The Pistons Even The Score With The Bobcats

by | Jan 25, 2007 | 19 comments

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The Pistons, led by Richard Hamilton’s 22 points, finally beat the Bobcats after losing to them in their last two meetings. With the Pistons 103-92 win in Charlotte, they tied the season series at 2-2. With this win and a Cleveland loss, the Pistons are now sitting on top of the Eastern Conference.

Key Points:

  • All the Pistons starters scored in double figures.
  • The Charlotte crowd, bless their hearts, stand up at the start of the game and don’t sit until their team makes their first basket. Nice gesture but it doesn’t come off that strong when their are so many empty seats in the house.
  • From what I have seen of Adam Dirt Morrison, I am less than impressed.
  • Good thing Piston killer Matt Carroll scored just 4 points.
  • No Nazr, or Flip Murray.
  • First quarter, Webber is backing down in the post, he calls for Sheed. Then C-Webb delivers a sweet bounce pass to Rasheed as he’s running towards the paint. Rasheed delivers and easy dunk. It has to be the highest I have seen him dunk all year. SHEEDtastic.
  • Rasheed had a hybrid of his All-Star Air Force 1’s on.
  • Gerald Wallace scored 29. I really thought he was going to be a threat in the league a couple of years ago.
  • Nobody does the Alley Oop better than Rip to Tayshaun.
  • When Chris Webber joined the Pistons I read, on more than one occasion, that he would never hustle, play defense, get rebounds and he would certainly never dive after a loose ball. Really?
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  • The Pistons starting five reads like a lineup you would make in a game of NBA 2K7.
  • Rasheed was in the post backing down Okafor when he lost his balance and passed the ball to Tay. I swear I heard him loudly talking to the ref shortly after and this is what he said, referring to how Okafor was playing him. “He can’t have is knee in my ass either, Bernie!”
  • Chauncey struggled with his shot, he was just 4-for-14 and 3-for-8 from downtown.
  • The Pistons were out rebounded 31-42 but they only had 11 turnovers on the night.
  • The starters played heavy minutes, careful Flip.
  • If you have a Motorola Razr, like I do, you have to have this.
  • Tayshaun struggled with his shot again but still scored 14 point on 4-for-11 shooting and sank a key 3 point shot in the 4th quarter.
  • Is there any way to make my doorbell sound like a basketball going through the net? Because that would be awesome.
  • Sheed dominated the 4th quarter.
  • Dyess looks so much more comfortable now that he knows he’s not being traded.
  • Sheed was 7-for-9 for 20 points, 3 assists, 4 steals, a blocked shot and 5 rebounds. He was also 2-for-2 from downtown, one of which was a key shot in the fourth quarter.
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  • Sheed and Webber make a hell of a combination down low.
  • The Pistons and Bobcats traded leads throughout the game until the Pistons finally pulled away late in the fourth.
  • Sheed must have said “Ball Don’t Lie” 10 times last night.
  • I still can’t believe the speed that Lindsey still has.
  • Sheed said of Webber, “I’m comfortable playing with him, because he knows defense. That’s a plus. Playing with him when I was in (Washington), I didn’t forget his tendencies.” Was that a poke at Mohammed’s defense?
  • Once Webber gets more acclimated with the team and the team with him, special things will happen.
  • Sheed was LOUD.
  • Chris Webber was 7-for-9 for 19 points, 3 assists and 6 rebounds and The Player of the Game. Webber is tight!
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  • It’s a wonderful thing when Sheed calls for the ball in the paint and dominates.
  • Mr. Delfino needs to work on his shot.
  • When Sheed and Webber both have good games, this team will be hard to beat.
  • Glass Glass
  • C -Webb licks his hands a lot.
  • Dale Davis 8 minutes 4 points and 3 boards.
  • The Pistons shot 52% from the floor.
  • Adam Morrison’s hair stylist has given him a nice looking bob. How appropriate since he’s a Bobcat. This is what he looks like now.
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  1. garold

    Natalie, I swear you get more awesome in your posting, when Sheed has a great game! That’s just a SHEEDtastic recap!

    Sidenote: Any idea why Rip was crashing 3 pt attempts tonight? That was weird.

  2. Anonymous

    YES! Webber is tight! Thanks Nat

  3. Anonymous

    why did you make the point about tay bigger than everything else? I mean he does struggle with his shot every year that is not something new but he still plays hard every game taht is something everyone forgets becuase there are so many others on the team that stand out. Tay gets lost with in them. Even when he does get point unless its 30 you say he gets a silent amount of points. I think tay is great for this team and lets not forget what he does for the pistons every year during the playoffs. IF it was not for Tay I know they would not have even made it as far as they did last season and well in his rookie year he did great things as well. Even the year they won tay played a part in that and didn’t get any credit.

    I am not trying to put you down for anything I love this sit but i just feel tay ets no credit unless he scores big. I think he is best for the pistons but at times I think if he was on another team he would stand out more, now I know that is not his game and being with the pistons is best for him and his game but I just wish he would get some credit. I hope out of all the pistons he makes the all star game but I don;t see if.

  4. dave

    no, tay won’t make the all-star game. he still isn’t aggresive enough on offense and too inconsistent.
    i loved how the pistons played this game, especially sheed and webber,, but we aren’t going to be able to shoot 52% all season. they’ve got to pick up the defensive intensity. fools like gerald wallace can’t be lighting up the pistons like that. this all starts with flip saunders, putting in hustle players like maxiell and delfino and not wearing out the starters so much. did he forget how great the goon squad did while sheed was out? i’d like to see more minutes for a 5 man rotation of lindsey, delfino, mcdyess and the goon squad- that’s a good defensive 5 players and saunders is not using them enough.

    tomorrows game against the wizards is the biggest game of the season- top two teams in the east at the palace with our star 5 out there against (self-obsessed lunatic) gilbert arenas and the most underrated supporting cast in the nba. saunders is going to have to use the bench to win this one; we can’t just outscore them, we’re going to have to defend them, which means using our bench. i don’t think saunders trusts lindesy or delfino to guard a guy like arenas, but i know that they are both more than capable. arenas is such a head-case, all lindsey has to do is hustle and frustrate him and the guy will self-implode and start shooting 40 footers. give him his 12-30 shooting game and take the win. let’s get it done flip.

    man if we lose this one it’s going to make me sick.i really can’t stand arenas.

  5. downtown

    This was a much better controlled 4th quarter. They were in foul trouble early and the bobcats were doing consistent damage.. but pistons were able to keep the buckets coming and play a lot of precision foul-free defense right to the end. Very professional, very cool.

  6. Anonymous

    LOL Chris does lick his hands alot

  7. Anonymous

    I am sorry about the writing comment I see that all writing after tays is as big as his. I am sorry.

  8. Anonymous

    dud i love our new line up, if Chros Webber can play his heart out we will be unbeatable, but as for the picture of him dunking on the homepage he looks so sleepy, i swear its so funny and effortless

  9. cara

    Hey Nat,
    Excellent recap…C-Webb does lick his fingers a LOT. One time last night he licked them, then was giving everyone a high five….It’s not as annoying a habit as Lebron chewing ravenously on his cuticles or Haslem hanging is slimy mouthguard out of his mouth, though…yet. haha.

  10. Sue

    Its amazing how fast Rip is.
    Webber fits like a glove.

  11. Anonymous

    Hey Nat! I like what I’m seeing from my Pistons. Just one question though, where is your cartoon picture of Chris Webber, or am I missing it?

  12. Anonymous

    you heard about pau gasol goin to the bulls

  13. PISTONS tiil THE daii I diie

    got any thing on the all stars nat?

  14. Natalie

    Yeah no way on the Pao thing, I don’t want him anyway. Looks like the Jaric thing might happen though.

    As for the All Stars, we wont know about the reserves until next week Thursday.

  15. Anonymous

    How the hell does Gilbert Anus become a starter on the All-Star team?

    I guess guys like that who are only interested in padding their own personal stats get voted in. And Fat Shaq is a starter again? Did he even play this year? Who really wants to see his dumb sneaker phone and listen to his brain dead comments?

    I guess this year the East loses, huh?

  16. The Jersey FLiP


  17. Anonymous

    fans vote in the starts for the all star

  18. Nikhil

    Nat is the greatest pistons fan ever


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