loss just because of what happened in the last seconds of the game

  18. dave

    the wizards are going to beat us in the playoffs. then we’re going to lose chauncey in the offseason. and next year we will be 37 – 45. thanks flip saunders for ruining my life.

  19. garold

    The last play was called for Chauncey; unfortunately, they couldn’t get it to him. Didn’t Prince bobble it? Just one of those things. You can’t always judge the outcome of games on the final play when you’re down; some you win, some you lose. This game was lost before the final play. Rasheed’s best 3’s come when they’re to throw down the exclamation point!

  20. Anonymous

    And replace Saunders with WHO? If you want Flip gone, Dumars will have to be fired first. What do you want… TOTAL CHAOS? You’re either a pot-stirrer lobbing grenades from behind a screen, a loser with nothing to contribute, or a complete IDIOT. Firing Flip Saunders would only be giving up on this year, and Joe ain’t gonna do that. Now get outta of here, you stinkin’ troll.

  21. Anonymous

    you said “All the Pistons starters were in double figures.”
    Webber was not

  22. Anonymous

    ^^ “Collins Picks Eastern All-Star Reserves”

    ^^He Named Rip And Smooth !!”


  23. Natalie

    We can alway count on Garold for some insight. I believe the bench came up short because they didn’t get much PT.

    As for the last play, I really talking about the one before that when we were only down one. The Wizards were looking for it… Flip needs to get more creative or do something. Remember when Larry was the coach and it was automatic when we came out of time outs? The good old days.

  24. Anonymous

    shut up dave

  25. Anonymous

    watching the game a few things I saw
    1. You guys are right about Flip Saunders and his choice of rotations. It always seems like he does the opposite of what needs to be done. And it really annoys me when he takes a bench player out after one bad play, like Delfino or Maxiell, but when a starter is making bad decisions he will leave them in, even when they made a whole bunch of good ones (He doesn’t seem to trust his bench as much anymore). He takes out players when their in rhythem then keeps them out for so long they lose their rhythem.

    2. Tayshaun needs to work on his right handed dribble, he misses too many opportunities to drive the lane because his right hand is useless, I’ll use the last play of this game as an example.

    3. They need to stop complaining and get back on d. Lindsey allowed a lay up cause he was complaining a call. That was the first time I saw it from Lindsey but other players do it too.

    4. Delfino needs to drive and posterize some more players.

    5. They need to play 48 minutes of basketball.

    6. I love sheed, it seems even when he’s mad he’ll still be joking around and laughing with his teammates on the bench and floor.

    Ilove the Pistons and I hope they get to, No scratch that, I hope they WIN the Championship.


  26. Anonymous

    Pistons lost to Gilbert Penis and the stinkin’ zebras and sometimes if you have the zebras riding your ass all night, you would get hissy too.

    Wonder how much money Vegas gave the zebras to give extra special calls one way??

  27. Ben

    The worst play of the game was Chauncey taking the ball to the basket with 7 or 8 seconds left in the first half, I knew once he was called for a foul, Arenas would at least get a 3 point shot, and pretty sure he would make it, despite the comeback that was the turning point of the game in my opinion.

  28. The Jersey FLiP

    in ur bullet points ou forgot to note that Agent zero has hit 13 buzzer beaters

  29. Anonymous

    flip dosen’t know what the hell he is doing. he should have ran a play for chauncey or rip near the end of that heart breaking wizards game

  30. Anonymous

    great commercial with CB

  31. Anonymous

    why does everyone keep blaming Flip? When we win its his fault, but as soon as we loose its no ones fault, but the coach. To me that is crazy. That last play was good, but the doubled Chauncey because they knew he was gonna get the ball, I believe Rip was doubled as well leaving Sheed wide open. He just didn’t make the shot. Like I say some go in and some don’t. As simple as that. If they played the entire game like that last 6 minutes of the 4th quarter we would have won. No doubt about it. Now just look how close we were with their sluggish play if they get it together and play like they played those last 6minutes in every game nobody will be able to stop us.

  32. Anonymous

    scratch that I meant to say as soon as we win its all the players and of Flip did an excellent job, but as soon as we lose its definetly not the players fault its the coaches

  33. Anonymous

    Why is the skyline in this commercial L.A.? They couldn’t get one decent shot of Detroit’s skyline? Us Pistons fans should hate L.A. and everything that has to do with it. Another weird L.A.-related thing I’ve noticed that isn’t very Sheedtastic is the Piston Red jerseys’ resemblance to the Clippers’ jerseys. I prefer to bleed Piston Blue.


  34. Ed Soysizzle

    It was an entertaining game at the 4th. The pistons should’ve never doubled on Arenas. He will always find ways to score and also Jamison would be left wide open especially his sweet spot at the corners behind the arc.


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