Ron Artest’s Game of Invisible Catch

by | Jan 23, 2007 | 21 comments

I attended the over hyped Pistons-Kings game, which we all know was the first time since “The Brawl” that Ron Artest visited The Palace of Auburn hills. Ron-Ron got booed and heckled, but I didn’t expect anything different.

What I missed that I later caught after watching the replay at home was crazy Ron’s game of Invisible Catch that he played with “friends” in the crowd that he made while in Detroit for his community service. I read about it after the game but we were lucky enough that the TV cameras captured it for our viewing pleasure.

You will also notice at the end of the clip during the introductions Ron takes his gum out of his mouth and throws it into the crowd. Why wasn’t there more made of him doing that? Either way Ron is 5 cans short of a six pack, and it would take a hell of a lot to surprise any of us with his antics at this point.

I am a bit thankful that Need4Sheed reader Chris D. pointed something out to me. Ron Artest looks just like Grace Jones with his new Mohawk. Remarkable resemblance if you ask me. You think Ron is crazy? Grace Jones is winning that race by miles. What’s next Artest in a dress? I wouldn’t be surprised, didn’t he wear Rodman’s number last year.

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  1. mike d.

    The Pistons didn’t put stock in Ron Artest’s postgame comment Saturday that the Pistons “weren’t as good as they used to be.” “That’s Ron Artest,” Lindsey Hunter said. “You consider the source and move on.” — Detroit News

    God, I love Lindsey.

  2. Anonymous

    Artest doesn’t wear the same number as Rodman, Rodman wore number 91.

  3. garold

    Artest should be wearing number “00”.

  4. Anonymous

    hey mike d. the reason sheed is in that nike video for a second is cause he is the worst one on there. He sucks

  5. Kyle

    Who’s talking about Sheed you idiot.

  6. Anonymous

    “That’s Ron Artest,” Lindsey Hunter said. “You consider the source and move on.”

    ^^ hah love itttt :]

  7. Matt W.

    Natalie — thanks for putting the gum-throwing on video. I mentioned it in my Kings recap and am equally confused why the mainstream media didn’t make a fuss about it. Perhaps because, like you, they were at the game and didn’t see it at first.

  8. Big_Ben

    They said in the post game write up that Artest was playing pretend catch with friends in the crowd, but after watching that video, to me it just looks like some kind of weird little pre-game ritual of his. It doesn’t look like he’s trying to throw an imaginary object to any one in particular.

  9. Anonymous

    i don’t see the resemblence.. wishful thinking.

  10. Anonymous

    what an idiot.

  11. Anonymous

    ummmmmm whoever that 1 kid is who was sayin rasheed sucks then y r u on this website do u not understand who its 4. LOSER!!!

  12. Junior

    Heard an interview chad ford gave dumars today. When asked to give one word to best describe his team, Dumars answered: Focused
    He also said,”ask me again in march. I’ll probably have a different word. It may be “R” rated”. I love that man

    listen 4 yourself

  13. Anonymous

    hey up there who said “loser”. I LOVE the pistons and I HATE rasheed. I’m only on this site because its the only pistons fansite. SHEED SUCKS. PISTONS RULE.

  14. Anonymous

    um listem up homie. first of all wut makes u not like him?? second, he’s one of the best forwards out there and third of all u aint a true pistons fan! and dont try to come at me with that “yall be talkin bout not likin flip so wut makes us pistons fans” and shit like that.. because i can give u reasons for that.. hell i can write a book about why flip sux!!

  15. Anonymous

    yeah flip does suck, but so does sheed

  16. Anonymous


  17. Anonymous

    wtf was that about anonymous at 5:47

    from:sheed rules

  18. Anonymous

    The anonymous who said sheed sucks and the rockets are the best, you need to get laid! Get out of your parents basement, turn off the computer for a while, noone wnats you in here!

  19. Big_Ben


  20. Anonymous

    I went to the Pistons/Kings game early to watch our guys practice, and sat in the autograph section behind the Kings’ bench. Ron Artest was sitting right in front of us. I was taking some pictures, and the girl next to me wanted to help me get some good shots, and politely called out “Hey Ron, can we get a picture.?” Ron turned around to us and said “I don’t like Detroit.” Everyone there (fans) just kind of stayed quiet and ignored him. I can’t really say that I was surprised by his comment, but I was hoping he was big enough to let the whole thing go since it was so long ago. I had decided I was not going to boo him at the game since it was all is the past, and our guys were all cool with him when they came on the court to practice, but that comment changed my mind.

  21. Natalie

    Funny how when the media is around he has a different story. The Guy has problems!


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