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by | Jan 22, 2007 | 13 comments

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It looks like The Pistons are bringing Amir Johnson back from the D League. This might mean that some sort of deal is going down since the team defiantly doesn’t need an extra player. Whether the Pistons are going to deal Amir is the question. Amir is not going anywhere. (Thanks Matt)

I do know that the Pistons will not trade McDyess or Maxiell.

Our favorite Pistons blogger Matt from Detroit Bad Boys is on the Basketball Jones Podcast talking all things Pistons, from C-Webb to Rasheed.

Basketbawful looks lovely.

The Shaq Mac.


  1. garold

    OMG, don’t trade Amir!!! He’s the future!

    It would have to be an offer than you just couldn’t refuse. I can’t see Dumars trading this beast-in-the-making.

  2. Big_Ben

    Why would they need to bring him back up before they trade him? Don’t they just trade his contract and then the other team would do what they want with him? I don’t understand why the Pistons would have to bring him back up first.

  3. Natalie

    I’m not saying they are going to trade him but something has got to be brewing, whether its got to do with Amir we will just have to wait and see.

    I personally don’t see Joe D giving him up.

  4. Anonymous

    No, Amir is there to fill a roster spot. Nazr is going, i almost gaurentee it… 2nd to go would be Dale, but I feel we need Dale especially against Shaq. Nazr and Flip Murray may get traded together, who knows… Amir Johnson for SURE is the future of this ball club. He is gonna be amazing, i can feel it. (The only way I would trade Amir, is if we got KG or something haha)


  5. garold

    Nothing has really changed, as far as his status goes. Johnson, along with many other developmental players in the NBA were sent to this Showcase Tournament from January 15th-17th, and was expected to be recalled after it.

    There are a couple of reviews of his progress, which can be found here:

    Amir’s D-League Showcase Recaps

    The link brings you to Day 2, but there is another one there, when you click on Day 1.

    I expect that the Pistons will continue to keep him as one of the 3 inactive players most of the time, along with Will Blalock, and either Dale Davis or Ronald Dupree, now that everyone is back from injury, and we have a full roster.

  6. Matt W.

    FYI, Johnson won’t be traded — from the Detroit News:

    “Amir might be the only untouchable in the league who’s on the inactive roster,” said George David , director of scouting.

  7. Natalie

    Thanks Matt, I missed that one.

  8. Junior

    One thing I do know is that Monta Ellis is a great talent. If we could pull this guy in, he would be a great threat coming off the bench. Good young slasher/scorer. There is one problem–he is not the brightest guy in the NBA. To the point where you feel sorry for him. Hes not RON-RON retarded, but more like Bubba from Forest Gump. Still very likeable. I am not ragging on the guy, just something I noticed. I am hoping we land this guy. hes been a fantasy sleeper for me too.

  9. Big_Ben

    I would love to have Ellis too, but why would Golden State give him up? he’s been golden for them, and is only going to improve.

  10. Matt W.

    You didn’t really miss it, per se — it was published just before I posted the comment 🙂 But it’s great to hear.

  11. Junior

    I have no idea why GS would give up Ellis. I know I wouldn’t. I read it in hoopshype. But after looking around now, Joe said he hasn’t talked to GS anyway. So just a rumor. I was just excited to hear his name involved.

  12. garold

    Ellis is only making $664,000. Other players would have to be involved with a $5.2 salary going GS’s way; $4.5 mil worth.

    Monta Ellis has creative scoring skills, but is weak in playmaking. That’s what we need most in another backup PG, because that’s Lindsey’s weakest area is as well.

  13. Junior

    Brevin Knight comes to mind when it comes to playmaking. But its not like the league is full of bench players who are playmakers. Best talent available would be ideal. Someone who doesn’t turn the ball over. Hold their own on D.


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