Pistons Get A Much Needed Win In Double OT

by | Jan 20, 2007 | 20 comments

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The Pistons -Timberwolves game looked like it was going to be a carbon copy of Monday nights loss at the Palace. But thankfully Richard Hamilton knocked down a shot to tie the game up 79-79 to send the game into overtime. Just when it looked like it was over, Chauncey Billups hit a three over Mike James with seconds left on the clock to send the game into another OT. In double OT it was all Pistons as they beat the Timberwolves 104-98.

Kevin Garnett and Antonio McNice got into a bit of a scuffle, in which both players were ejected. See for yourself.

Key Points:

  • Mike James knocked down a crazy circus 3 point shot that almost had the game locked for the Timberwolves. I called it right when he shot it that he clearly stepped out of bounds, and the replay showed it.
  • Ba Ba Ba Billups is back.
  • Maxiell had 7 points in 14 minutes.
  • Not much Delfino in this one, just 13 minutes 0 points.
  • Pretty passes from C-Webb.
  • The Pistons shot horribly in the first half, but once again their D kept them in it.
  • Add another T to Wallace’s total. He is now leading the league with 13. I think Fatima needs to step in.
  • Blount lights up the Pistons again with 22 and a season high 15 boards.
  • Mark Madsen gets on my last nerve, but you got to give it up to him. The only reason he’s still playing in the NBA is pure hustle.
  • I do not want anything to do with Marco Jaric.
  • I usually heart KG, but not today.
  • I have always had a special place in my heart for McDyess, but he was gangster tonight. He usually never speaks above a whisper, tonight he went right at Garnett.
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  • Before Garnett was ejected he pulled down 19 boards.
  • Rip Hamilton 51 minutes, 26 points, 5 assists and 7 rebounds.
  • Chris Webber started his first game as a Piston.
  • Tayshaun Prince struggled from the floor. He was just 3-for-11 for 8 points, but he had 3 key blocks.
  • I am so glad that Bill Walton didn’t call the game.
  • Sheed, 18 points, 9 boards and passion.
  • Webber had a nice showing, 8-for-12 shooting for 16 points. He also had 4 assists and 7 rebounds.
  • The Pistons bench scored just 11 points.
  • Mike James played 50 minutes for the Timberwolves tonight, Monday he only played 24.
  • The Pistons needed this one badly.
  • Chauncey Billups has 26 points and was 4-for-6 from downtown.
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  • Artest is excited for his Palace return. Need4Sheed commenter Junior, is sporting this tomorrow as a welcome.
  • I will be there too and booing, but the he’s too much of a joke for me to even care that much.
  • I have Air Force One goodness to come.
  • Garnett actually threw a punch, but I will be surprised if he gets suspended.
  • Flip Murray 4 minutes, Natalie all smiles.
  • Heavy starter minutes.
  • Tay is so good, I wish he could be more consistent.
  • Pistons were out rebounded by 10.
  • Dyess’s play has shown he wants nothing more than to be a Piston.
  • Troublemaker Chris Sheridan talks with Joe Dumars about the Pistons’ problems and whether there are changes ahead.


  1. Lil Dice

    I honestly thought Sheed might be the only player ejected from tonight’s game…

    As for Mad Dog, he’s far less annoying on the court than on the bench.

  2. Anonymous

    “Add another T to Wallace’s total, he’s now at 11.”
    ^^ they said that was actually his 13th which is the highest in the nba so far :/

  3. jess

    it was a good game overall (much needed win)… things like that make me hate a player of the opposing team (garnett).. thats a funny shirt junior 😀

    Flip Murray 4 minutes, Natalie & Jess all smiles 🙂

  4. Anonymous

    did anyone notice the way mcdyess still had time to give away his wristband to a fan while he was being ejected?? haha gotta love the pistons.. always there for their fans !

    “Flip Murray 4 minutes, Natalie & Jess
    all smiles” + 1 = :]]]

  5. Anonymous

    it still seems like Sheridan in some ways is sturring things up in that article?

  6. Kevin

    Sheed pulling the chair on Madsen in 2OT was great. His work down low on the offensive end was clutch as well. That’s the guy we want to see in the lineup night in and night out. As for KG, who teaches NBA players how to fight? It’s like the skit from Chappelle Show, Friday Night Sissy Fights. Apparently if you’re not fighting a fan in the crowd who’s giving away a foot and 50 pounds to you it’s fashionable to throw awkward slaps as you backpedal.

  7. Anonymous

    I am from Detroit but live in Minnesota. I am a big Pistons fan and this is usually the one game that I actually get to go to each year. (This year I got lucky and got in the game vs. NJ when I was visiting relatives in Detroit during the holiday.) This was a fun one to be in the crowd for. It seems that every time the Pistons play at Target Center there is a sell-out crowd. Even though about 20% of the fans are there for Detroit (KG actually stated to the media that he thought that Detroit had more fas at the game than MN in 2006), it is always fun to be the one group in your section rooting for the Pistons. When Mike James sunk his (out of bounds) shot, everybody in my section stood up and went wild. When Chauncey sunk his, my family of four stood up alone cheering our heads off. The guy in front of me proceeded to flip me off before announcing that his group was moving to better seats (which was possible considering that a huge mass of people stood up and left at that point). It was a good time. They may not be playing as well as they should be for the season, but they never seem to disappoint me when I get to see them live.


  8. Anonymous

    Maybe what Sheed needed was for that report to make him mad, it seem that since then he has been playing with passion and the old sheed is back however with that old sheed comes the t’s. I really feel for him becasue when he does play well he gets T’d up and when he is not playing with passion he does not.

    About the flight well almost one why do these players never learn I am happy with was a bench player and not our starter that this happened with. I do love how it was sheed who was the one to step in and stop it. Why can’t everyone see he is good at heart he is just emotional.

    I really hope tays not getting back into the slump again. He is my fav. player but his shoting is always up and down. But he did have some nice blks these last two games.

    I am glad to see webber have a good game

  9. Anonymous

    On the tussle
    >> Mc-D did push, but Madson flopped
    >> KG started the actual fight with a push
    >> Mc-D looked like he was going to kick some…
    >> KG was scared and backpeddling
    >> Sheed may have a mouth, but he is the peacekeeper in these situations. He was the first one to Mc-D to hold him back and calm him down.
    >> All three Piston’s captains seemed to go over to try to make peach with KG
    >> KG overreacted and was wrong.
    >> Mc-D recognized that they Pistons would be fine without him, but the Wolves would not likely win without KG – he was correct!!!

  10. Kevin

    I think Madsen should do a mall tour once he retires. Coming soon to an arcade near you: Mark Madsen vs. the Dance Dance Revolution machine. Either that or I can only hope he follows in the footsteps of Jerry Rice and Emmitt Smith to try out for Dancing With The Stars.

  11. Anonymous

    Garnett is a punk

  12. Anonymous

    chaunceys 3pointer was awesomee.

  13. Anonymous

    what an exciting game it was! everyone played great, which is what they need to do every game. c webb is kick ass. hey natalie, how about a webber wallpaper?

  14. Anonymous

    i love this web site – just discoverd it a few days ago – REALLY cool!

  15. jess

    Nat.. do you know anything about the suspensions/fines yet?

  16. Dom

    Omg I’m freakin pissed…..Damn the FCC took my-tv20 of my comcast channel…….so now I wont be able to get it back or watch the pistons……..Anyone else have this problem?
    or know how to fix it ….cuz like we have channel 4 detoroit and then my-tv20 came and they took off 4 from the channels and we have been watching 20 ever since But now channel for is back in our tv guide and tv 20 is not it’s freakin stupid

    ……So I hope the pistons have a good game tonight…….

    And also I hate how the nba makes players affraid to fight these days I say fighting is apart of the sport you know…..Like how many fights did the badboys of the 80’s get into and probally just get kicked out for a game? Now you even bother to throw a fist and your gone for like 20 I hate stern just because the palace brawl got a little bit out of hand……No one can fight it’s stupid damn I mean what they need to do is make a boxing ring come out of the cealing and put it in the middle of the floor and stick the 2 people who want to fight in it until one of them gets knocked out and once they get knocked out they get kicked out but the person who wins gets to stay……lol what ever I don’t care dyess would of won hands down……But I do root for garnet when he’s playing other teams I mean he’s played for 11 years on a crap ass team and has no ring to show for it no wonder he wants to fight ..

  17. Natalie

    I haven’t heard anything about any suspensions yet.

  18. Anonymous

    anyone heard about nazr being probably traded for pietrus of golden state, morris peterson or even monta ellis ???

  19. Anonymous

    Geez, people are so stupid.
    Dyess stated he got really mad when one of the Wolves fans called him the N-word. What century are we living in, why would you be so stupid to call anybody that especially when the NBA are full of African-Americans???

    But the little drama really made the game more exciting. So nice to see the Pistons getting into their groove again.

  20. dave

    holy crap could we really score Monta Ellis for Nazr? Or Pietrus?
    That would be INCREDIBLE !


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