The Pistons blowout the Kings: Ron Artest is still a nut

by | Jan 21, 2007 | 27 comments

It took the Pistons about 10 minutes to get into a grove, but once they did it was all over for the Kings. The Pistons beat the Kings 91-74, led by Richard Hamilton’s 19 points. The return of Ron Artest was as uneventful as I thought it would be. Pistons fans did their best to show their displeasure with Ron he was booed loudly when he was announced during introductions and whenever he touched the ball. Other than that it was just a good old fashioned beat down, one that The Detroit Pistons sorely needed.

Key Points the Ron-Ron edition:

  • Ron didn’t come out right away to warm up with the Kings before the game. When he did finally walk out he stuck close to the Kings bench.
  • Ron looks like a total douchebag with that mohawk.
  • I actually didn’t see this but Ron played imaginary catch with “friends” in the stands. I want to know who those “friends” are.
  • Artest was 6-for-14 for 14 points with 6 rebounds and 4 turnovers.
  • I have gotten over my hate for Ron. I even feel a bit sorry for the guy, he has got to be a little light in the brain department.
  • Artest had this to say, “They’re not as good as they used to be,” he said. “I can’t really point it out. I remember playing against another type of team.”
  • Remember when he called this his job?
  • Everyone seemed to make fun of his one leg tight look.
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  • My fantasy basketball hero Kevin Martin was just 1-for-7.
  • Chauncey Billups only took 4 shots.
  • McDyess looked rejuvenated again, though he bobbled a couple of great passes by Webber that would have led to easy dunks.
  • Not only am I happy we have Chauncey back, it’s good to have Lindsey back too.
  • Nazr is the new Darko.
  • Delfino is starting to be a defensive specialist, I just wish his shots would start falling.
  • Nazr doesn’t want to be traded now.
  • I like Dippin Dots.
  • I was expecting Maxiell to get some thunder dunks, but he just gets mauled when he’s down low.
  • Antonio McDyess was 6-for-6, perfect from the floor.
  • Tayshaun Prince silently scored 17.
  • Kevin Garnett is suspended for 1 game for throwing a punch at Dyess.
  • Mike Bibby looks weird without a headband on.
  • How can the Pistons trade McDyess, we are going to need him to start when Rasheed starts serving those suspensions for technical fouls.
  • It took a little bit more time getting into the Palace, they broke out extra security and metal detectors.
  • I was happy to see Corliss, he had a great game for the Kings with 17 off the bench.
  • This was a much needed win and it was nice to not have to go down to the wire.
  • Pistons 52 rebounds to the Kings 40.
  • I actually got bored watching this one.
  • Sheed looks like he had a little fun while the bench was playing.
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Random MySpace comment on my Need4Sheed page.

thanx 4 da add pops….u dont noe how much dis meen 2 a nigga..
lyke fatha lyke sunn…i got yo 3ball and yo boardz….and yo blockin skillz ….strait up. holla

God help Americas youth.


  1. Anonymous

    yea, it wasn’t an eventful game…
    better than loosing though.I hope we can get into a winning streak! =]


  2. Anonymous

    tayshaun is the most underrated player in the whole game!
    he score so much and nobdy talks about him.
    When Sheed does get that 16 Tech Dyess is going to have to prove that he can fill in a big hole.

    The C-Billups are sold at champs! I was on the website last night and I saw them.

  3. Anonymous

    as unexciting as yesterdays game was, it was good to have a break from all those previous STRESSFUL games !!! this is their first blowout in a longg time and i was happy for it and proud of them :]

    buttt i REALLYYY hope they dont trade McDyess !!! i still think we need him!


    i hear today is the last day for ALLSTAR voting so PISTONS FANS GET YOUR VOTES IN WHILE YOU STILL CAN !!!!

  4. Anonymous

    yeah is there?

  5. Anonymous

    what were the fans chanting at the game?

  6. Natalie

    No chanting that I heard.

    No picture of me, it’s a Pistons site not a Natalie site.

  7. Anonymous

    post a pic!

  8. Junior

    Yeah no shit you fucking stalkers. Get over it…. when the site comes out I’m sure she will let you know about it. But don’t hold your breath. Your not supposed to see the person behind the curtain.

    Btw the myspace comment… you couldn’t make that up if you tried.LOL

  9. Amy

    Yeah, I saw that Myspace comment earlier today and thought WTF??? lol.
    P.S. I’ll cry if the trade Dyess.

  10. Anonymous

    shut up junior

  11. Anonymous

    haha i dont blame u for notposting your pic, natalie.. theres a bunch of internet weirdos out there!

  12. Anonymous

    I met Natalie at a Pistons game! I asked her where she got her Sheed shirt and she told me about the website. I have been a regular reader since then, and a proud owner of a Sheedtastic shirt.

    Bryce from East Lansing

  13. Katie

    why would Artest throw his gum into the crowd in the beginning?!

  14. Anonymous

    Who said he threw his gum in the crowd?

  15. Big_Ben

    They showed him throwing his gum into the crowd on the post game show.

  16. Anonymous

    let’s keep mcdyess & trade flip & nazr :))))

  17. garold

    Oh, your funny stuff just kills me! (Artest’s job) Heavyweight Champion McDyess was cool too! *LMAO*

    I knew Sheed would soon be happy again. Part of it is the Pistons new found hope, and part is going to be proving Chris Sheridan wrong; an angry Sheed, is a good Sheed. Maybe you should give Flip Saunders a new nickname to keep Rasheed stoked, like “He HATE Me” Saunders! *LOL* Flip’d probably even wear a tie with it on it, if it keeps the Pistons winning.

    Seems like KG was leveled a cheap suspension. Taking him off the court that game was good enough for me.

    Corlis is still a guy whom you like to root for; except when he’s playing Detroit.

    Had Nazr Mohammed been pulling down 7 RB in 8 minutes before, he would have been playing more, and not being put on the trading block. Too late ~ BYE-BYE, NOW!

    Webber’s passing skills have to be shocking for his teamates. Just wait until they expect them. They won’t be bobbling those dunks opportunities, and then it’s really going to be fun.

    It wouldn’t surprise me if Billups’ scoring goes down, and his assists go up; until tight ones in the 4th.

    Not only is Lindsey Hunter back from injury, HE’S BAA-ACKK! That said, let’s still go after a solid, younger, multi-faceted PG with our bargaining chips; the Pistons can’t afford having them both go down again, and it’s no spot to put a rookie in, who hadn’t been getting minutes… or a Flip-Flop.

    The Pistons need another game like Saturday’s against Charlotte, to be ready when the Wizards come to The Palace. Lots of time for practice this week, and no back-to-backs.

  18. dave

    yeah i have always wondered what natalie looks like.

    this was a nice game to watch. i agree with the artest comments, and pity is pretty much all i feel for him now.

    i hope joe d can get a worthwhile player out of nazr and flip .

  19. Dom

    I don’t know nat….this site is made for sheed…….But what about your sheed myspace you could have atleast put like you up with a sheed jersey….I don’t think it would kill or hurt…..I mean I know your not everyone but over 300,000,000 million have there pic up on myspace So I don’t think it would hurt…….and could only better your chances of being seen…….by rasheed…..Cuz you post it up then pistons fans know who you are and they also have a better time relating to you cuz your just an average person who does average thing not that thats a problem…..and then you can get the right people to notice you…..and then if you hold like a website sign up more people will see and notice and maybe get you on the big screen….who knows But the key to doing anything with sheed or alteast getting reconized for your work is advertising…..And boom sheed hires you…..thats just me though….But you can do what you want and i’m sure you already made it clear…..But honestly it’s killin me 2……I think your fans deserve it. How would you like it if sheed wore a paper bag over his head and never took it off …’d want to see whos the man that makin thos killer shots lol…..just sayin i’m not stalker though

  20. Anonymous

    Is there talk about trading Dyess Nat?

  21. Big_Ben

    Wow your creepy dom. She don’t owe shit to no one. She made a blog, people like it, end of story. I don’t need to see a pic of her to satisfy my Pistons needs and I think most people on here would agree with me.

  22. Natalie

    I should hire you as my business manager. As for all the attention, I am a bit of a shy person. I wouldn’t like to be on the big screen or anything like that. As for Sheed, he already knows about me and the website, hell he even has a T shirt with his cartoon head on the front. So I did what I wanted to, I made a site to distribute my graphics, wallpaper and screen savers to fellow Pistons fans and as a bonus I made some great friends along the way.

    I will think about posting a picture, but if your creative enough you might just find one.

  23. Dom

    interesting… I do like mangering and such but i’m far to unorganized lol….but maybe once I take organization 101 I’ll see about working somethin out with you lol…….well ok i’ll use my creativity.

    but I understand you points and everything.

  24. jess

    nat.. i was just gonna say.. dont you have a pic somewhere on the web.. cause i remember seeing one somewhere a while bak.. and i think there was an interview with you too??

  25. garold

    PSSSST…. Can y’all keep a secret??? Okay; I’ll spin the beans, but don’t tell, Natalie!!!

    Can’t believe so many haven’t figured this out; Nat’s picture is all over the place.

    “Natalie” is a pen name for the one and only SHEED

    Ah, isn’t anonymity sexy?
    THE END.

    I hope we can all get back to basketball now.

  26. Natalie

    Good one Garold….as a matter of fact it’s Sheedtastic!

  27. garold

    Thank you, Natalie… and thanks for that 5×7 glossy in the #36 Red.


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